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Editing many layered object in paint room

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If I have a many layered (20+) object, switching between layers is nightmarishly slow (and their visibility) and it's often hard to distinguish what exactly has been painted in what on what channel and in what layer.


Is there a way to quickly display at least the 3D texture views of color, spec & normal (independently) on a per layer basis?  I'm having a hard time re-editing an old file (from 4.1.16) as I need to reduce some of the normal depth across multiple surfaces and layers.  I can't use the latest 4.5 because it wont load my 3b file without crashing. 


Is there any way to export all layers into folders where each folder is a layer and each folder contains the 2D map for color, spec & normals?  So that I could reassemble the look by hand in 4.5 and load each layer one by one and figure out what needs to be edited?


thanks for your help

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it would be helpful if there were icons by each layer that showed whether anything at all was painted in each channel for that layer, - because now even if I solo a layer I cant tell if ANY pixels are due to a layer - i.e. it's all grey, but seems to be contributing in some way - I';d like to be able to highlight the pixels that were changed for this layer.  Any way to do that?

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