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  1. lemsway

    [Solved] Half of Symetrical object not solid ?

    thanks again! understood :D
  2. HI i wanna ask, everytime i do a symetrical "object" placements, the other half object manifestation is not solid like the original. why does thing happen and whats a solution? thanks again
  3. lemsway

    [Solved] Imported OBJ. how to make it sharper ?

    thanks for answering my newbie question, im just learning 3Dcoat.
  4. HI i just wanna ask whats the best method to make imported OBJ sharper? thanks again
  5. lemsway

    [Solved] Primitives placements "Click to place"

    thanks for this
  6. Hi Good day, i just wanna ask how can i place the primitives "On surface" of the model? im attaching a photo for reference. thanks again