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  1. Thanks for your development work. Please forgive me if some of the information may be difficult to convey as it is machine translated. This is a feature request, but is it possible to support morph targets? When editing FBX data for VR avatars, etc., if there is no support for morph targets, the integration work after editing is very time-consuming, and depending on the tool to be linked, data integration may not be possible even after hours of editing. It would be very helpful if you could import and export model data including morph targets in FBX and other formats. If you could make it possible to temporarily deform objects in the paint room in conjunction with objects in the sculptor room, as in the Retopo room, and register the shape as a morph, it would create an ideal environment for morph creation that takes advantage of 3DCoat's easy-to-use UI, and would also make it easier to create morphs. If there is also a function to copy objects in the paint room to the sculpt room and convert morph target deformations to a sculpt layer, it would be a great help to create morphs in the sculpt layer. I think it would be very easy to handle, since it would be possible to update the mesh while keeping the original deformation of the morph in the sculpt layer. Also, there are tools that specialize in rigging and animation, such as Akeytsu, that have the ability to transfer rigging and animation between models, and as long as there is model data with morphs, rigging and animation can be easily transferred for data with similar shapes. It would be very useful if you could support registration of morph targets so that we can work directly with these tools. It would be very convenient if we could form a pipeline where models and morph targets are created in 3DCoat, rigging and animation are created in Akeytsu, and then transferred to UE, Unity, or other rendering tools, etc. If data can be exchanged between 3DCoat and Akeytsu It would be very helpful if you could support morph targets.
  2. When I paint a surface model in the paint room and merge the layers with Marge Visible, the visible layer is merged into Layer 1 regardless of the visibility of Layer 1. If Layer 1 does not exist, the result of the merge does not seem to be saved in any layer. The display remains temporarily, but when you switch the display status of Layer 0, the remaining display disappears.
  3. .35 The preview of the stencil seems to be different from the actual area of the stencil, the display of the from camera is also wrong, and the image is only displayed in the upper left corner when in tile mode. Also, when using smart materials and stencils together, roughness, metalness, and depth are ignored by the stencil. Only the colors are properly clipped by the stencil.
  4. Start with Tiled box 3x3 in Surface Sculpting. In the paint room, paint the circles in red, blue, and yellow, and return to the Sculpt room. I went back to the Sculpt room, went to the File menu, Export, selected Depth Along Y, checked Save Color, and saved the image. That's how you loaded the image into the Smart Material. The file name is _Color.tif, so I think it's a color texture. The image looks the same in the Windows preview as it did in 3DCoat. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  5. I'm not sure about the color space. I used an image output from 3DCoat with Depth Along Y.
  6. When I use a tif image and a tiff image as the texture color and paint it in from camera mode, the color painted is different from the original image color. In the tiff image, the preview also seems to be wrong, maybe the blue and red are swapped.
  7. When I use the To Palette of the Make Joint tool, the data seems to be sent to the currently displayed tab in the Joint window, but when I switch tabs, the data is moved to the default tab.
  8. At first, I found what seemed to be the cause. The data folder of 3DCoat does not contain Japanese names, but the Japanese folder names of the files I used were recorded in UserPrefs/Preferences/Options.xml and OptionsAux.xml. This may be the cause. After reverting the settings to the state where the display bug occurs, I deleted these two files and started 3DCoat, and the Joints tool now displays correctly.
  9. This is a progress report on the Joints tool. I used Relocate 3DCoat's Data and moved the folder with the setting not to copy the data, and now the model in the Joints tool is displayed correctly. After that, I overwrote the old data that I had backed up, and the Joints tool model was still displayed correctly. It seems that the file created by this procedure may not have been added during the installation of the new version. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  10. I remembered that the Joints tool worked fine in past versions, and it seems that the model is displayed in beta 55, but not in RC1 or later. The folder structure seems to have changed a lot during this time.
  11. I recorded it. It's very comfortable with the available joint models. This feature seems to have a lot of uses in map editors and other applications if painted models can be used. If it is possible to create scenes with painted models, it would be great. If it is possible to create a scene by placing painted models, I think the value as a rendering tool will improve dramatically, and I look forward to its future development. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) Base Profile 2021.08.04 -
  12. I selected Surface Sculpting, activated the Jonts tool, selected the Brass_Fit_Straight model and placed it. Again, only the green joints were placed. Log.txt
  13. In the case of KitBash, there was a strange behavior right after startup, so I'll report it here. Start Menu > Select KitBash Click on "model" in JointWindow For some reason, it switches to the Curve tool. Click on the Joints model again. It switches to the Joints tool, and when I click on the main window, the green joints are placed. For some reason, it switches to the Flatten tool. That's all I've done until the end. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) Log.txt
  14. I see the same phenomenon with objects in BrassPipes. I can place the SoftBrick, SoftBrickEdge, and SoftbrickSmall in the Default folder, but for the others, the model does not show up and only the green joints increase.
  15. Most of the models in the joint seem to be unusable. When I select them, the models do not show up, and when I place them, only the joints are created and the models do not show up. Also, would it be possible to protect the sculpting layer with a layer lock function? Like in the paintroom, it would be safer if the surface tools were disabled when a locked layer was selected, and a warning was given that the layer was locked. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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