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  1. popwfx

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    @Silas Merlin Are you saying that PNGs with transparencies don't work in 3DCoat? I haven't used TGA since 1985 and I was born in the 90s. Does anyone use TGA that isn't in broadcast from decades ago? Any reason PNG isn't fully supported?
  2. popwfx

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Dumb question. Is 3D coat 2021 free for long time existing owners of the latest 4.9.x version too?
  3. Great article on subtleties of exporting objects to Unity . The author states: Anyone with the knowledge want to update him? It's great seeing 3DCoat in articles with other tools.... https://medium.com/@bgolus/generating-perfect-normal-maps-for-unity-f929e673fc57#ab02
  4. I tried fbx and LWO - I will try obj
  5. I'm trying to Autotopo a mesh roughly 34K polys and when I import via the wizard - it reports successful but no mesh appears in the viewport. What am I doing wrong? I checked the model for stray points and even thickened the object in my modeler so it was closed - but nothing works for autopop? If I import the object for UV mapping the object appears. I even tried saving out a version that was created from UV mapping in 3DC and then trying to reimport for Autopo and that also doesnt work as after the wizard the model is not visible - I've hit Shift-A to fit to viewport and that zooms but also the model doesn't show up. This is the model I'm trying to autopo:
  6. popwfx

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    I'll see if I can send link to a private scene file for you to test or strip it down and post a basic scene. This object has a lot of layers and blendshapes etc
  7. popwfx

    Texture window on second screen...

    Workaround doesn't work for multiple monitors that are different sized and vertically stacked
  8. popwfx

    Interface discussion

    I haven't' read all the suggestions here. But I have a suggestion for the Panel docking and HIDING. Sometimes when I'm on my laptop 3DCoat panels are a bit of a pain to fit everything on a 2560x1440 13" screen. Tear Away panels from 3DC are nice - but only help if you have a lot of monitor space or a second monitor. The tabbed interface for the panels is fine but they are hard to manage. Affinity Photo has similar panels to photoshop and 3DC - but it handles the ton of panels and docking of them slightly better. You can DOUBLE CLICK on the tab name to hide it and click it once to show it. It makes it very awesome for quickly focusing on what tools you need. For example in 3DC I sometimes want to just see my huge layer list but because of 3DC font size and default layout with brushes and Smart Materials etc taking over the height, I can only see a few rows of my layers. THIS IS QUICK WIN to add this. See this video of Affinity Photo panels being hidden and shown via double click and click:
  9. popwfx

    Interface discussion

    I agree with this. Too many people offering interface suggestions for the rooms are only thinking of their own sculpting preference. Workflow for game content that doesn't START in 3DC or doesn't START from a sculpt suffers in these situations.
  10. popwfx

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    BUG/Error? in 4.9.56 that I haven't seen before: I am in Paint Room - Multilayered object with many layers Select Eraser tool Select only to erase normals Select normals layer and unlock it Turn on Symmetry X Enabled Choose the 3rd default fine gradient circle brush Erase some normal displacement on half the face Watch the cursor on the other side of the face move in symmetry BUT NO ERASING on the other half of the face - despite fully symmetric face Why doesn't normal erasing work for symmetry?
  11. popwfx

    Interface discussion

    Please be careful with changing the fundamental rooms - especially the Paint Room - a lot of us don't sculpt at all, and just paint, UV, & Retopo. (and by a lot of us I mean me).
  12. This happens with a regular low poly mesh in the Paint Room too. I've had to quit 3DC and lose my last iteration a number of times for this. When this happens, I can't tell if it is a poly-hiding bug and the geometry is actually still there, or if it's a serious model destroying bug - either way I lose enough confidence in 3DC at that moment that a restart seems like a good idea, and I do that and the holes are gone when I reopen my last saved file (obviously). But I haven't been able to recreate this regularly enough to file a bug report but it's happened in the last several versions for me. And I NEVER use voxels or scupt hardly - always low poly game models and it still happens.
  13. popwfx

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Why would depth painting stop working on the Spline Paint Tool? I've obviously got the Depth painting on and a % for the value - but for some reason it stopped writing to the normal map channel but only with the Spline Paint Tool - the normal paint brush works fine I rebooted and installed .54 and that too doesn't work anymore on spline paint tool??
  14. popwfx

    Texture Baking comes out grey!

    Thanks @Carlosan I've eventually got the seams to go away somewhat by playing with the Smoothing UV settings - but then I couldn't get it completely right in all areas of the model - as when I got the knuckles correct the wrist went wonky. So I ended up exporting both textures and combining them in Photoshop to smooth the normal map errors generated by 3DC. I'd love to see a comprehensive baking tutorial for people who never use sculpting and just want to make lowpoly game assets. Thanks for your help.
  15. popwfx

    Texture Baking comes out grey!

    No overlapping polys - you can see the simple UV map for the low and high poly models above in my posts earlier.