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  1. WOW great news there are some features that I dont really quite understand how they work, will it be possible to have a video showcasing all the new stuff?
  2. my first finished project 3d coat is amazing, the best tool in the market big thanks to the developers
  3. great news
  4. thanks , ill send you guys an email
  5. Hi, whenever I try to create a new material via smart material editor the whole app hangs and becomes unresponsive it also starts eating a lot of ram memory as well please help few seconds later
  6. Hello, whenever I export my current layer stack to photoshop it seems I only get the diffuse layers so I was wondering what are the rules that i have to comply so that when I finish working on photoshop I dont lose the normal metal and specular information
  7. Well Im not using retopo objects , I always import geometry from obj files any tips for that scenario?
  8. In my scene I have multiple bolts of the same geometry I was wondering if there is a way to unwrap only one and transfer the seams to the rest of objects I know you can already transfer the uv space between similar objects but the only way im able to do so is to unwrap each individual object first
  9. Is it possible to download a previous version of 3d coat? Im in the middle of a project and I really need the pbr workflow to work 100%
  10. phew , thank you guys
  11. Hello guys, I cannot get the smart material preview to auto update to changes im making into already existing smart materials only by moving the preview window or re-selecting the material updates the changes It was working weeks ago so Im guessing since im on steam the program auto-updated and broke that functionality?
  12. oh yes absolutely those two are very valid methods, i totally forgot that 3dcoat has radial symmetry , that should do the trick I will start playing with the idea and see what i can do thanks
  13. Hello does anyone knows how to achieve a look like this sweater neck ? I can only come with a workflow that involves a stencil but i would like to know if theres a more precise way to do it thanks
  14. hello im having 3 issues with 3d coat that i wish to solve 1. is there a way to box select multiple uv islands in the uv room? I need to do this so i can separate islands into different uvs quickly 2. when painting using the line tool the line seems to work only in camera space ignoring the geometry being painted so whenver i try to make a line across a curved surface the line wants to go inside the geometry rather than follow its contour, how can i solve this 3. whenever i paint using smart materials that have a depth value any time i paint over them i get the normal values modified like in the screenshots attached, this is specially annoying when trying to fill unpainted spots, i would like to know if there is a way to paint and maintain my depth information like it was in the areas that i have previously applied the material thanks guys