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  1. I had the same problem. Try this...close 3DCoat > open MY DOCUMENTS/3DCOAT/USER PREFS/ROOMS >delete or temporarily rename the CUSTOM ROOMS folder. There was/is something in the Custom Rooms configs that makes it not appear. Hopefully that will get fixed in the next build.
  2. I had a similar problem a few years ago, and I was very frustrated as well. Since this problem was not happening on Andrew's (Owner/Chief Developer) side, I knew there was something on my system that was causing it. I made sure to update my video card drivers and then I made sure to put the 3DCoat.exe (in the Install directory, ie. Program Files/3DCoat 202X/3DCoat.exe) on the Windows Firewall and my Anti-Virus exception list. It turns out that the Anti-Virus app I had (Avast) was the cause of the crashes. It never blocked 3DCoat before, but for some reason, it started to this time. After I put 3DCoat on the Exception/Allow list, the problem was gone. If that doesn't help, send one of your scene files to support via the HELP Menu > send support@pilgway.com an email explaining the situation and remind them that you already sent them your work file. I would put CONSTANT CRASHES in your email title, so Andrew can see that it is an urgent matter and respond ASAP.
  3. I posted in this thread because the UI work is relevant to 3DCoat 2024 development, since this is what Andrew is currently working on (the UI/Layer Masking). Pertaining to the placement of parameters in the UI...specifically in the Toolbar...I am okay with, because 3DCoat's UI layout is patterned after Photoshop, unlike ZBrush's. Personally, I would never want to use ZBrush's UI as an example of what to do. It's very foreign in terms of Industry Standard UI organization. Features, yes. UI, no. I would rather follow conventions from Photoshop, Blender, 3ds Max and Maya.
  4. I made a mock up in Photoshop, of the Retopo Workspace, but also small proposed changes in the layout. 1) The Workspace tabs are located along the MENU bar, just to the right of the Menus, as it is in Blender...to maximize/consolidate UI space 2) Only one bar (Toolbar) for parameters. Having a toolbar with half of one above it, in the Menu Bar, makes the UI look crowded and clunky 3) For the Modeling/Retopo Room, there should be industry standardized SELECTION and TRANSFORM icons. No more should they be mixed in with the Tools themselves (so, I removed them from the Tool Panel in this mockup). That adds to the confusion of many new or trial (period) users, and adds to the complaints about the UI, and especially the modeling/retopo tools. I placed the Transform (all modes like the default transform tool/gizmo), Move, Rotate, Scale icons to the Toolbar, next to SELECT (Grouped with SELECT PATH) and Sub-Object + Object mode icons. I think most new users could now have a basic understanding of how Selection and Transform operations work, right away, with these icons. Do you guys agree or have any further suggestions?
  5. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. In fact, I was going to submit a name change to the FREEZE tool in the Paint and Sculpt Workspaces. Perhaps FREEZE/SELECT tool and there should be an icon at the bottom of the LAYER panel, to "Store Current Selection as a Layer Mask." That is how the layer mask icon in Photoshop works. If you already have a selection made and click that icon, Photoshop will create a layer mask from it. If you have no selection and click on the icon, it just creates a blank layer mask. I hope that is how it will work in 3DCoat. For Vertex Paint, masks should still work the same, but of course the layer won't show a UV map thumbnail. Perhaps, for Vertex Paint/VerTexture the mask thumbnail should be all white if it is blank and all black if a freeze/selection is stored on the layer?
  6. Can you try to open the app and test an empty scene with something from the Splash Screen? If it doesn't crash, then it points to the file possibly being corrupted. In which case, you should send the file to support@pilgway.com, so they can try to test it on their end and see what the problem is. If it crashes even with a simple test scene/object from the splash screen, then there is something corrupted with the install or an xml file in the MY DOCUMENTS/3DCOAT directory. If that is the case, give that directory a temporary name and Install 3DCoat again > launch the app. It will create a new folder in that directory. If it stops crashing after that, then yes, it was either the install or a bad file.
  7. I got the same thing. Could not make masks work at all, especially not how it is done in Photoshop.
  8. Please send this request to support@pilgway.com or AndrewShpagin@gmail.com, because others have requested this before, and the more requests there are for a given feature, the more priority it gets. I sent Andrew a request to incorporate Auto HotPie Menus into 3DCoat (if possible). He hasn't answered back, but that is because he is working on the UI in other areas. The UI is the major focus, now, for the release of 3DCoat 2024, so now is as good a time as any to send such a request. GitHub - dumbeau/AutoHotPie: Radial menus in Windows, aka PIE MENYOOS!
  9. Fantastic News! I hope they will be compatible with Photoshop Masks, also. Please enable MULTI-LAYER selection (to be able to hide/unhide, delete or move to a Folder, together), as it can be a real pain in the but and super slow/inefficient, trying to DELETE or UNHIDE, etc. one layer at a time + having to wait for each layer to process the command, which can sometimes take several seconds. This would also include Multi-layer selection of other panels such as PAINT OBJECTS, SURFACE (UV) MATERIALS, and RETOPO/MODEL mesh layers (Poly Groups). We can Multi-Select in the Sculpt Room (Sculpt Tree panel), but nowhere else. This is needed in other areas if for no other reason, but for the sake of application consistency. Adjustment layers (ala Photoshop)...to go along with Layer Masks...would make the Paint Room additions a real treat!
  10. There is a very good reason why they are in separate folders. The POLY MODELS pallet is dedicated for use in the RETOPO or MODELING workspaces, and thus they are generally LOW POLYGON, QUAD Meshes. The SCULPT models on the contrary, are dedicated for SCULPT (Very High Polygon and Triangulated meshes) Objects. It makes no logical sense, then, to mix them together). I prefer they stay the way they are because there was some good, logical thought behind it.
  11. One reason why the options for Painting /Textures are there is because you can now paint directly in the Sculpt Workspace, thus options for Baking AO and Curvature definitely need to be available there.
  12. You can ALT + LMB click the Visibility (hide/unhide) icon of the Mesh/Object/Paint layer, to isolate it. Repeating this a second time toggles out of isolation mode.
  13. When you installed the latest version, did you get a pop-up asking for the license file location? Whenever you have a licensing issue, the very best course of action is to send Sales@Pilgway.com an email, so that they can help you directly.
  14. What I meant was, which 3D application provides total customization? None, that I am aware of. Some offer a lot of customization, but with limits. I think 3DCoat falls into this category, too. Therefore, total customization may be too extreme of a goal, especially considering that Andrew is not working on a total UI overhaul/reconstruction. What is planned is just more incremental improvements, but with more focus than normal. There is some work on Paint Layers intended, such as adding Clipping masks ala Photoshop (with mask thumbnails) and such, so now is a good time to make suggestions and requests for things in this area, prior to the 2024 release.
  15. And which 3D app does this, currently? 3DCoat allows for a LOT of user customization and in fact let's the user toggle into a totally blank UI, so that you can just call up the tools and panels directly to your fingertips whenever you want them. It doesn't get more uncluttered than that...for all the critics who claim the 3DCoat UI is too cluttered.
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