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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Everyone, This thread will stand as update on my continuous journey to work between every know modeler, renderer and video pipeline workflow. :-) I've been giving 3D Coat and pretty good workout lately. I certainly am no expert, but I have figured out a few things. Here's what I've created in the last couple days. The larger model took a bit over 4 hours. I think I can do a similar (but better) in under 3 hours easy. This is a marked improvement to my SketchUp and MoI 3D speed concept modeling. I expect this model would take me a couple days in MoI and even longer in SU (due to radiuses). Here's the first test techbox, then the second: There is considerable artifacting in some areas-- I'm still learning. I know I can get the artifacting much better, so I'm not too worried. Here are the PROs for working first in 3D Coat: 1. You can create unimaginable shapes and iterate extremely quickly. These designs are much harder to conceptualize in poly or nurbs modelers. 2. FAST and forgiving. Like working in a 3D version of Photoshop 3. Renders pretty good in KeyShot and Octane CONs 1. I don't know if you can RETOPO the more complex one at all. I suspect if you try, all the speed gains you will then lose. 2. You can PBR texture it, but you can't export with the textures UNLESS you RETOPO (at least that's my understanding)-- kinda sux because the PBR textures are truly stunning. 3. HUGE file sizes. The more complex one was 8 million polys. The other around 4 million. Ouch! That's why they're unable to be UV mapped for PBR. 4. Other than 3D printing they can't be used for CAD or really anywhere else unless you figure out how to RETOPO. 5. Can only be rendered with textures and decals in 3D Coat and KeyShot AFAIK. Perhaps Instant Light, too. Trying to learn that one more but it's a strange program with unfortunately a very strange non-standard interface (I think they need to hire a UX and GUI designer). For those interested, here are some videos of the journey so far: