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  1. popwfx

    Spline painting help needed

    I will try to make a video of it or attach a stripped down file
  2. popwfx

    Spline painting help needed

    Thank you for replying! Could you elaborate a little how to do that? It looks like the 3d spline is grayed out for you too in the paint room? Thanks!
  3. popwfx

    3DCoat Christmas Offers until January 7, 2021

    I have asked in a few posts but haven't received an answer - I'm really keen to know before the sale ends!
  4. popwfx

    Spline painting help needed

    I think I figured out some of it. I thought the spline tool paints on the normal projection of the 3D topology of the surface. It does not in the Paint room it paints only from camera projection. Which means you can't easily paint around fingers or large stitches and seams on rounded or organic objects. I noticed there was a 3D spline tool in the Paint room but it is greyed out. Is it only available in Sculpt? how do we paint with it? This is a very important feature for painting - Not all of us use sculpting, sometimes we just need to paint on imported models. Any help would be greatly appreciated to do this. thanks!
  5. popwfx

    3DCoat Christmas Offers until January 7, 2021

    @Carlosan @Andrew Shpagin Can you please let me know what the upgrade price is from v4.9 PRO to the latest 2021 version? I can't find it on the links and had read that this would be announced. I really would like to get the new version while the sale is on. I'm a long time 3DCoat user - but I can't see where on the buy page is for me. There is an upgrade to v4, but no upgrade from v4 to 2021?? Is there an automated page where you enter your serial and it tells you what the new price for the latest 2021 is? Really excited to upgrade! Thanks!!
  6. Yes - this is on a GTX 1060 with latest Geforce drivers at time of screenshot...
  7. popwfx

    Spline painting help needed

    I was using the Spline in the brush tool. But I also used the Spline tool which has an icon that looks like a bike chain. Both seem to exhibit this weirdness - regardless of Symmetry setting and regardless of "Ignore Back Faces" so I'm stumped - this has been happening on and off with this type of painting for many versions and many types of objects (all clean - I usually double check that there is clean geometry and no extra vertices etc first). The bug is definitely related to camera view - can you please confirm that both spline tools work like I expect - i mean that the stroke is to be painted/filled at the normal direction of the spline on the surface and has nothing to do with the viewport camera when applied? (Unless you are using Camera mappiing in a Smart Material) thanks!
  8. popwfx

    Spline painting help needed

    Thanks - does that mean this is a known bug? This is a very clean lowpoly model with a 4K texture but I have this sort of thing happening a lot with spline painting on any model. Is this something that is or can be fixed by Andrew?
  9. I'm having trouble painting splines and having them go on the correct faces - I don't fully understand the difference between the Spline tool and the Brush tool using Shapes/Splines to paint. Most of the time it works and I can get things to paint in the way I expect. But sometimes when wrapping a closed shape around a wrist or in this case, trying to paint inseams in the inner leg for jeans, I get unexpected errored results - see the attached pics please: I use "Ignore Back Faces" on and that doesn't seem to make a difference. These errors seem to happen based on the camera view - I thought the brush would be applied onto the surface based on the spline regardless of where the viewport camera was??? What am I doing wrong or is this a bug? thanks!
  10. Thanks, but could you elaborate please? I'm not sure what you mean. I can generate a curvature map yes. But then how do I tell a smart material to say paint white up to say a 30deg slop and then green below it etc. ? In other 3d Apps you can specify a gradient and a slope and it shades the surface appropriately like this: It seems a trivial thing for 3dcoat to let you paint like this - so I assumed it is a feature? How do you do this with Smart Materials?
  11. Thanks - but no, not quite a real light bake, just a gradient fill where the color changes based on the slope of the shape from an axis. Like these: I think it can but maybe I don't know how to use the fill well enough?
  12. I looked in the Fill tool patterns but didn't see it there. Surely I'm missing something. Is there a way to Fill paint a gradient (or a gradient with one of the patterns) onto a surfaces or paint objects in a Fresnel way? Like painting between the two colors based on the slope or concavity of the shape of the object? With some kind of a range scale of it? thanks!
  13. popwfx

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Hi No one answered this when I asked before, but since there's 57mins left on the sale, do existing 4.9.67 pro users get 2021 for free? If not which is the right upgrade to do? thanks
  14. Normally I have mulltiple meshes (paint objects) that I can hide in order to properly paint everything separately. This time I have one mesh - and it is an animal with a snout. So I want to paint the inside of its mouth. It's modelled in a neutral mouth closed position with a little gap between top & bottom snout. So I hide the top half of the snout exposing the bottom jaw and bottom inside of the mouth expecting to paint the tongue etc in there. So that doesn't work and the color doesn't seem to show up - depth and gloss show up - but the depth acts weird like it's taking the top of the snout's skin and doing that pattern inside the mouth. Where's that skin pattern coming from? I have another layer beneath the one I'm painting on - but I expected the depth to be smoothed when I stroke because I'm using a flat circle brush. I then notice color does work but ever so slightly. The Color is ON and the Opacity is set to 100. Then I notice that as I paint close the edge of the inside mouth the red color becomes brighter. It's almost as if the hidden top half of the snout was casting a dark shadow on the bottom inside of the mouth?? Is that right? I assume if I hide part of the top that it will expose the cavity of the mouth so i can paint inside it properly with proper lighting so I can see what I'm painting? What's going on and how can I fix it?
  15. Thanks - I'll look for andrew's email in the forum and email him. Does the cut and paste work for mirrored islands too?