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  1. Northvs

    Keystroke Feature for Tutorials

    Thank you for the links and yes, some tutorials crop the UI so that's an issue but also, sometimes when a tool is being used it isn't highlighted on the left tool bar - I assume it has to do with the tool being invoked with a shortcut? I'm finding 3dCoat very difficult to understand and therefore need tutorials. It's an incredible program but the interface and workflow of moving from one room to another requires a level of knowledge which is not easy to acquire. This is made more difficult due to the current features not being in the tutorials from 6 or 8 years ago for example - the Alphas toolbar has gone in the current versions. The interface could be made more intuitive and maybe popup help boxes on the best workflow of moving from one room to another. I did my first sculpt yesterday and wanted to UV it and export but, I couldn't remember the command to see it in the UV room and was that in the sculpt room, UV room or Retopo room. As I said, it's an incredible program and I will persevere with it but, it would be great if it was easier to learn.
  2. A keystroke feature similar to Blender would be great. Alot of tutorials are time-lapse and when the maker of the tutorial is using shortcuts, it's difficult to see which tool is being used. I'm finding 3dCoat to be incredible but it's a steep learning curve - anything to help this is very much appreciated.
  3. Northvs

    Fundamental Paint Room Workflow

    Thank you. I had watched that video and understand the general difference. What I don't understand is whether one piece of geometry can have multiple sculpt layers in the Sculpt Tree? For example a tree trunk, I would sculpt the bigger forms in one sculpt layer then the mid sized forms on another sculpt layer. The fine detail can then be added in the Paint room. Is this possible?
  4. Northvs

    Fundamental Paint Room Workflow

    That was already off. If you look at the attached screen grabs; 1. Added a primitive 2. Created a new sculpt layer as a child and selected it - did some sculpting 3. It reverts back to the top layer and applied the sculpt to the top layer. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong or the best way to do this? Thanks, N
  5. Northvs

    Fundamental Paint Room Workflow

    That's incredibly helpful, thank you. When I import an object and start sculpting, I have been adding sculpt layers thinking it would work similar to the paint room however, all the sculpt information seems to stay within the top layer - is this correct or am I missing a key part of the workflow? Thanks again for your help!
  6. Northvs

    Fundamental Paint Room Workflow

    I start modelling in 3ds max and then export using the Applink to 3DC for Sculpting then Painting. I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this. A tutorial said that the model should be exported using the Retopo - Retopologize option in the App link. I can't figure out how to get the model from the Retopo room to the Sculpt room. A thread says to use "Retopo mesh -> Sculpt mesh" however, I cannot see this option in 3DC. One last thing I should mention is that the models I am working with are big in real world units so approx. 100 metres x 75 metres - I don't know if this has any bearing on the workflow in 3DC.
  7. Northvs

    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    Does the Applink work for 3ds Max 2020 & Vray? It only works going from max to 3d Coat.
  8. Northvs

    Fundamental Paint Room Workflow

    Thank you Carlosan.
  9. Hi, I'm very new to 3dCoat and although it's incredible, I'm finding some of the basic concepts difficult to grasp. Currently, I'm trying to understand the best workflow for applying shaders to an imported model with 5 objects. 1. Should one Layer contain the material which is applied to each object? 2. Is it best to use Smart Materials as opposed to Shaders or Materials? The manual on page 141 mentions to use Materials which can be selected from the Materials Panel however, I cannot find this - is this correct or am I missing something obvious? There is also a Masks panel shown, I can't see this either. 3. There are alot of references to the Layers panel being similar to Photoshop however the Smart Material Editor seems to be where the main power of the shaders is located. Also, can the SME be docked to a panel? 4. How do I apply a Layer Mask to a Layer. A tutorial mentioned that another layer had to be created onto which, the mask is painted. The layer I want to mask has it's Clip Mask Layer set to the layer which has the mask painted - is this the correct process? Apologies for the basic questions but, I want to make sure I'm using 3dCoat correctly. Thanks, N