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  1. You should check out the 3dcoat YouTube page. They have many videos to get you started with the overall program and it's various components. Since 3dcoat is separated into several "rooms" depending on what it is you are doing. It makes it easier to concentrate on each aspect of the program separately, then you can combine everything together. Just pick something you want to try. Sculpting, Painting, Re-topo, UV-Mapping...Find some tutorials, and jump in and try it.
  2. There will also be available a Substance Reader (priced at US$ 19.95) will go on sale on the same day.
  3. http://static.lightwave3d.com/marketing/lightwave_2018/lightwave_2018_release_date.html LightWave 2018 features a completely re-written shading, lighting and rendering architecture. The new PBR engine allows you to create images with greater realism and accuracy, yet remains intuitive to use.
  4. I don't think they are just marketing it as just a renderer. I just don't think they are doing a very good job of explaining what it can do beyond just rendering. I'm not fully clear on everything it can do, but I know it can do some interesting things.
  5. You mean, it doesn't import them automatically? I think you have to apply the textures yourself. It can even use vertex painting on a high poly model. https://youtu.be/QTFHe4FSzac
  6. I received a newsletter announcing this sale. http://www.isotropix.com/index.php?to=news&view=newsletter&detail=id&id=20 For those interested in Clarisse. Freelance edition starting at only $595 We're more than happy to unveil today our Clarisse iFX Siggraph 2015 special offers! To celebrate this very special event, we offer you the great chance to save over 50% on your Clarisse iFX permanent license! Yes, 50% off, you've read it well! Special pricing offers: get Clarisse iFX for as low as $595!Eager to experience Clarisse magic in your everyday work? Now is the time! Jump on our Siggraph special offers and save up to 50% on your Clarisse iFX permanent license! You're a solo artist? Enjoy our Siggraph special Freelance edition1 starting at only $595! A Clarisse iFX Floating edition2 is also available for studios starting at $1195! As a good news never comes alone, you can still benefit from these amazing offers with our full maintenance program on3! And wait, even our maintenance program is discounted4! Get your Freelance edition plus 12 months maintenance at only $795! If you're a studio, get your Floating edition plus 12 months maintenance at only $1495! AvailabilitySpecial offers5 will be available through Isotropix website ant its authorized resellers. Siggraph 2015 special offers only available from August 8 to August 23! 1 This offer includes 1 Clarisse iFX + 1 CRender Node Locked (A fair use for two computers is allowed.) 2 This offer includes 1 Clarisse iFX floating license plus 1 CNode! 3 As a reminder, our maintenance program subscription is the most cost-effective way to boost your Clarisse iFX experience! The maintenance program subscription includes premium support, priority upon feature requests and access to all upcoming major features and functions to constantly offers you the latest Clarisse iFX technology. Maintenance program subscription has a 12 months validity*! 4 At expiration date you'll have the opportunity to renew your maintenance at the regular price. 5 These offers are limited to 1 purchase per customer.
  7. Symvol™ for Rhino. This volume-based modeling extension can be used for the creation of both organic and mechanical objects that are always watertight and ideal for 3D printing. http://uformia.com/products/rhino-products Tom
  8. What exactly do you mean? What are you trying to do? Import multiple parts to sculpt with? multiple parts to paint on? Tom
  9. Here are a couple of tutorials showing morph creation: http://pilgway.com/~daniel/video/3dCoatMorphTutorial.mov http://vimeo.com/9394361 Tom
  10. Save it as an object. When creating a brush, you can load an image, but you also use an object . You can choose which direction to view the object from, it's size rotation and depth. It will then convert it into an image based brush for you. If you use the merge tool. you can also use actual 3-dimensional objects. If you use the "on pen" option, you can place these objects on (or in) the surface. Tom
  11. Let's not forget his other great contribution. PIXAR. http://www.pixar.com/index.html I went to see Toy Story the very first day it was released. Steve Jobs not only owned the company, he was the executive producer. Tom
  12. And yet, you post your very first message on this forum about her. Why post here? Tom
  13. It works just like the images you linked to. Numbers bigger than 1, offset the spheres from the surface. Numbers smaller than negative 1, bury them completely below the surface. Tom
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