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    [Solved] 3d Coat doesn't save texture on file > save

    Gosh, almost four years later and still no fix!
  2. AlanSomething

    Import Settings

    Hey thanks for the quick reply! Can you please tell me how to import my object so it appears in the image titled "Capture". So it is smoothed and not faceted? I thought this was controlled by "Full UV set smoothing", or by the smoothing settings in general. I have tried adjusting all of the four drop down menu settings, but it doesn't seem to affect the model.
  3. AlanSomething

    Import Settings

  4. AlanSomething

    Import Settings

    Is there a way to determine the import settings for I used for an obj when I created a project? I Imported an object for Per Pixel Painting, and the image titled "Capture" is what I got. Great. However, when I tried to create a similar file, It came out looking like Capture 2. Capture 1 shows my settings that I thought I had used for the original file. Also, isn't there a way to set 3D Coat so it is more compatible with Maya?