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  1. Hi Carlosan, Unfortunately that one doesnt help (it was the only one i found before). My model is not importing with the texture already on the mesh. The place I am running into problems is trying to GET the texture on the uv mapped imported texture to begin with. That is why I tried creating a smart material but try as i might i cannot get it to apply to the object as per the uv mapping. How do i get a uv map texture onto a uv mapped object exactly 1:1?
  2. Hi All, I have been using 3DC for a while and do not usually have a problem, but today I am trying to do things a bit in reverse and I am stuck. Usually I bring a low poly item into 3DC and use that to create the retopo object and then work the high poly version of my item up from there to get all the details to bake back down. I have this workflow down, no problems. Today, however, I am trying to bring in a very high poly item (with a texture with diffuse, spec and normal) that is already UV'd and textured in order to bake it down to a low poly. I think I am simply 'doing it wrong' but I cannot seem to figure out how to get it imported where the existing texture i have is mapped 1:1 onto the object. I tried creating a new smart object but try as i might I could not get it into the paint layer to the right size and no repeats. This seems like it should be such a DUH, but nothing I have tried works. Is there a workflow tutorial anywhere that explains how to begin with a completely textured high poly model (that was NOT textured in 3DC) and work your way down to a low poly item with that same texture applied onto it?** Or can someone just give me the outline of the steps needed? Is there some trick to bringing in a full UV texture and applying it exactly onto the model? Any help is appreciated, thanks! K The reason I am trying to do this is to take a photo realistic scanned item and make it game usable and I do not want to lose the photo realism.
  3. Hi, I have watched this tutorial (I had not realized 3dc had a baked light tool). I create for Second Life which does NOT have a proper PBR engine. It is necessary to "fake bake" all of the little highlights into the albedo because it is not possible to rely on SL to render the item the same way for everyone. Thus far I have been having to take everything into Substance Painter and using the baked light filter there to get the job done. I would love to find a workflow where I could simply do it all in 3dc and bake out the final textures right then and there. Unfortunately the quickstart light baking tool video does not give me enough meat to figure out how to do that on my own. The attached image shows what i see in the 3d view with my test object vs the output albedo when i rendered and exported using a couple of lights. I need all those highlights you can see in the small bit top right to show on the albedo. Is there a way to make this happen for export?
  4. Hi all, I am not sure what happened but suddenly 3d Coat is outputting my normals in reverse - things that should be carved OUT are going IN on my object when i send the obj file to substance painter. I wasnt having this problem to start and I am not sure what I could have changed that has everything coming out poking the wrong direction. Can anybody tell me how to fix this?
  5. It was on... well that explains one serious issue I was having, thanks! I will chew on the previous posts and this new setting and see where that gets me in the morning when I am fresh. :-D
  6. I have actually watched most of those tutorials already but I have yet to have one where they really talk about the paint objects. I do not know if they just assume you know this stuff, or if they simply arent that interesting or what. The first one you posted i watched it and the guy said about one sentence about paint objects and moved right along. Am I making more of them than they are?
  7. I am still working on the workflow honestly. I have done base low polys in maya and brought those in to work on. I have tried building the whole thing in 3d coat (a tree) and then retop out what I need. With the first I found that i had changed stuff enough that the low poly mesh didnt work anymore so I ended up retopoing anyway, but with some practice I may be able to smooth that process out. The final goal is a second life ready object. My workflow is also complicated by the fact that anything over 1m cubed is a resource hog in game, so I need to keep the models in many little pieces that can be uploaded separately. It is also limited to 1024x1024 textures. I got the multiple uvs sorted so that isnt causing me too much trouble. But where I keep struggling is the paint objects. I do not know if I am not baking right or what but the paint objects never seem right, dark spots and stuff. I have been struggling with getting the textures how I want them and so have been fighting with 3d coat to export to something i can take into substance painter (which i have had better luck with texturing). I keep losing stuff in translation though and my frustration level is high.
  8. Even that tutorial, he just says "and here are your paint objects in the scene". NOBODY explains what the heck that means. Is this just supposed to be *obvious* or am i being obtuse? In the sculpt room its the vox and in the paint room its the paint objects? Must I bake before I do any painting?
  9. Ok so when i am going to be painting on my model, am i using the paint objects or the vox? This is where the tutorials seem to skip over, nothing is working quite right for me in either event.
  10. Am I doing something wrong that it is creating all these paint layers (one for each piece in the scene) it is a PITA! And about the paint objects?
  11. Hi All, I have been watching tutorials and everything and every one i have found seems to just gloss right over or ignore the fact that things are created when you bake. WHAT do you do with the paint objects and all those layers created? It is really frustrating me because it feels like there is 10x more junk in my file than I need, either that or there is important functionality I am missing. Help? How do i strip all this crap out if I bake and realize I need to change something and do it again? Also, is there way to set the fill bucket for texture to rotate 90 degrees? I tried setting it to uv since i have all the uvs turned the same way but then i get a smeary texture. When exporting to substance painter do i use the vox or the paint objects?
  12. Hi Carlosan, thanks, the thing is it tries to give each of the retopo objects its own part of the texture so they are not the same and they need to be exactly the same. i finally just dragged the highest of the four into maya and did it by hand after baking in 3d coat. its a bit of a pita but was the only way i could find that worked. i was hoping perhaps there was some feature that covers mulitple lods.
  13. I am making models for second life and to improve how gracefully things degrade I am trying to make four LODs of a column from high "up close with all the glorious details" to "squinting at it from waaaay far away" low. I thought i was doing ok - had four retopo objects with the levels of detail I needed, but then I tried baking and everything went sideways the uvs all changed and didnt match up any more. I had made the separate retopo objects by exporting and re-importing and reducing. 3DC seemed to be trying to use them all separately, I guess I was assuming it would bake to the one i had visible/selected, but that doesnt seem to be the case. Is there some best practice method to make different LODs?
  14. TY TY TY TY - that appears to have solved the issue for me. :-D I dont even know how that got turned on, i didnt use any mirroring, must have clicked it by accident or something.
  15. I am having a black section that appears on the paint object and the normal - making it completely impossible to use my model or to take it over into substance to work on it either. Black section.png: The created paint object - note the black section which does not appear to correspond to *anything* in the high poly or retopo object Retopo.png This shows the retopo object - it is covering just fine, no bits sticking out. The selected UV is for the log in question. Everything *appears* to be laid out correctly and shows fine. notice that the black part does not even appear to coorespond to the edges on the retopo object. I just cannot find any reason for this black section. Paintroom is fine.png The model in the paint room (with paint objects and topo objects shut off) looks fine. Any idea what could be causing this or how I go about fixing it? I did try adjusting the cage size for rebaking, higher or lower made no difference at all.
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