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  1. AbnRanger

    Blender 2.83 Applink

    Funny choice of words. Thanks for the assist.
  2. AbnRanger

    Blender 2.83 Applink

    You might try this trick to get it working. I noticed on a few occasions that it helped.: 1) Go to your MYDOCS/APPLINKS/3DCOAT/EXCHANGE folder and delete or move to a separate location, the BLENDER folder. For some strange reason, the contents of that folder mess up the Applink once in a while. 2) Test a simple export of the default Cube in Blender, to 3DCoat and back
  3. AbnRanger

    [Solved] 3DCoat applink

    Because the Applink developer has since removed the IMPORT or GET BACK button. Reason is because the Applink is supposed to automatically detect incoming assets.
  4. AbnRanger

    Sculpt Layer with Paint Layer

    Erase Brush in the Paint room (with just DEPTH channel enabled) will erase all sculpt layer info under your brush...or just hit the DELETE key to completely remove any Sculpt Layer information on a layer you may have accidentally sculpted on. I never found it to be a hassle in any way. You will get used to it, as it's very powerful and and flexible.
  5. AbnRanger

    Sculpt Layer with Paint Layer

    You can always reduce the Sculpt DEPTH OPACITY to Zero on a layer, to basically hide/remove the Sculpt information. Or duplicate a layer that has both Sculpt and Vertex Paint > with only DEPTH Channel active hit the DELETE key. It will remove all depth channel information.
  6. That's good to hear you found the culprit. I recall someone else recently having a similar problem with their 3dconnexion device driver, and that fixed it.
  7. Ok, that tells me there is something going on with the graphics card (or input device like 3dconnexion spacemouse or Wacom Tablet).Try updating your graphic card driver, wacom tablet driver + use the DX version of 3DCoat. It's not the application, because it's working fine on my computer, and I only have 64GB of RAM.
  8. Perhaps Reboot and delete the Options.xml from the MYDOCS/3DCoat. 4.9 directory and see if that was the culprit. I would also try and use the DX version. BTW, when you say the voxel tools are slow and laggy, can you specify which ones you were using and how you were using it? A screen recording might also help. I can pass that on to Andrew, or you can email (support@3dcoat.com) it to him so he can follow up directly. It doesn't happen on my end...except using the MOVE tool, and there is a reason for that.
  9. Test it with a sample scene/model from the splash screen. If it occurs with those as well, then it eliminates it being a problem with just the mesh you are using. I have no problem going way above that polycount. Remember, VOXELS are basically PIXELS...3D pixels, with an adaptive Mesh "Coat." So, SIZE MATTERS. The larger the object is on the grid, the greater the density. It's a lot like working with large scale images in Photoshop. RAW files may be a bit more sluggish to work with than JPG or PNG files
  10. If you enable the 2D Gizmo, you should be able to LMB click a transform widget + SPACE BAR to enter a numeric value
  11. AbnRanger

    3DCoat and GeForce RTX

    It's not going to use RTX anyway. I use DX all the time, anyway (GTX 1080Ti). Seems more stable than GL
  12. AbnRanger

    Retopo - next big Step

    Another point of reference. Maya's retopo tools no doubt took some notes from 3DCoat's retopo tools...but changed the look of the points, which is cleaner and more simple looking.
  13. AbnRanger

    Retopo - next big Step

  14. AbnRanger

    Retopo - next big Step

    Hopefully it is just a small adjustment, but could we PLEASE change the old, 90's style spheres (POINTS & FACES and ADD/SPLIT tool) to small circles....sort of like selected Vertices, but maybe slightly larger in scale?
  15. AbnRanger

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    You can click and drag on the axis stems and use those to move. That was added a few years ago. The only problem I have is that sometimes when I am actually trying to click on the scale widget, I inadvertently click on one of the stems and it moves...which is not what I want. The stem movement should be confined to outside that little inner circle, IMO.