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  1. yeah, when I create new file and start sculpting everything is fine, not sure what happend here, I did try : change the scale of the objects, change shaders (everything had the same shaders at some point), going back and forth into the sculpt room, nothing, I also thought that its a glitch that happend becouse of the amount of layers, so I have try to merge everything, but when I do 3dC stops working (freezes) also... when I go in and start to turn off layers inside that group one by one, when I turn off just a few some shadows are appering (but very low quality shadows)
  2. Hi ! I looove the software, definetly gonna subsribe before trial ends ! love it ! so, I have interesting issue with cast shadows I have 1 object and one group with multiply objects when the group "spaceship" is hidden, shadows are casting correct as you can see : but ! when I unhide the group below, all casted shadows are gone ! any ideas on how to approach fixing that issue ?
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