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    Blender Applink

    Hi @haikalle Thank you for responding. Right now nothing is happening at all. I did get it from Blender to 3DCoat once, but could not get it back properly. I am also not seeing the send to blender link in 3DCoat at the moment. In the hopes of fixing, I some completely broke it. I am not getting any errors unless I do not select the object before pressing the send button. I have looked for the model after trying to send, but I cannot find the model or textures in any of the directories listed in my first post.
  2. MeiNeiro

    Blender Applink

    Hi everyone, are there issues with applink on Mac? I have been trying to get app link to work for some time now. I have gotten it to go to 3Dcoat a few times, but never back. I deleted the application directories and let 3Dcoat rebuild and reset Blender by removing the blender settings folder in Application support. Here is some info. Blender = 2.92.0 3DCoat = 3.9.72(GL64) When I start up Blender and activate Applink it creates the 3DC2Blender under ~/Documents. This file is blank. When I start up 3DC it creates the following folders in the Documents folder. 3D-CoatV4 (Exchange is the only folder in this directory) 3D-CoatV49 (This has an Exchange folder as well. Along with application files and UserData files) Applinks (~/AppLinks/3D-Coat/Exchange) Originally there were some scripts in the Applinks folder, however they have never repopulated when re-enabling the AppLink plugin. At the moment I am not able to get the applink to work at all. Any ideas? Thank you