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  1. It's a great plugin considering it's free, it was never meant to be a replacement for existing UV external applications. You can easily use it in combination with 3DC if you wish. You can do some adjustments to your UV's by brushing on where you want the UV's to be denser or less dense. This in combination with the controlpainting gives you pretty good control of what you're doing. I'm very happy with it, it does a great job unwrapping both complex and simple models, highpoly or lowpoly doesn't matter. I unwrapped a half a million poly laserscanned triangulated mesh within a few minutes time. / Magnus
  2. Beautiful work Brett! it's great to see you have incorporated 3DC into your workflow now / Magnus
  3. No problem here, both images has the same size. Tested in latest FireFox and also in Opera. / Magnus
  4. That's partly true, but if you read the descriptive text below those two topics you will see that they are very similar. And you will even see alot of feature requests posted in 'New releases and betas'. So this place is a complete mess. You guys who are administrators and who have the power to sort out this chaos should probably do so before the community grows and things get even worse around here. / Magnus
  5. Same thing should also apply for the following categories.. merge them into one because right now there are several subforums that covers about the same or similar subjects. Merge these - 3D Coat - Feature requests Merge these - Volumetric Sculpting Developement - New releases and betas Merge these - Support - Beta support Merge these - WIP - Volumetric WIP / Magnus
  6. The texturing of this is good but the walls are still way too soft to be realistic. Add much more detail to it all and sharper edges all around, even on very old ruins based on brickwalls you will still have sharp edges after hundreds or even a couple thousands of years. Materials like sandstone and other soft stones like that erode to a smoother surface by both wind and rain and other factors affecting the stone. / Magnus
  7. Thank you very much Juan i'm glad to hear you like them. / Magnus
  8. Stanley: Hehe, thank you! i should make a sugarcoated version of these "donuts" these types of realistic surfaces is one of my many specialities. Love recreating them, they feel so alive compared to many other surfaces. Tony: Good to know, every man should have a nut on their desk.. and a donut. falcon: Thank you very much i would say that directpainting works about 70-80% as i expect it would at the moment. There are a couple of things i would like to have fixed/adjusted and or added to it. But it's fully usable at the moment. Two more pics.. i adjusted the shader a bit, fixed the lighting, added more displacement with a custompainted displacementmap in 3DC, worked more on the general scenesetup and tweaked my rendersettings a bit. / Magnus
  9. Palsan: Thank you very much! MarkG: Thanks! haha Mo'donuts, that's funny. I can't imagine anyone turning down free donuts, especially Homer Simpson This is what my 3DC painted 4k map looks like, pretty simple but yet effective. / Magnus
  10. Here's something i made last night, bolts. Yes i know it's a small simple object but i built it accurately for my benchplane wip which you can also see here in this wip section of the forum. I modeled this nut based upon photoreference and measurements from the real thing to get as accurate model as i could. And i used 3D-Coat to paint the relative lowpoly model with a nice highres 4k map of dents, bumps, scratches, wear & tear to give it a more worn and used look and feel. Final shaderwork was done in Modo 302 where additional textures were added for finer surfacedetails. Lighting and rendering was done with Modo 302. Referencephoto Final rendering Early testrenders 1600x1200 rendering (this is the latest one) Wireframe One more.. / Magnus
  11. I thought it's about time i try to revive this old wip model of mine, the benchplane wants to get finished and i'm now gonna do it. so i finished the handle which you can see in the images below and i'm this afternoon gonna resume work on parts i think needs to be rebuilt, mainly in the area around the adjusterscrew where i'm not quite satisfied with the look of things. / Magnus
  12. It's quick'n'easy to open up a irc channel, but it requires active humans in there to keep the chats going. Freenode heh.. nah, better go with Efnet or possibly Quakenet. / Magnus
  13. Considering the fact that you have a wife and two kids to feed with rent and bills ontop of that you should probably be less picky about the jobs you're looking for, go search for anything else like janitorwork, windowcleaning or grocerystore work. It really doesn't matter as long as you can get a income even if it's not related to website production or graphics in general. By restricting yourself to only webrelated jobs you will most likely render yourself homeless soon, not something you want your kids to experience. If all your attempts at getting any type of work then apply for welfare support, i know it's not fun to recieve financial support like that but it's better than nothing. Your highest priority should be to feed your kids and make sure they're safe at all times. Everything else is secondary. Aim high, but be realistic especially in times like this when the economy sucks. / Magnus
  14. You need to keep a title like that short, humans have a short attention span and long lines of text bores people and they will probably not click there and read more. So you might wanna keep it as simple and as informative as possible. "CG industry news" "CG business news" "CG news" It should be 'catchy' yet easily readable and understandable for anyone visiting the site regardless of their english skills. / Magnus
  15. Thanks Andrew glad you like it so far. Once i get to the texturepainting part of this it'll get alot more interesting as i will do it with 3D-Coat. I have a smaller update to share tonight, the highlighted meshes are the one's i worked on and also updated. And i started roughing out the shape of the main handle, it should be finished soon but i'll be posting it tomorrow. Thanks for looking! / Magnus