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Importing Daz to 3D Coat

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Hi guys, I've recently attended industry workshops London and Jama Jurabaev did a super awesome presentation with 3D Coat and so I find myself trying to figure out how to use this new software.


 I love the fact that you can draw in 3D with 3DCoat. I think its the most awesome thing in the whole universe. But What I'm having issues with is importing an OBJ of a Daz model into 3DCoat. Whenever I do it, I get a hugeeeeeee lagg and my cores are going crazy at 100% but nothing happens.. it just kind of freezes.


I'm just wondering if anyone has worked out how to get the Daz model into 3D Coat in a really basic way and if you wouldn't mind sharing your step by step process? I think it'd be a  great help to all those who are newbies to 3D!


Thanks! I'll be introducing myself in the intro thread soon :)



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Hi Sebastian,


Welcome aboard! :)

The obj file from DAZ should import as any other OBJ file (I guess). Do you experience hanging all the time? What about another OBJ files?

Lastly, send the "problem" file to workflow@3d-coat.com


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maybe you could describe what you want with a DAZ Figure in 3D coat ?

3D coat is a Software for many tasks. and therefore many ways to import a object .

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