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The Candy-floss Kid

Techniques for sculpting faces faster -3 great videos

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Here's 3 great videos on digital sculpting techniques for setting up the face.
Understanding form and anatomy is one thing but applying a pragmatic system for success is another.
Combining the techniques demonstrated in these 3 videos will help you set up structure faster.
Whilst the software used is ZBrush, the techniques are just as applicable to 3DCoat.

Open House Webinar with Gio Napkil, Mold3D TV

start at 24.10 for face set up by quickly scoring lines for the main planes

Dylan Ekren, How to approach creating a 2D character in ZBrush Pt.2 Mold3D TV

start at 2.12 secs for quick overall face proportion set up.

Ryan Kingslien - Sculpting Form vs Line or Proportions.

Lines of separations to set up overlaps.

Hope it helps.

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