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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there - this bug started after mac version - 2023.28. It's still present in the latest one 2023.40. My hardware M1 Max 32gb - 4k External monitor - Mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1 (23C71) Here is a video of the issue https://monosnap.com/file/BaezWzqolVoAaizpyf5oByNnSGOPCZ I've also attached an image comparing the functionality
  2. I've tried different settings and always get the same result. I'm running on Arch Linux using 3DCoat 2023.37 Here is a couple vids of the different autopo settings I tried. https://streamable.com/wmcr8l https://streamable.com/9nokds
  3. Hello, I think I might have found a possible bug in the rendering room. I rendered my model in orthographic view fine but in perspective view mode there are black areas on the edges of the model.
  4. Im new to 3dcoat.Idont know if its a bug or just I didnt do the right way?I use freeze tool to make a mask area and then switch to move tool trying to modifiy mesh ,the mask area just turn to some rectangle and glitch?! if I change to some clay brush tool,the mask just disappear like never exsist.. Restart program or open a new blank file,the issue still remain.. Pretty sad cant use freeze tool like zbrush through Strange why I cant paste image,dont know how to use URL insert image,sorry
  5. I've come across something strange in 2022.48 (in fact, in the 2022 series): When using the stamp brush to place details on a mesh, with Symmetry enabled on the X axis, It sometimes does not place the details on one side. I've noticed that as the surface you're stamping on approaches vertical, the chance increases. Steps to repeat: 1) Create a cube, centered on the origin, and take it into the paint room. 2) Enable symmetry across the X axis, chose a brush alpha, and stamp mode. 3) Most of the stamps should appear across the x axis, but not all. Also, varying the size can cause symmetry to fail as well - usually smaller. This doesn't happen in 4.9.65 (which is the most recent version I could get working; 2021 wants to crash). If someone could verify this and let the devs know, or knows a workaround/fix for it, I'd appreciate it.
  6. Hello, Upon using 3DCoat Textura pretty extensively now, I am noticing a behavior with the Depth Layer, particularly with Smart Materials (creation of). This seems to be tied into my earlier bug report for the Depth Layer not reading .EXRs, at all even at 1,000% - the Depth is nonexistent. In this case, which is mainly the issue upon making your own Smart Materials using Quixel Megascans or some I also bought on CGAxis, there are some very noticeable "pitting" that takes place with lesser details. I am guessing that maybe these channels are not set to "Linear" upon reading grayscale maps, and therefore small details are clamped resulting in the "pitting" nature. I am using very high UVSets (4k/8k) with high resolutions maps (4k/8k), as well. During the Preview phase with the viewer, everything seems fine, until you "set" the materials on your object via the Brush or Fill, then it gets extremely "pitted." Example: A rusty painted metal is being used, I Import all of my maps into the Smart Material at 100% (as that is how it should read based on the Purchased Material to get the look that is presented). Looks nice in Preview mode, then becomes very pitted upon setting. The little nuances of the metal are extremely over pronounced versus the large rusty areas. This also happens with a Material I purchased on CGAxis, a Sci-Fi Foil texture...which should be more smooth in nature, but comes out extremely grainy from where it should be. Anyway, based on my previous bug report on the Depth Channel with .EXRs and now this, I think there might be an underlying issue on how maps are being read, perhaps not being "Linear" as mentioned above - I could be very wrong here, but I wanted to let you know. In addition, putting an AO (Ambient Occlusion) map in the "Condition Channel" of the Smart Material editor seems to do virtually nothing, as well, even though it says it takes AO maps. (Workaround): I have to set the Depth Channel to extremely low (like 10% - 15%) then come back with a Brush at a very high percent to brush over the main details that should be noticeable from the onset, but get lost because of dialing down the Depth Channel because of the "Pitting" that takes place. (not ideal, as it takes time and you cannot move the map during this process or things won't line up) (Side Note): Preview seems to work nicely, and this is also not really noticeable with your own Smart Materials from your download library on your website. Note: Using Roughness/Metalness workflow as well. Thank You, Rudy
  7. I've been seeing stuff like this every time I mouse over Alpha in the Brush and Strip panels. So I recently decided to look into it with interest and try to make it myself. Looking at the wiki (link) and the existing internal alpha images, I have a few questions while making it. 1.What exactly does EraseMask do? I've looked through the wiki and tested it around but I still don't know what exactly this is. Can you give a more detailed explanation? 2.It seems that the brush's alpha source takes precedence over the strip's alpha source. Obviously, the wiki says that the Strip's alpha source is prioritized, but in reality, it seems to give priority to the Brush's alpha source. Only the color of the strip appears properly The rest of the data is ignored. Here is the alpha source I tested. Brush&Strip.psd +Edit ) I forgot to add it to the content when using it as a brush alpha. Brush Alpha works as expected. But Strip doesn't. Are the settings wrong? Or is it a bug? Due to this problem, it seems that it is difficult to express a zipper line that contains metal materials.
  8. I found my stencil only works properly when I'm using drawing mode (size is projected from camera, lined up perfectly) I can use line tool as well. Like image one. But if I use any of the lasso tool, the geometry I created is not matching up with camera projection for some reason. (I'm working in orthographic btw) Like Image two. I'm using 4.9.55(dx) Been searching for a reason for a while now, please help. Image one is showing it works fine for drawing tools even for stamp tool. I used a rectangular lasso build tool to cover the stencil image, getting a displaced, smaller patter on the geometry (I didn't move the stencil, this is the direct result). Here is the setting bar. I didn't change any settings rather than just hit E to change the paint tool to lasso tool.
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