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I've been wondering...

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Since I got 3d-coat I have always wondered, why does voxel and surface model use triangles instead of quads? I am thinking it must have been answered somewhere but I couldn't find anything in quick search. Thanks.

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Interactive editing on Voxels needs a surface mesh for display purposes which needs to adapt in realtime. In surface mode

this mesh even gets locally refined and coarsed, again in realtime.Such can only happen with fully triangulated meshes or a mix

of triangles and quads as these networks are far, far simpler to construct than a proper loop based and useful quad mesh.

All programs which offer quadrangulation on arbitrary meshes do this as a post-process which takes considerable time to calculate. 

Things are different in Zbrush and Mudbox which are optimized towards SubD-meshes as input.Things here usually stay all quads

as the mesh gets uniformly subdivided (unless using Dynamesh in Zbrush).

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