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  1. AbnRanger

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I suspect they (Sculpt objects) are also being calculated with the low poly, UV mapped Paint Object when baking AO, as well. Even though the sculpt objects are hidden in the viewport. One reason is it takes considerably longer to bake than it otherwise would, and I even see a progress bar mentioning that it's calculating Voxels.
  2. That Ryzen 2950X (2nd Gen of the 16-core 1950X ThreadRipper CPU) is looking like a great value for the average freelancer and small studio. I'd love to see how much it helps 3DCoat. Probably most noticeable in the Paint Workspace, working with 8k maps or larger. 3DCoat can be a memory hog when working large assets. I was doing UV cleanup of the (Felippe Beckman's) Viking model and when I went to APPLY UV, it was soaking up 47GB!!! Andrew has to do something about that and sliders in the Paint Workspace. One of his developers is working on a GPU brush engine for the Paint Workspace and he said it is supposed to use less memory, so we will have to see.
  3. AbnRanger

    Samurai cat WIP

    I say "so far" in a relative sense because for toon-type characters, it's hard to know when it's actually finished or still a work in progress.
  4. AbnRanger

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Freeform Lasso also doesn't seem to be working with UV's. I think someone else mentioned this recently, so it's a confirmation on my end. 4.8.20L
  5. AbnRanger

    Nasty applink bug

    Why do you need to send OBJ's and texture files to separate folders? I've never done this with any export and cannot think of a good reason why I would ever want/need to. How then can it be a nasty bug when it was never designed to be used this way?
  6. That's a good find, but I think it's time for me to finally go M.2. Been wanting one for a while, but the performance and price of SSD's have been "good enough" to put it off for a while. These are definitely still good choices for media disks, when using After Effects and Premiere Pro, etc.
  7. What's cool is that smoke in Blender can now be rendered by ProRender.
  8. AbnRanger

    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    I did a little more testing and it just seems really finicky. If I test using a default object like a sphere, from the splash screen > apply a Smart Material to it Export to 3ds Max 2019, it works just fine. But if I use a full character in a much larger scene, with many parts and uv maps, it appears that it imports because I see the importing process going through the various objects and maps, but nothing shows up in the viewport or outliner. So, it's just super fussy right now, and the developer of the applink isn't responding to my PM's.
  9. AbnRanger

    Axial: instance entire subtree?

    Axial tool is DESIGNED to replicate the object(s) on a layer, not a bunch of different layers. If you want to use this tool to replicated a bunch of different objects at once, then merge them (or copies of them) to the same layer.
  10. AbnRanger

    Samurai cat WIP

    Looks good so far.
  11. AbnRanger

    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    It probably has to do with the TEMP directory. It's looking for the exported files in a different folder than the one you exported to. So, make sure to set your Temp in the Applink panel, before you export from 3DCoat. Also, when you export from 3DCoat, are you going to the FILE menu > EXPORT TO > 3ds Max 2016?
  12. AbnRanger

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    UNDO of the Quads Strips tool works for me, but it's a deprecated Beta tool, much like QuadPaint. Raul left Pilgway before finalizing both of them, or at least making them useful enough to come out of a Beta state. During the V5 Beta period, Andrew is supposedly going to visit the Retopo room to add some retopo sketch tools that are sort of what QuadPaint and Quadstrips was supposed to be.
  13. AbnRanger

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Connect doesn't work that way. It's not a "BRIDGE" tool. I've been asking for one for years, even asked Raul to first start with a simple bridge tool, rather than a fancy, jiggly thingy QuadPaint turned out to be.
  14. AbnRanger

    [Solved] Lost model

    Or the one 2 icons to the right of it. That resets the camera to the default view.
  15. AbnRanger

    Modo Meshfusion vs MOI 3D

    MeshFusion in Modo has undergone a LOT of development, since. If you do a LOT of modeling Modo is certainly worth a look, and since you now have a subscription option, it's fairly affordable, if you plan to use it a good deal. It's subscription is like $599/yr, which is about $50/mo. Blender is certainly a good alternative, with all of it's cool modeling addons (MeshMachine, HardOps, BoxCutter, DecalMachine, etc.).