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  1. popwfx

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    meaning it doesn't work for you either? do you go lw->3dc->unity ?
  2. popwfx

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    LW is meters and Unity doesn't specify a unit as far as I'm aware. I don't know what 3dc default unit is. The reason I asked is that I did this workflow with 3dc several versions ago (4.x) and this scale difference didnt happen. Any ideas?
  3. popwfx

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I dont understand why I'd have to go to the Retopo room to adjust scene scale. I'm only uv mapping and painting then exporting. Sometimes not even painting - just uv map and export. i tried this and my model disappeared in 3dcoat in the paint and UV rooms. so my problem is if I make an object in LW as 200mm wide, then save LWO, then import for uv map from main menu splash in 3dc, uv map, then export as fbx, then import asset in Unity it is 2mm wide what is going on? Maybe I don't understand 3dc's rooms fundamentally, but I don't remember having a scale problem with the export before with this workflow in 3dc? but before there was not unity export preset in 3dc. There is no scene scale in the export. Thanks for explaining what I'm doing wrong I think this has to do witn 4.8.03
  4. popwfx

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Does this work if I'm not using Sculpt? I'm just importing during the UV map menu option on the load screen
  5. popwfx

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Not sure if this is a new feature in 4.8.03 as I've not been up to date for a year or so, so forgive me if this is not the place to ask - I'm pulling in LWO objects and UV mapping and painting them then exporting as fbx with the Unity preset. Am I doing something wrong or is the scale all off ? First time I've used the preset (nice feature btw!) but on import into unity the objects no longer match the real world measurements as when they were in Lightwave - theyre like 50 time smaller in Unity but their axis is correct. Is this a bug or have I done something wrong? Only happens when I uv map in 3DC? thx! Otherwise 4.8.03 looks way nicer than the old version I had been using!
  6. popwfx

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Just tried to download an install 4.8 on Win 7 3d-Coat-V4_8-03-64.exe and when I run the exe it gives an error: "Installer integrity check"? Any trick needed? I tried downloading a few times in case it was a corrupt download to no avail. I'm getting the size as 326,240 KB - is that right? (also forums are acting a little weird where clicks don't work - I've always used firefox and this is new - is there a problem currently?)
  7. popwfx

    Augmented Reality app creation.

    Vuforia has been around awhile - I did some AR stuff with it in Unity back in 2011 - I found it really easy to get up and running - but i was doing ipad and iphone apps. I assume Android issue were mostly hardware/driver? Glad to hear it's still a good bet (as I've been out of AR awhile) Thanks for sharing and the links to the asset!
  8. popwfx

    Interested in personal tutoring

    Digman is highly recommended from me too! I've got a few chops myself, but he's certainly taught me a lot too - and it worked well over skype screen sharing. Besides he's a really nice guy and professional too! Plus he's been using 3DC since the beginning of time ;-) so he knows a lot of the app's quirks and workarounds for advanced stuff.
  9. it would be helpful if there were icons by each layer that showed whether anything at all was painted in each channel for that layer, - because now even if I solo a layer I cant tell if ANY pixels are due to a layer - i.e. it's all grey, but seems to be contributing in some way - I';d like to be able to highlight the pixels that were changed for this layer. Any way to do that?
  10. If I have a many layered (20+) object, switching between layers is nightmarishly slow (and their visibility) and it's often hard to distinguish what exactly has been painted in what on what channel and in what layer. Is there a way to quickly display at least the 3D texture views of color, spec & normal (independently) on a per layer basis? I'm having a hard time re-editing an old file (from 4.1.16) as I need to reduce some of the normal depth across multiple surfaces and layers. I can't use the latest 4.5 because it wont load my 3b file without crashing. Is there any way to export all layers into folders where each folder is a layer and each folder contains the 2D map for color, spec & normals? So that I could reassemble the look by hand in 4.5 and load each layer one by one and figure out what needs to be edited? thanks for your help
  11. I used the Migration tools but only with the license checked - which changed it from a trial to my official licensed version. I decided not to migrate any other bits and pieces so I would have a clean install.
  12. I just tried to use v4.5 (the stable version I believe) and loaded a 3b file I've been using for painting on a low poly model (which works in my old 3dc albeit slowly) and it crashes 3DC with this dialog: I have an 8 Core Intel Xeon computer with an NVidia 570 and 24Gb of RAM Does 4.5 not work with older files? I really need to work on this file which has many paint/spec/bump layers. Any help is appreciated.
  13. Look at the 3 points I listed above - I enumerate a number of horrible scenarios about how the cloud print (with NO option of offline print) is horrible. It's not just about privacy (as if that's unimportant anyway) but about control and costs.
  14. So someone sets up a business on Etsy or whereever - you print things to sell, the prices are online, the company knows so much about your financials, they might as well do your taxes too. Sad, I just saw one of these machines working close up for the 1st time and it was very cool! Watching the laser engrave was neat - so this would have been cool if I didn't have to give up control of my data or autonomy for future creations. Hope someone makes an opensource one of these. I still might get one if they are 'jailbreakable' and work totally offline - but I think they designed it so all of the processing is done on their servers - so even a jailbreak wouldnt work...
  15. Nevermind. Nothing to see here. Turns out the glowforge's firmware requires you to be online and authenticated to their cloud in order to print/cut anything at all! http://www.tested.com/tech/548192-going-depth-glowforge-laser-cutter/ how lame!! This means problems like: Security / Privacy - So if I pay $4K for a device, you're telling me I'm also submitting to their company and servers ALL of my content and IP that I want to print? My art, my inventions? If I have a business selling things they also know my financials by knowing how many times I print what widget?? This is a MAJOR invasion -why do they not only get to know what I print, but get to keep the digital source file of my many hours work that they can repurpose, analyze or submit to 3rd parties?? DRM / IP control - The can authorize or NOT what you can print - let"s say you want to engrave your macbook and Apple says no or you have to pay a license fee to modify your own property - guess what this isn't an ink jet or laser printer you can use offline. Boom you are shackled to only print every time with their permission! What if want to cut a piece or fab a part to fix or augment your Samsung product - nope not after these guys get u and running. What exact are you buying here - the honor of using your space, electricity, and bandwidth for them to sell you something? Uncontrollable Costs of Use - The cloud verifcation only means they can easily change their policy to charge you per print - or per material type you print - or even per millimeter of cutting done by the laser!! Fair enough that they might want to sell their own materials which may cut better- but to deny cutting or prohibit you from forecasting the return on investment with such policies is ridiculous. Consumers need to wake up and stop accepting unreasonable and unethical control and business practices just to be an early adopter. Open source hardware is so much more freeing - we need more of it. Very disappointed that such cool tech is intentionally (read the article in the link above) crippled and used in such a controlling manner...