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  1. A Free Trader from an old RPG

    Yep. We are everywhere!
  2. 3d-coat Export OBJ with wrong scale.

    It looks way too complex to export an object after selecting an app format. I just say OBJ, and give me my texture maps is all (in PNG), when exporting. When I import the OBJ into something else, the texture maps get applied as well. Once in awhile, I end up with texture maps I don't really need. Or the app didn't know where to apply them to. Just takes a few clicks to bring those texture maps in for their channels. The main thing is OBJ. 3D-Coat's OBJ import/export is solid. But if you're doing any rigging, or using something like GoZ, never mind all that I said.
  3. How to paint with smart material using polygon brush?

    Also, freezing still allows some paint-over to get through. That needs fixing, or needs better default settings. Freeze should stop 100% bleed-through of any paint-over.
  4. Modeled in Hexagon 1.21 and Carrara 5.1 Pro. UV-mapped, and being painted in 3D-Coat 4.7.32.
  5. How to delete a UV set?

    Yep. Good practice is to do all your UV map set updating in the UV room, and canceling when asked about it in the Paint room. I like that 4.7.32 has the Update UV map set button highlighted now. That helps to see it as a reminder.
  6. Dealing with sculpt triangulation patterns

    I can't duplicate your result. Which lightmap are you using for your 3D-Coat?
  7. How to paint with smart material using polygon brush?

    3D-Coat needs to disable Glossiness controls while in metal metalness material mode. Too much bleed-over when selecting 3D-Coat materials to paint with, causing user to keep an eye on Glossiness settings toggling on their own. Maybe something to add in version 5.0.
  8. What is the best practice for using the Freeze Tool so that NOTHING can be painted over where you just freezed?
  9. modo AppLink

    Does this app work with 3D-Coat 4.7? I have both modo 501 and 601 installed on my Windows 10 machine.
  10. How to paint with smart material using polygon brush?

    Flat Shade?! You mean downgrade my graphics quality while painting? I'll never do that. Anyway. I found the bug. 3D-Coat treats Glossiness Intensity two different ways: A Glossiness Intensity of 0% is not the same thing as a disabled Glossiness Intensity (according to 3D-Coat's programming), as far as painting a basic paint color over a smart material color. In other words, disabling Glossiness Intensity breaks 3D-Coat's ability to completely paint over existing paint with 100% coverage. Maybe this has to do with Glossiness belonging more to diffuse material than to metal material? 3D-Coat needs a warning displayed to let users know the consequences of turning on/off Glossiness when smart materials are detected in an object's paint layers.
  11. 3d-coat Export OBJ with wrong scale.

    Ok. I only work with OBJ file format between apps. No issues with scale changes.
  12. 3d-coat Export OBJ with wrong scale.

    Using 3D-Coat's default settings for importing an OBJ file? Or are you configuring settings there?
  13. 3d-coat Export OBJ with wrong scale.

    Was the model created in 3D-Coat? Or imported from Blender, edited, and then exported back to Blender?
  14. How to paint with smart material using polygon brush?

    Yes. Otherwise, I'll still continue to paint with my smart material until I do that.
  15. I have a UV-mapped object in paint per/pixel mode. I want to paint with a smart material using the polygon brush. What is "best practice" for doing this so that the smart material gets applied correctly? ADDED: Maybe my question can be more simplified to: After painting an object with a smart material, I now want to paint over that material with a solid blue color. How do I get the blue to be solid blue with none of the smart material showing underneath it still? I have everything set to 100% that I can think of while painting with just a blue color. I have depth turned off. I don't want the blue paint to have depth. I have the smart material on one layer, and the blue paint strokes on another layer. I'm using a mouse to paint with.