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  1. Ha! I just noticed, reading my original post, that I put 45 instead of 90. What I mean by 45 is I want to crease all edges (make them hard edges) of an object that are greater than 45 degrees (and less than 100 degrees) for example. So some edges will remain smooth, say on a sphere object. In the old days of Bryce, this was called the smoothing angle for objects. And the hard edges stuck to the OBJ-exported models.
  2. Notice that the cube's edges are creased in this image. I'll continue to use Carrara Pro for creasing edges if 3D-Coat doesn't have that feature. I was just hoping I could remove an old app from my modeling workflow.
  3. Ignore the sphere.
  4. This is a cube.obj that I imported. Can 3D-Coat crease the edges of it? It has 12 edges total.
  5. I bought 3D-Coat a long time ago (around v2), and have been upgrading it along the way. My question is, how do I know what license I have? Pro or Amateur? I don't remember at the time that I first bought it. And I don't see a mention of which license I have in the About box. ADDED: I found it. I had the server email me my serial number, and it said what kind of license I'm using. Cool.
  6. Not voxel. Polygon cube.
  7. Quick question. How do I crease the edges of a 6-sided polygon cube so their angles are 45 degrees?
  8. Modo choked on me today and would not render tangential normal mapping properly. I reversed what I had done and modo was rending normals fine again. Then it dawned on me that doing the same for Vue might get it to render normals properly again like it used to back in Vue 8. The trick with tangential normal maps from 3D-Coat is that Vue 9/10 (and I guess 11) all need their imported normal maps force-set to a gamma of 1.0.
  9. I used the Baker plugin for Carrara 5.1 Pro. It's from Inagoni. I don't know if the latest Carrara has that plugin included by now. I used the tile pattern function shader that comes with Carrara. And the rivets were added using the Enhance:C plugin from Digital Carvers Guild. My modeling style is to exaggerate things. Then tone things down if I want more realism. The finished Rampart was used for a 2013 calendar available next month.
  10. I've been using CamStudio 2.6 (from for about a year now. Never a problem for the CG tutorials I upload to YouTube.
  11. Paint your own metal plating with rivets in 3D-Coat. Then save as a normal map for rendering on your CG model.
  12. I thought I'd import the 3D-Coat normal map into my Carrara 5 to see what it would do with it. The Deeper plugin didn't like the map all that much (lost all my phoung shading for the model). The Baker plugin, though, has about 7 options to tick for normal maps. I had to flip it first (aka invert, not mirror flip). Then I had to tell Carrara that it was a Relative Tangential Map, whatever that is. And the normal map looks perfect on my fighter jet from all viewing angles and lighting direction. Basically, the normal map is just metal plating with rivets that I painted in 3D-Coat using per-pixel texture mode. Anyway, Vue doesn't have any option settings to tick for imported normal map textures. I tried the Max, Blender, Maya, B & T, T & B settings in 3D-Coat and nothing looked better in Vue. 3D-Coat's Normalize setting, though, I'm not sure of what that is. Vue has a normalize also, but no way of driving it with a normal map image.
  13. Vue broke their BUMP MAP when they introduced NORMAL MAP. They have since fixed BUMP MAP in Vue 9.5, but the NORMAL MAP is still being messed with in each Vue version. Normals work on Vue planes, just not on Vue cubes/spheres very well. I may have to bake with modo and see if Vue understands normal mapping better.
  14. I have the same problem in Vue 10 Infinite. And it doesn't look like normals can be changed inside of vue, like they can in modo if I have a problem with imported normal maps from 3D-Coat.