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  1. Metin Seven works

    Creations by Metin Seven, freelance 3D modeler and illustrator based in the Netherlands.
  2. Strange split parts behaviour in 2022.16 when: painting with depth on a sculpt mesh in the Paint room merging the layers going to the Sculpt room using Shift to smooth
  3. Posted a message about the 3D Coat 2022 release at the Blender Artists forum. By the way, is the new alpha pack also available as a separate download for 3D Coat users who have already installed 2022?
  4. @erb Any reports about 3DCoat's overall performance on an M1 would be much appreciated, particularly in the Sculpt Room, thanks. And I also think about the 3DC developers a lot, and really hope and wish they will remain alright in these crazy times. War is madness.
  5. Thanks for your reply, @SERGYI, appreciated. I also haven't got an M1 Mac yet, but will soon get one, and will then try 3DC on it.
  6. @SERGYI As this thread is more than a year old: how is 3DC 2022 performing on macOS? Does everything work? And is there a chance Apple Silicon / M1 chips / Metal will be natively supported for more Mac power utilization? Thanks.
  7. I’ll soon return to macOS. A few questions: • Is 3D Coat macOS still actively being developed? • Does 3D Coat macOS support Apple Silicon (M1 chips) and/or Metal? Thanks.
  8. Maybe that issue might be related to this issue I reported a while ago.
  9. Tried it in 2022.12, but still no change from perspective to orthographic when pressing numpad 5, and still no different views when pressing those numpad keys. Some keys do work though, such as numpad 7 and numpad /
  10. Thanks! Yes, I mean for each stroke to become a separate object in the same layer. I'll add 'Feature request' to the subject.
  11. [Edited post] When using Tubes / Muscle type brushes in Surface mode, I'd love to be able to choose whether each stroke is Boolean-merged or not. If each stroke would become a separate object in the active layer, it would allow clean results, no Boolean errors, and easy manipulation afterwards. Thanks!
  12. @Andrew Shpagin You might be interested in having a look at this new auto-retopo algorithm. Maybe you can use (parts of) it for Autopo, or change the Instant Meshes option to this new algorithm.
  13. Yes, I also still encountered FFD issues in the latest versions.