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    modding tool RUST game model updates?

    Any update on the progress of this? If not them I will just do a steam refund. No use of having it if I cant use the software the way it was being advertised and sold saying it can do
  2. MDiamondG

    modding tool RUST game model updates?

    You can get the 3D models off of the rust workshop. You go like you are going to create a new skin and then can just download everything. Just an FYI for yall at 3Dcoat Hope to see the update soon!
  3. MDiamondG

    Updating 3Dcoat Modding

    Hey, I really wish yall would update the 3Dcoat Modding on Steam. The Rust skins are out of date and would enjoy being able to use it to create skins.