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  1. The bad news: My trial period of 3D-coat is over. ( and totally had no time to check out, how to work with 3DC ) The good news: Bought 3D coat today. ... Long time ago, Andrew Shpagin wrote: "Smoothing groups are supported via OBJ format. But you need to export normals also from your 3D-model app. 3D-Coat uses normals in OBJ file to recover smoothing groups." Is it the same until today? My CAD can't export OBJ,- the only mesh export option is STL-format. Any hints? Please note that I am a beginner and I have absolutely no idea about mesh modelling
  2. mhmm.... seems so... Actually, there's the only problem on the flat surfaces as on the panel picture above: At the front, You can see the white lines as a cross. This has influence on all layers, no matter what I try,- except "Ambient Occlusion" seems to cover / hide this lines. Meanwhile... I like my wooden Screw:
  3. Thanks,- too much info for me as a beginner. I made texture resolution 2048. I tried to do the same as in this video: But if I mark the checkbox "Lock normals", the result is a dark model without any contour / (without UV map?) Did the guy on the video has an UV map in his loaded obj-file already? My file is a STL-file... This all happens when importing directly without scene. When importing into a scene, there's no checkbox for "Lock normals"... the result is a model then, which has triangles disturbing flat surfaces,- no sharp edges.
  4. Hi, when I import my STL file and use smart materials, the preview fill windows shows correct view. After filling the whole layer, all the model is too dark and not sharp anymore. Any hints?
  5. Thanks for the advice,- I had the same issue. I'm very glad that 3DC has so much customization options for the camera ... and everything else.... I will gradually take over the mouse and keyboard layout from my usual CAD.
  6. Hallo, ich möchte mir als Sculpting Neuling, 3D Coat,- vorerst die Edu- Version zulegen. Bezahlen kann ich nur via Paypal. Meine Fragen: 1.) Kann ich für die Nutzung in Deutschland eine günstige US- Version kaufen? 2.) Wenn Ver. 4.5 zum Kauf angeboten wird ( ist immer nur der Key, - oder? ), bekommt man das auf Ver. 4.7 upgedatet? ( Oder die Trial Version 4.7 als Edu- Version zum laufen? ) 3.) Lässt sich in jedem Fall auf deutsche UI umschalten? 4.) Falls das alles nicht geht, wo kann man 3DC Edu günstig in Deutschland / Europe erwerben? Möchte auch, dass 3DC offline läuft,- also nicht unbedingt via Steam kaufen. Werde in Kürze die Trial Version installieren,- 30 Tage sind jedoch schnell vorbei... da werde ich wenig gelernt / getestet haben. Gruß Alex
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