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  1. Ah...I should have seen that. Sorry. That works! Thank you. Now I just don't know why these flat caps are red.
  2. Odd. I hadn't noticed that. Not sure why the size should matter. I wonder if I scaled it up if it would make the it work. I'll have to try and see when I can.
  3. Yes, sorry. Long day. Here's the file, as I originally tried to unwrap. I think the roundedness requires this to have more seems. ElegantTableLeg.3b
  4. Ah...seems it can't project due to the curvature.
  5. Am I missing something here? Why won't this unwrap? If I try...I get this...
  6. I discovered I could change this at in the direct material itself, rather than using the settings in that pop up list of options to keep it the way I wanted...just by each material itself. That's good enough. Thank you.
  7. EDIT: Disregard. I just realized I can do this in the material itself. Is there a way and how do we set the default mapping for materials or stencils? It's always set to Cube and I want it always set to UV-Mapping. Is this possible? You can see what I'm after here.
  8. We really need a project-based color palette where we're not locked into foreground/background colors and having to shift each one as we paint or to have to select from a multitude of unrelated project colors in a swatch palette. For example, I would love to have a way to pick a color and set it as a color swatch (circle icon on the UI to choose from when painting. Having to separately safe which colors out of say 10-15 for a project is awkward and time-consuming. Is this doable? I know that we have a swatches panel, which basically serves this purpose, but what I'm asking for is not to have a default of many colors I'm not using to then remove them and save just the ones I am as another palette each time. Give me a New Palette option there and let me save my colors that way or if I don't want to have to try to find the right color out of something like the first image attached here, give me something like the second I've attached as an example.
  9. I have the same issue. I cannot get my password reset to get to my downloads. Forum forgot password works, but the website for 3DCoat doesn't. Please assist.
  10. We need 3D Coat to stop trying to autosave while we're in the middle of a stroke. I've had it do a long pause and delay while in the middle of sculpting and have it mess up the stroke. It needs to be smart enough to not auto-save mid-stroke or mid-action (like picking a menu item). Once this got done, my model was all screwed up. I can see 2022 isn't really ready for production work still. Going back to Version 4.
  11. I see no emissive shader listed. This partly what I'm talking about. It's way too clumsy to simply add a light where you want it and it be anywhere near intuitive. I think if we had a visual guide on the screen for rendering, this would help. Meanwhile, there's an issue with having the lighting settings be universally applied throughout rooms. What works in the render room, doesn't work elsewhere for the intent. I can light a scene for rendering appropriately, only to have it be too dark for modeling or painting.
  12. Wouldn't that create a lot more work to create an object, get it retopo'd for emissive painting and then when it's retopo'd even with autotopo for a quicker fix, that then gets added to your texture map for your scene? That's not the right solution, but I do appreciate the thought behind it.
  13. Most 3D programs have some indicator in the viewport showing where light is coming from and to be able to transform rotation, position, etc. I think 3D Coat would benefit from this in the render room, since all we get is the light on an object and no great way to visualize where that light source is in the scene. For instance, I would like to be able to place a light near a particular part of an object, but all I get is the scene lighting, and being able to add a light with angle and height adjustment, but no real way to push it near what I'm actually interested in seeing.
  14. I have the same issue. It pops up as if it's going to do the render preview and then shows all black. It took 10 seconds to get to 92%, but then that's it. Black scene, nothing to render at all. I'm guessing this may have to do with no light being in the scene, but what is the point of having extra lights in the viewport only to not be able to render the scene with Renderman? Is it possible that my rig is way too slow to render this with any real result in a nominal amount of time?
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