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    UV mapping suggestion

    I try to make everything I can see into connected islands as much as I can (also to save vertices) but there are always a ton of tiny faces left. Not to forget, many islands are just tiny in comparison. If I have some screws and bolts, I am essentially throwing away the possibility of having them all at 5x the resolution just because its so tedious of scaling up unending tiny islands
  2. Shrike

    UV mapping suggestion

    There seems to be one thing that is extremely hard to do per hand but can not be automated Problem: The thing is with island packing, if you want a good distance for the larger chunks, the small objects do eat a very disproportionate amount of space on the UV > See image As you can see on the image, or you may know, there are always a ton of tiny pieces, which are indeed small in your model and then proportionally small in the UV. The island distance is good for the larger chunks but extremely inefficient for the small islands. Improvement: These small things could in basically all cases have factor 2 to 10x times the size and texture resolution with just using the existing space: Manual improvement on some objects (extremely tedious and time consuming): Suggestion: Please add a curve for final island packing size + island distance based on original relative island size, this could make UV packing far more efficient and make use of a ton of unused/wasted resolution for the smaller islands.
  3. do I understand this right that showing cuts is gone and this replaces that? Is 3D coat now automatically making UV seams sharp? It seems like any cut I make automatically gives a pink line If that is the new way, then there should be a button to remove all sharp edges, like you can clear all seams and one to set sharp edges to UV seams, like it is possible in the import settings.
  4. Hey So apparently there was a Steam update When unwrapping all my edges are full of these Pink lines and they hide my edge seams, making it very confusing and tedious to unwrap as I just click by guess. How do I disable those?
  5. Technically I could UV unwrap, then import again with the settings to create smoothing based on UV, although that does feel rather backwards and not really controlled, and would render all previously done smoothing splits null. Is there not a function to split islands based on smoothing splits?
  6. Hey, so it seems like it is impossible to UV unwrap my meshes in regards to my smoothing splits? It seems like it is neither possible to show smoothing splits in the viewport, nor any smoothing is shown if you are not on the render tab. How am I supposed to make a proper unwrap?
  7. Shrike

    Steam summer sale

    Does the steam version save preferences in the steam cloud? That would be a really nice thing
  8. Ok thanks, but please ad a button for that around the smart materials tabs because I would have never found that
  9. A bit of feedback first Hey, Im trying the 30 day test version and the smart materials are really nice, although its very annoying that the clicks on materials are so laggy and give zero visual feedback if something is happening (per example clicking on a different smart material takes a couple seconds of loading without any visual indication on a high end PC) I will still surely purchase a version as it speeds up the workflow a lot, but you should really hire some UX + UI designer on the software. The featureset is really great but the UI visuals and UX are definitely holding you back a lot. Also why is all text so huge? But I cant find out for the life of me how to import smart materials or folders I saved. I tried searching for a folder or setting to no result. There is no dropdown no import setting nowhere. Is this locked in the trial version or what do I have to do? Thanks in advance, - S