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  1. The sculpt layer sculpted on Layer 0 Can't it be erased with Erase SL brush? When I try to erase on Layer 0 it erases a completely different layer. Erase SL works fine for added layers such as Layer 1 and Layer 2.
  2. Oh you are right. Just using Vox Clay shows the symptoms
  3. After shaving the modeling with Voxhide Unwanted objects appear when using Vox Clay. It worked fine in the V4 version.
  4. ▼ Check this forum ▼
  5. In order to match the working environment equally, UI and Hotkey settings are saved and loaded. I have seen that the list of tools registered with QuickAccess(1~8) is not being save and loaded. Where can I save and load QuickAccess?
  6. Sorry for using the translator.. Because the Merge Sub-tree problem did not occur with simple shapes I just wrote down if there were any problems in the process I was working on.
  7. It's fine when testing with simple shapes... I will further write down the situation when I worked on it. 1. Ruffle(frills?) creates polygons with the Loft Surface tool 2. After copying the Poly Groups made with the Loft Surface, I flipped one. so i have two poly groups : - PolyGroups1 (forth) - PolyGroups2 (back) // To give the thickness back and forth individually as much as I want.. // Shell or Extrude (one side) did not come out with the desired wrinkle thickness & shape, so I worked like this.. 3. After pulling out each of the desired thickness using Smart Extrude - ( Mode:Extrude Faces ), the two Poly Groups were merged ( Shift-Drag and Drop in Poly Groups panel ) and then the vertex was welded. 4. After performing Mesh-Make Sculpt Mesh in the top menu, I copied one sculpt object. 5. Arrange it in a circle in Sculpt-Room and touch the wrinkles with the Move tool (Through All Volumes ON). 6. I did a merge sub-tree. 7. And as stated above, things happened.
  8. After Merge Subtree, the mash breaks abnormally. At first, I thought it was a problem with the Powerful Smoothing brush after performing Merge Subtree as in the video. To upload a file for testing here The result of saving and reopening the file check There seems to be a problem with the Merge Subtree itself. When it's running, it looks no problem, but after Merge Subtree, quit the program and open the file again, the mesh is broken. ▼ The file is here ▼ After copying the backup layers, test the merge sub-tree. 2021 Ruffle.3b --- Edit 01 ) Merge Sub-tree test video has been added.
  9. Thank you Gorbatovsky! It’s not being controlled well as I want it to be, Now that I have a sense of what it is, I'll have to play around with it
  10. Does anyone know how to use the Cross Section of the Loft Surface tool in Modeling-Room? Even if I test it around, I'm not sure what this is or how it works..... If i move it after adding a curve to the cross section, only the polygons are twisted and destroyed...
  11. Yousung

    [Solved] Retopo loop color

    I was also confused when using it. Actually, I still don't know why it was made like this. Or maybe there's another way I don't know..... Rather than selecting a color directly, 3DCoat applies the colors of the palette in order each time the topology is divided. For example, the first basic topology is green The second topology is blue Third, magenta..... (*Sometimes the assigned color changes back to itself...) When dividing a seam, a color similar to that of the seam appears, or even though the topology is clearly divided, the color may look similar. In this case, a similar color was chosen from the palette. It can be solved by changing the color of the corresponding color one by one in the palette.
  12. Yousung

    [Solved] Retopo loop color

    You can change color in here
  13. Some UV tools in the Modeling Room do not work. - Mark Seams - Edge Loops UV Path works well It works fine in Retopo Room.
  14. Test in 2021 (B40) This is a curve option that appears in the Modeling Room. I only thought about the RMB menu, but I forgot that there was also something like this at the top.... Anyway It seems to be a function that fills the inside of the curve area with a quad or triangle face. Doesn't work. In the case of Triangle, it crashes. Do i need specific conditions? Or is it a bug?
  15. Testing was first performed on the B40 version. Crush happened and then I tried it on the V4 version. There seems to be something wrong with the beta version of the baking.