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  1. Oh no! I thought the problem was that I was doing something wrong. Ok I'll share this with him, thanks!
  2. Is it possible to paint with the "curve stroke" in the 2D texture editor? I'm able to paint with the "vertex stroke" ok, but with the curve stroke I can only draw the curve, cannot apply the paint, applying in the context button or hitting ENTER does nothing. Any "curve strokes" started in the texture editor appear "floating in the air" in the 3D view, maybe that's the reason it's not applying.
  3. Ok, I'm happy with the results anyway, thank you for clarifying!
  4. Hmm, interesting, is this menu from the full 3DCoat? I'm using Textura I don't see this (?). See my images I usually go to "file/export", then export all textures for all UV sets at once. There is another menu "textures/export/ color, roughness...", which gives us the option to choose the UV set upon export, but I'm not sure if I would have the same result, also it would require multiple clicks.
  5. Hi friends, I have multiple UV sets for which the textures I already exported. Now I did some changes in one of them, and I'm not finding a way to export only this one (uv set) that was changed. Do I have to always export ALL the UV sets?
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  8. Thank you for sharing, good to know Andrew is fine despite all this situation. Andrew I admire your work, as well as your principles and values. I don't use 3D tools on a daily basis, I'm an amateur, but for me it is clear how much work it takes, and software coding is like an art in itself. Over the years I learned that when choosing what tool to use, it is usually a good thing to consider not just the technical side, but also who is the company/person behind it. I admire the work you did with 3DCoat, it is amazing, thank you for everything. During these difficult times, if you or your community setup some kind of donations channel please let us know, I'm sure some of us would be willing to help!
  9. Hi guys, just a feedback here, I've just updated from "3DCoatTextura-2021-97" to "3DCoatTextura-2022-04" on PC/Windows, it all seems ok. Before doing so I recommend making a backup of your current "UserPrefs" folder, mine was in a custom location (W:\3DCoatTextura-2021\UserPrefs) for later copy/paste. The new version is not adding the year from now on it seems (so no need of the "-2022"). So old paths will eventually break, just keep that in mind and rename accordingly. Thank you for the amazing work!
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  13. Thank you, your suggestion really works, I was using the wrong option!
  14. I reviewed this workflow, having a dark background instead of transparency is better for me later on. No reason to insist on transparency.
  15. If instead of using the "file/export" I use the other option "texture/export/color" it does what I want (the white stripes not pixelated against a transparent background). See image in Affinity with additional black layer to check.
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