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  1. That's good to hear. I also found the new pricing information to be something of a shock. Simply put, cannot justify spending hundreds of dollars for non-commercial use. {I don't have that kind of income} It's been two times that I purchased 3DCoat, the $99 editions. Thought I didn't have too but could not find my old purchasing emails so didn't bother trying - 'cause it seemed to me {somewhere in the back recesses of memory, possibly foggy} that upgrades were always going to be free from like. {i.e. A to A, Pro to Pro}. So in essence, the amateur license is being done away with, leaving the Pro but then that's just for individuals {not companies} ... and the cost of the Pro is going up unless we upgrade before the release of the new 3D Coat. That's my understanding atm.
  2. I have no problem with the concept of "rooms" - I just wish my imported object would stop disappearing depending upon which room I'm in. Why I'm in here today though is to make a suggestion. And that is for the list of "brushes" to be scroll-able thank you. Spent the better part of my available time today installing a number of new brushes, etc. Only to find that I then had to uninstall them in order to use the program. They would not scroll so could not see all the options available, let alone the brushes to select. And yes, I even tried undocking the Brushes panel ... put it up top ... where upon I discovered that if one opened a folder "full" of brushes, that overlapped the [getting rather small] workspace. I could neither select a brush nor work on the object. And no I could not resize either panel on the horizontal ... the overlap invalidated many such options. Also: For installing new images that are supposed to be good for making brushes, I am curious as to why some .psd files will load/install and work, and other .psd files not only don't load/install into the program - they cause the program to crash. It crashed several times today over .psd files.
  3. Love that tree! And a belated welcome to the forums. The tree reminds me of some 'family trees' with regards to genealogy ;-)
  4. Solved :-) Thank you :-) Initially your lower image did not look like mine, no right-click options. After several attempts though {I tried apply, enter and esc, something worked} then had right-click options - plus from the Tool Options I was able to export too.
  5. One question per post I gather, okay. I'm used to working in "one room" ... I appreciate that there are several "rooms" in 3D Coat however the fact that the article one is trying to work on keeps vanishing is rather annoying. Now, in one room there are these nifty meshes? to add ... specifically chains. One clicks along and a nice length of chain link grows. Steps please: How to get a length of chain from said point of creation to an exportable .obj file that one can see in other programs. tia
  6. Is little ol' me. I have a lot of questions. Now. Watching tutorials I have noticed that all layouts are not the same. How do I change this button layout to look like the layout with text beside the buttons? tia
  7. ? an edit button for our posts ? Just wanted to add, not bump the thread, that I finally found that 'new selection path' mentioned. Thank you.
  8. Thank you :-) I had looked over all the options in the program, found nothing ... so I "hid" the C documents and rather than asking where they were, the program recreated them. So then I searched for an answer and found that if one goes about it from the OS, the goal can be accomplished. Reading your post, okay I looked again, there is a Browse if I want to look for something yes ... possibly I do not recognize the correct wording to accomplish the goal to have the main program on C, and all the Document folder on D. Any way, it is all done now. {and the program is not recreating a Documents folder on C} And so I merrily went off to purchase a file I had tested one of the freebies from. The freebie worked. The purchased product did not. Not exactly the best day in 3D I've ever had. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
  9. Hello everybody, My name is Catherine and have been in this hobby for a few years now. Have been working more so with Hexagon and Daz Studio. Now I have some time to learn more about 3DCoat and am looking forward to that journey. 1st step was how to get 3DCoat to "see" another drive to put its Contents. Found a 2017 forum link which was helpful but obviously not up to date for W10. As it took some poking about to find the right commands, thought I would post an image in here for others that might want to know how to get to the options for Environment Variables.
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