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  1. Makketronics

    License issues in 4.9

    Hello, I uninstalled 4.8.xxx and installed latest 4.9 version. I get: "Warning Your serial number is used on another PC. You should exit immediately". I am using same PC. What to do? Thank you
  2. Makketronics

    Reptopo Quads issue

    I have had this type of problem since 4.8.18, the first software I tried. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or it is a bug in the software. Sometimes it is really hard to create a quad. The video show example, with 4.8.28-SL Any Ideas? QuadSnapping.mp4
  3. Makketronics

    [Solved] Depth scanning window not appearing when baking

    Ah, OK. Thank you. I didn't know it was deprecated.
  4. Makketronics

    [Solved] Depth scanning window not appearing when baking

    There was another menu that opens after this window, defaulted to number 15. I forgot what it is called because I rarely use it.
  5. I am trying to bake an object in Retopo room. When I click Bake W / Normal Map, I can choose Scan Depth Inside and outside, for the cage. After I choose OK, I am prompted to choose Resolution. Normally I am asked to choose Scan Depth after adjusting cage. As a result, I am seeing "Transparent" areas in the bake. Using 4.8.28 SL (64 bits). This used to work in this version before by the way. Any ideas how to enable that popup again?
  6. Makketronics

    [Solved} Alightning vertices on a straight line in Retopo

    Skye, it works! I tried to do similar thing but I was using the "move", not the "scale". Thank you for your help.
  7. Makketronics

    [Solved} Alightning vertices on a straight line in Retopo

    Thank you all for your answers. Skye, I will try your method tonight and report back.
  8. Is there a feature to alight the vertices in a straight line? For example, if I have an edge made of 5 vertices, they may have coordinates: (2.1, ...), (1.8, ...), (2.2, ...), (2.0, ...), (2.01, ...), but I would like to set them all together to 2.0 so that the edge looks straight. I've seen the video with the snake, but that doesn't really solve the problem since it is for UV, and it is "relatively" straight compared to other edges. It won't solve the problem for hard surface modelling. If there is no way, how do you guys make your edges for hard surface retopoed mesh look straight?!! By the way, I also looked at the scripting. I didn't see a way to access selected vertices. If scripts allow us to access selected edges and vertices, I can write this (and many other features) myself. Thank you.
  9. Makketronics

    [Solved] Selecting tiled UV islands

    Ahhh, I just found the solution. I have to move one, they reapply symmetry. Then the one below moves under it.
  10. Makketronics

    [Solved] Selecting tiled UV islands

    I have symmetry ON and I unwrapped my model, then applied symmetry. This causes UV islands to be backed on top of each other according to the symmetry. I now want to move the stack of the UV islands. However, when I click on the island, on the top island is selected. Is there a way to select the UV islands together while they are on top of each other?
  11. I had close but not exact issue before. In the other software which "works", can you check if there are non manifold meshes, or if there are vertices on edges not connected to any thing (valency of 2 or less) Also it might be worth checking the normals and see if they are pointing outwards
  12. Makketronics

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    @Carlosan You are correct, if I choose no, then it works. If I click yes, then they get rescaled. Actually, now I understand what this box is for. I didn't understand it before However, I would think that if I scale the imported then apply, regardless of what my initial option was, shouldn't it behave as I control it upon applying it? Regardless, there may be a use case for this behavior. At least I know how to revert it back (Geometry->Edit Scene Scale) By the way, you always answer quickly, even on the weekends. Sometimes I feel bad for posting questions on weekends. Thanks a lot!
  13. Makketronics

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Hello, I found a weird behavior with symmetry tool, mainly if "Import to Separate Instances" is checked. Upon apply import, the objects lose their transform. Here is a video. Using 4.8.23SL Symmetry_Bug.mp4
  14. Makketronics

    Why in Retopo, points are snapping on hidden object?

    I just confirmed that hidden objects still block actions in 4.8.23SL. Maybe it is the intended behavior, but it would be nice if we could simply work on a different layer without having interference with hidden layer. Note: If you are trying to replicate this, for the first layer, I do have it baked, retopoed, and in the paint room, hidden.
  15. Makketronics

    Why in Retopo, points are snapping on hidden object?

    Thank you. That helped. Regarding the version, I am using 4.8.20. If I check for updates, it tells me I have the latest software. Is 4.8.23 actually released, or beta?