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  1. Try using a combination of the following keys with 'Transform without gizmo' turned on. key : (W, E, R) + (x, y, z) W: move E: rotate R: scale x, y, z : each axis You can also switch by pressing 'E (rotate)' or 'R (scale)' while moving with 'W'.
  2. Can you make a function to focus on the node area user created? Sometimes the node disappears, but it's placed somewhere on the canvas and I can't find it! It's so hard to find
  3. It seems to be a problem I've had in the past. Try 'Edit - Reset settings' once and check again.
  4. No, it's the same as before.. // Edit 1) The attached video did not play, so I switched to YouTube.
  5. Any news on this issue? 2022 is officially release, but still experiencing terrible lags. I also tested it with Textura (trial version), but it's the same.
  6. The Scale Transform gizmo only works on one side. The Scale Transform gizmo only works on one side. As a result of testing, it is confirmed that this problem also existed in the V4 version. I've been working on it sometimes, not understanding why this was happening and I used to pan the screen looking for gizmos. We found out today that this issue is affected by the position of the gizmo. When the gizmo is positioned at (0, 0, 0), both can be manipulated, but when the gizmo is slightly shifted away from (0, 0, 0) the gizmo doesn't work. - In my case, it occurs even if I move only by the number '3'. - Controllable gizmos vary depending on whether the gizmo is in the ‘+’ or ‘-’ space for each x, y, and z axis.
  7. Please try this instead. This is probably the way you want. Opacity - 38% Roughness - 99% It says 'Color Opacity' in the description, but it seems to work like 'Master Opacity'.
  8. The Opacity values of Roughness and Metalness should be increased to the maximum. It works differently from Opacity of Color. When painting with a Roughness of 38%, no matter how high the pen pressure is applied, only 38% is achieved. In the case of Color, the colors are superimposed and strong, but Rough/Metal is not. Experimentally, after painting with the Roughness value set to a high value (I will take an example of 99% because there is a bug now), if I set the Roughness value to 50% and paint again, you can see that the Roughness value is changed to 50%. The same goes for Substance Painter.
  9. This is a video that implemented Hickz's problem from the beginning. Tested in 2022.07 version. As a result of testing so far, it seems that this problem only occurs under certain conditions. 1. Test on a new, empty layer 2. Turn off Color Channel and Depth Channel. 3. Set the Roughness value to 100. 4. Set the Metalness value to 0.
  10. Perform 'Reset Settings' - It does not solve the problem. As an additional explanation in the comment above, the mosaic (broken) is something like this. As Hickz explained, if I paint anything other than 100% (tested at 99%), it works fine.
  11. test progress Yes, I've also seen this happen. If it's a bug, it should be fixed, if not, it needs improvement. It's quite confusing. Why do we need to enable the Color Channel to paint Rough, Metal? If you want to express something like fingerprint marks on the surface of an object, you don't need this color value. Just enable Roughness and you should be able to paint. Edit 1) Oh, I didn't see the last post by Hickz @Carlosan Yes this definitely seems to be a bug. Painting in this way preserves the layer and doesn't mosaic (break).
  12. Try adjusting the Y-Step value so that this middle part is repeated (so that the middle part's start-end point is connected).
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