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  4. Thank you, your suggestion really works, I was using the wrong option!
  5. I reviewed this workflow, having a dark background instead of transparency is better for me later on. No reason to insist on transparency.
  6. If instead of using the "file/export" I use the other option "texture/export/color" it does what I want (the white stripes not pixelated against a transparent background). See image in Affinity with additional black layer to check.
  7. I have painted two stripes in white color. In the program it looks fine / not pixelated, and export fine as RGB (image on the left). But if I export with alpha it gets pixelated (image on the right). This texture resolution is square 4096px. Is there a way of having the original / not pixelated result exported as PNG? I'm using 3DC Textura 2021.54.
  8. Hi, I noticed you have checked the "invert tool" option, this inverts the behavior of the current tool, could it be the cause? I use 3DC Textura (not the full version), just wondering.
  9. I use wacom/intuos and it always get weird or simply do not work when a new driver update is available (not saying I experienced your issue but maybe it is related). Then I have to restart Windows so it installs. If you use custom settings in the wacom interface I highly recommend saving a backup of it, it helped me a few times to just restore it because the tablet got weird (with no new updates available).
  10. I noticed an amazing improvement in the download speed here for South America (Brazil) after the switch for AWS, that's super fast! Thank you all!
  11. The title should be changed as the problem is not EXPORTING but instead IMPORTING. 3D Coat exports very well, very customizable for PBR workflow, it saves a lot of time. Maybe the Unreal forum has more well "Unreal" users who could help, as the issue lies in the import part. I understand your frustration, I don't know Unreal but in Unity it is no big issue creating materials for existing textures (with a few C# lines), I remember founding very good documentation for Unity. Now for Unreal not sure it is the case: https://docs.unrealengine.com/4.27/en-US/RenderingAndGraphics/Textures/Importing/ https://docs.unrealengine.com/4.27/en-US/RenderingAndGraphics/Materials/
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    Textured using 3DC Textura \o/

    © evargas 2021. All rights reserved.

  13. it's worth watching, this series helped me a lot while learning to use the app!! Very good series!
  14. E.V.


    Shoes textured in 3DC Textura, also used for the tattoos. Great software to work with, good results fast!
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    © Copyright © 2021 evargas. All rights reserved.

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