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  1. Farsthary update channel

    Wow...Looking Great!
  2. Problem with Autoretopo

    Thanks for the explanation.
  3. corinthian order

    I see no image
  4. Farsthary update channel

    Very exciting stuff Farsthary! I can't wait
  5. farsthary � Moving to 3D Coat!

    I just wanted to say how excited I am about this. I can't help but feel that Pixo will screw up the Sculptris implantation of theirs and now that 3DC is getting such features I am SO HAPPY because I know it's going to be done right and most likely faster then the other guys. I'm Very Happy to have 3D Coat
  6. loft1710.serverloft.com and Can't load .dll

    Okay that helped... got it I have Interlaced 3d monitor and it was looking to see if 3DC could be shown in Stereoscopic view
  7. loft1710.serverloft.com and Can't load .dll

    I don't use fraps or any such thing.
  8. loft1710.serverloft.com and Can't load .dll

    It's there always... At startup and never goes away. In every version of 3DC I have tried (this beta last beta both with and without Cuda) so that's 4 versions.
  9. Why is 3DC always trying to contact loft1710.serverloft.com? I don't like it! And every version of 3DC that I try has the message "Can't load output .dll", what is that? Do I need to do something to fix it? Will it ever be fixed?
  10. 3D-Coat 3.3 updates thread

    I say let the AutoRetopo do what it can then delete areas that you want to rebuild and rebuild. The closer the AutoRetopo gets the better but any help is Great!
  11. 3D-Coat 3.3 updates thread

    I've got a permanent message at the top of the program window. "Can't load output DLL"