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  1. I'll try sticking verts in base mesh and see if it still stretches. I can't use the sticky option. Looks like static cling when I toggle it on.
  2. Yep. 3D-Coat wants to tug on and stretch my cape mesh forever. I used to have MD 1.0. I'll see if my modo 601 does something. I only use it for rendering.
  3. Nope. That's a table cloth on a sphere. Too '90s.
  4. Shirts are easy. Capes... not so much. I'll just make the cape by hand, which I figured I'd have to do anyway.
  5. It doesn't help, unfortunately. So I came here looking for something specific, showing the steps for importing a figure and separate cape (or modeling the cape inside of 3D-Coat).
  6. Anyone know of any videos showing how to use the cloth simulator for making a cape?
  7. Ha! I just noticed, reading my original post, that I put 45 instead of 90. What I mean by 45 is I want to crease all edges (make them hard edges) of an object that are greater than 45 degrees (and less than 100 degrees) for example. So some edges will remain smooth, say on a sphere object. In the old days of Bryce, this was called the smoothing angle for objects. And the hard edges stuck to the OBJ-exported models.
  8. Notice that the cube's edges are creased in this image. I'll continue to use Carrara Pro for creasing edges if 3D-Coat doesn't have that feature. I was just hoping I could remove an old app from my modeling workflow.
  9. Ignore the sphere.
  10. This is a cube.obj that I imported. Can 3D-Coat crease the edges of it? It has 12 edges total.
  11. I bought 3D-Coat a long time ago (around v2), and have been upgrading it along the way. My question is, how do I know what license I have? Pro or Amateur? I don't remember at the time that I first bought it. And I don't see a mention of which license I have in the About box. ADDED: I found it. I had the server email me my serial number, and it said what kind of license I'm using. Cool.
  12. Not voxel. Polygon cube.
  13. Quick question. How do I crease the edges of a 6-sided polygon cube so their angles are 45 degrees?
  14. How do I check which CUDA version my GTX 670 is using? This is the first time I've had an app have CUDA issues. ADDED: Ok. I see in my optional Windows update history that 4 days ago there was a major nvidia release. I'll install it and see what happens. MORE ADDED: I let Windows install the new nvidia driver. I went from CUDA 5.1 to CUDA 7.5. 3D-Coat 4.5.12A 64DX (and GL) CUDA works fine now loading the sculpture head and the three sculpture sphere choices without crashing to desktop. Will do more tests. I hope my other apps are not broke now. SKYRIM!!!!!!
  15. Instant crash when opening 4.5.12A and selecting the head sculpture. The mannequin loads fine. Spheres do not show at all when selecting them for sculpting. 4.5.06 didn't have this problem. Using windows 7 64-bit. Posted in bug report. ADDED: The non CUDA version seems to work fine. So something in the way CUDA works in 3D-Coat has changed.