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  1. Hello! Recently downloaded new 3d Coat. Upgraded to 4.9.37 (GL64), and every time when I go to render windows, there is a high pitch noise comming from the GPU (RTX2080) It never did this before, no other rendering engine (Eevee, Cycles, World Creator rendering) causes the noise, just 3d coat. ***** is this exactly? Thanks!
  2. So there is nothing like just pressing "Linear array"? Thats a shame :/
  3. Hello I'm kinda tired of searching inside the program, is there any way to create the most basic thing like linear array with specified steps and numbers of objects?
  4. Yeah, I'm always deleting hidden geometry after voxhiding. It just occured, and autosave wrote ober the backup file
  5. Well, best quality depends mostly on the printer you are using and a material you are printing with. With 3dcoat you can go with detail like 0,001mm I believe (at least Zbrush allowed me to print thing in titan with such accuracy, and I believe 3d coat is capable of bringing even more detailed sculpts).
  6. Hello! Basically I did some modeling, had some things on cerain layers, hide them to work on different part and to not be distracted with the rest of the model. Basically I believe after using VoxHide on the different part (splitted from the head), and modeling some more, I turned on the layers to see how they were looking and then a bummer. Basically the whole sharp edge geometry got messed up to the point ctrl+z was not helping. It basically took me back to the stages I were before VoxHiding, but it did not recover lost details. It's some sort of a bug or am I special?:d Attach of a test render where you can see sharp geometry, and next the messed up geometry
  7. It's still doing this thing. I recored a short video. Im not pressing anything else than alt and rotatating with stylus, it always happens while im in front of a selected sphere. Nagywanie_2017_02_11_17_48_03_681.mp4
  8. Hello! While working with curve tool, I noticed it acts weirdly when I orbit the scene with one of the spheres selected. When I go in front of it, it seem to snap to the camera view. If I rotate the view for example to the back (as on screenshot), and press ctrl+z to redo the option, it snaps to the back. It's just me being a special flower, or it's some sort of en error? I use Wacom Intuos M, if it helps d: Thanks!
  9. Ok, I found the error. It was caused by the Ignore Backfacing
  10. Hello! I guess since the new updates (4.7.20+ including), move tool got kinda messed up. Every time I move something, it creates tons of artifacts, and I remember it worked smoothly before. The object has 1mln tris visible, so I guess it's not the resolution problem. Or is there any magical option that messes it up? It basically made this tool useless d:
  11. I want the 1st scenario to happen, and all I Know keyshot can move only like on the 2nd imge. Like when I move object closer or further from symmetry axis, both object are moving with symmetry as reference.
  12. Hello! Wanted to ask if it's possible for changing the way we move, or scale objects. Is there any way to set scale/move by local? For example, when I move one object closer to the center, symetrical object moves also to the center, not to the side. Hope it's understandable :P I know I can separate the objects and then move them singly, but it's kinda a long way to do.
  13. Resampling will only smooth out the model, but it still has decreased quality and misses a lot of detail that was in. I just wonder if there is a way to do global scale of existing model :P
  14. Hello! Basically I try to import a model to a scene previously done as kitbash part in another program. The problem is with a scale of a scene. Since I was not aware of object scale, every thing I have in scene has 0.32 scale. And if I try to import a model, and fit it to the already existing geometries, it's extremelly low res. Is there any way to change scale of everything at one hit?:v I figured out I could put the model and basically resize it to the desired voxel density, then transform it once again to make it fit, but wanted to know is maybe there is a shortcut.Thanks a lot!
  15. Hello! I have I guess a rather simple question. Basically in this making of, he sometimes works on a surface with extrusion... but he first make a selection then after pressing apply the extrusion is made. And also he seem to have tool options for extrude in Surface mode. Is there any way to firstly work on selection and extrude it afterwards? I can work on selection in subdivide, angulator and smoother :P For example he does it in 28:52. Thanks a lot!
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