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  1. Okay i cant even use it, i dont know why but selecting a brush and using it causes the whole program to crash, ive updated to the current version. I couldnt say if stroke mode would help or not. It was never like this at the start, and being a demo im not sure how the full program would work any better.
  2. Wow it now works thank you very much. i changed the symbols to pen and now my brush radius goes small to big. But while pressure works it didnt feel like it was adding more volume to the sculpt. Like if i were to put more pressure on, it felt like it changed the size of the brush only instead of how much clay is building up. This could just be me though. i did try and mess with depth of the brush but it felt like i was sculpting at the same width. I also had multiple crashes when using some tools so im not sure if thats a software or computer problem.
  3. Ive tried wintab and windowsink in the tablet interface and both do not work.
  4. How do i get tablet pc? last i checked my options were wintab and windowsink?
  5. I have had this issue for awhile now, i have been using a surface pro 6 and surface pen on the 3D coat demo. I haven’t managed to get any pen pressure as brush strokes stay the same. I have downloaded wintab to see if that worked and it didn’t. I also contacted 3D coat support and they came back with changing tablet interface with windowsink instead of wintab and that didnt work either. how do i fix this?
  6. Thanks i was worried the software only had so much power no matter how good your specs were. But im glad the better the specs are the more your able to do in 3d coat. What im currently looking at in a laptop should tick the boxes of what you suggested too.
  7. Ive looked at the requirements for 3d coat and under normal with an i7 and 16gb ram you can get 20 million triangles. So does that mean 3dcoat can only run a maximum of 20 million or can it be more with better specs? I ask that because im looking at getting a 32gb ram and 11 gen i7 laptop and dont know how the software would run and what would be its limits. The other question i have is im currently using a surface pro with a surface pen on the 3dcoat demo and i have no pen pressure. Do i need to have a driver like zbrush or is there a setting for it? right now that would be the important thing to solve to use 3d coat properly.
  8. I have had experience with sculpting in blender, but wanted to try 3dcoat after hearing about its voxel features. Right now i only have the demo but havent tried it for long. Im a little confused with the brush layout. im not sure what the difference is to clay engine, voxel tools and claydraw. Is voxel sculpting always enabled with all these tools or do they work differently and seperately? Where do the surface tools come in? Ive been planning on getting the new suface laptop studio with 11th gen icore 7 with 32 gb of ram. With how much power 3d software needs, will that be enough, especially for high amount of details and sculpting full body characters and objects? because 3dcoat has voxels, do i still need to use subdivide, retopology and remesh when sculpting, or can it be completely voxel sculpting with none of those options?
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