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Found 5 results

  1. Hey folks, I am new to the sculpting workflow, looking for a software to supplement C4D with in order to produce more sophisticated geometry. I have looked at a few different packages, but I am really intrigued by the 3D-Coat workflow and capabilities. I have been using the demo for a few days and have been enjoying it, but I've run into something that I just can't figure out, it's so problematic that it may keep me from adding 3D-Coat to my arsenal. Whether I am in the sketch tool and trying to create volumes with the vertex lasso, trying to create volumes in thin air via the build tool with vertex lasso, or trying to subtract geometry with the cut off tool and vertex lasso I am running into the same problem with snapping in 45 degree increments. I understand that depending on which tool I am using there are different limitations as to whether I can snap to a point in space that is not directly over a part of my model, and I understand that the 2d grid snapping solves these issues for most people, but for the life of me I cannot get anything to snap in a clean increment or on a point... EVER. The only thing that seems to work is that the 2d grid is serving to help visually guide me to clean 45 degree angles, but it is in no way constraining my click to a point. Basically the thing that's getting me is that I can hold shift and my cursor will snap to a clean 45 degree angle, but either the point will not place with shift still held because the cursor is not over a part of the object or it will place the point a little bit off of where the "snap" is. It's like when I hit shift the cursor's visible movement stops and shows me where the point is aligned and ostensibly, should be placed, but it's an illusion, and the actual placement deciding cursor is invisible, in the background still moving with my shaking, misaligned mouse. I cannot for the life of me figure out the purpose of it showing me an aligned point location that it is not actually going to let me place with. I've been all over the forums and it's only confused me more, with people talking about the deciding factor being when you decide to hold the Control key and the shift key... Control key? When did that get involved? I know that it's a mistake to carry any expectations for tool behavior from one program to another, but I have shed all expectations and preconceived notions now, and with an open mind, I am trying to learn just one way, any way, to get this vertex tool to snap to clean 45 degree angles. Please tell me what I am missing here?
  2. Seems like the spline can't be transformed with Spline Menu / Transform All while the 2D/3D grid snapping is on. Does that work for you? Bug report: http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2204
  3. Hey guys! I want to uv in 3D coat but as soon as I start navigating the screen the camera snaps back into place and I can't do anything. Does anyone know how to fix this? I saw a forum earlier, someone said their home button is stuck...this doesn't make sense to me. My home button is fine.
  4. Hi there ! I'm a long time Blender/Gimp/Krita user but I'm quited tired of blender's texture painting... No layers and all.. It's been troubling me for a while. So I made my first steps to 3D Coat a few days ago and I love the app so far. Two things are bugging me though : 1 - I googled a lot and tried a lot of options ("paint through") and all but I can't seem to get the behavior I'd like with the brush concerning clipping faces. I'd like the brush to paint everything under it, and not just snapping on a particular polygon. Is it possible ? 2 - I googled that already and it seems there isn't but I'm still asking... who knows Is there a smudge/smear brush in texture painting ? Thanks a lot for your help ! Regards, Ghislain.
  5. Folks, I've now been using this program a while and I still can't seem to get a relatively thin piece of voxel sculpture to retopo properly. I run into a problem where, when I get one side of it done and then try to finish all the way around to the opposite side of this relatively thin piece (think a thick fabric), it wants to weld or snap verts through the mesh. I've turned off snapping, I've reduced the snap force, I've turned bias to 0 and other options and nothing helps. Suggestions?
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