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  1. It's already reported to Andrew. Hopefully something to correct this will be in the next build.
  2. Yeah, I have never really messed around with editing the brush alphas in 3DCoat. I tried to contact Andrew and share my screen with him, to see what he had to say, but the internet speed is very slow....thanks to Russia bombing civilian utilities.
  3. You are very welcome. Gumroad sends an automatic email, whenever there is something downloaded, but there was no email notifying an update to the pack. By the way, the brush alphas are very dim and hard, if not impossible, to tell what type of pattern it is. For future brushpacks, would it be possible to increase the brightness of the alphas? I tried to edit one and the color layer was so faint that no matter of adjustments would brighten it. I am not sure how to edit them on my end, to change this.
  4. I don't know why, but the Renderman integration only renders one UV set, so if a person has a model with more than one UV set, it won't render them all. I reported this multiple times to Andrew, and for a few years now, but it has gone ignored every time. If other people report this, maybe it will get noticed and the attention it needs. Renderman is too good of an asset to leave unattended like this. With that said, if you use Vertex Paint on a Sculpt Model, it will render it properly...however, really dense meshes will crash the Renderman Integration. So, don't try to throw a complex scene with 20+ million polys at it. Other major limitations is the lack of a SHADOW CATCHING Shader/Material (in 3DCoat's render room)....Renderman integration currently does not allow Interactive updates....and users cannot render a turntable with the Renderman integration like they can with the default 3DCoat Render.
  5. Flavio, is your Brush pack available? I know so many people asked about it, in the comments to your Sculpt Sessions videos. It would be nice if the ones they see used in the videos, were made available, regardless of whether they are sold or made free of charge.
  6. I raised the same issue with Andrew a few years ago, using Mudbox as an example in the same way. A new GPU brush engine has supposedly been in the works, in the paint workspace, but there were a few issues that had to be dealt with before it could be made available in a public build. I know the developer working on it, was asked to do some other things in the app since...like adding GPU acceleration to some of the Voxel Brushes (that had been notoriously sluggish....even though they were CPU multi-threaded). It made a huge difference in those brushes. Hopefully, the new GPU brush engine for 3DCoat will have the same kind of impact. I think Mudbox's paint engine is GPU accelerated to some degree, and perhaps Substance as well. Nevertheless, one reason why the performance is so different when using large brush radiuses, is that 3DCoat stores 4 maps for every layer, whereas Mudbox only paints one at a time. Still, I hope Andrew can dig deep into this topic and find some ways to optimize the large brush performance and the Sliders (color, depth, glossiness and metalness), even with CPU multi-threading.
  7. I agree, but the UV room is essentially a companion workspace for the Paint Room, so to remove the UV room, he would have to merge/fuse PAINT OBJECTS with RETOPO OBJECTS. I have been asking for this for years....to better simplify the app and make it easier for new users to learn.
  8. I am not aware of a current equivalent to Infinite Depth, but feel free to copy and paste the contents of your post to an email to support@pilgway.com. It may be something Andrew can do rather quickly. The Move tool already has a special mode, where holding the CTRL key will let the user move along the surface normals...something I use all the time. Perhaps he could put a checkbox for both in the Tool Options panel.
  9. This is probably a result of a "fix" in build 50, relating to Missing tablet strokes after double tapping the cursor point. Maybe Andrew can fix his recent fix. 3DCoat-2022-50 Thu Nov 17 01:05:11 2022 +0200 - Fixed problems related to unicode names of the files. - Fixed problem of thin surfaces for molding tool, free period for the molding tool extended till the end of 2022. - Missing tablet strokes which start from double-tap under Windows - Constraint angle for E-mode shapes rotation with ALT+CTRL placed in preferences->Tools - Alt may rotate the E-mode shapes: ellipse, rectangle, lasso. CTRL+ALT may be used to constraint the rotation. Space moves the shape in screen space. - Fixed problem related to voxel primitives (sometimes adding had no effect) - The retopo mesh may be used as the lowest multiresolution level. - Adding the lowest multiresolution level completely rewritten to ensure good quality of details transition from low level and backward. Undo issues fixed.
  10. Yes, Andrew has been re-working the Multi-Level Subdivision, so it was never presented as a finished product. This is part of the Beta process with any software, and especially public betas. The developers go through many reports of issues before major new features are considered "polished."
  11. I reported this to Andrew recently, also. Hopefully he will fix it soon
  12. No, but feel free to submit this as a feature request to support@pilgway.com
  13. MAC builds typically are compiled after the Windows builds are released, because Andrew develops all builds in the Windows environment. Sergii takes those builds and ports them to MAC/Linux
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