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  1. Hello developers, I used 'RGB Curvature' after the update before, and the baking process was broken once. At that time it was solved with Edit-Reset settings. This time, when baking the RGB Curvature, the texture was broken. (On the first try, it baked normally.) I tried Reset settings again this time, but it didn't fix it. The strange thing is that the other example samples from 3DC are baked normally. I thought the scene was broken, so I exported the high-poly and low-poly data and then imported it again in a new scene, but the problem was not solved. Share files by uploading them to Dropbox. Does anyone have the same problem as me? ▼ Dropbox file ▼ https://www.dropbox.com/sh/12vlitxs23lcesl/AAAfULUYoeRPsmGGgjhvd24Xa?dl=0
  2. There is a problem with the vertices going to the wrong position when beveling after grabbing 3 edges
  3. yes i've been through this too After drawing the curve, I solved it as a temporary solution by increasing the subdivide of the curve. It would be nice if it could be improved.
  4. The more I use it, the more I like it. In particular, I've been struggling with filling in a smooth curved surface between sharp angles recently, but this tool seems to solve it. What I like the most is that you no longer have to repeat the size of the bevel until you get the result you want, just set the brush size and create the bevel. Assigning a hotkey to 'Assign radius' in the Curve Settings and using it is fantastic.
  5. Thanks for adding a new tool. Now it looks like we can easily bevel even on asymmetric objects. However, I think the part that bends at 90' needs improvement. It seems great enough though.
  6. thank you for your hard work It seems like a really cool feature.!
  7. You can change the control with a combination of W,E,R and X,Y,Z. E.g.. 1. If you want to move in the X,Y,Z axis, just press x,y,z. 2. If you want to change to rotate or scale while moving, press 'e' or 'r' key. 3. As with move, if you want to perform it in a specific axis, try pressing x, y, z in that state. It will be transformed based on the axis. To move like a trackball, press the 'N' key. Edit 1) add video
  8. Ok problem solved.. Edit - Reset settings It bakes well again as before. If there is a problem in the future, I should press this first before asking a question ...
  9. Has anything changed about baking in the last week? When baking AO and Curvature RGB, it appears to be partially broken. It was fine before upgrading from version 52 to a higher version. I have been downgraded to version 52 from a higher version, but the symptom is not fixed.
  10. Ummm... that's weird. Tried again with the latest version but it still doesn't work
  11. Select an edge with the Set.Sharp tool in Selected and use Clear Sharp.
  12. [ Curves/Stroke issue ] FreeHand Curves are not created when using the Cures/Strokes tool. //edit Fixed on v56
  13. Perhaps the tutorial video is outdated and there is confusion with the 2021 version with the new Curve set (Hotkey : Q) added. Check if New Curve is activated in the Strokes tool. Please test after watching the video (Free Hand in Curves/Strokes seems to be a bug. )
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