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  1. This series does a walkthrough, from Blender (low poly model) to 3DCoat and back to Blender, with Sculpted and texture work done in 3DCoat.
  2. They already are, now. Andrew dropped CUDA, and 3DCoat now uses the GPU to accelerate brushes that were too sluggish using CPU multi-threading. Voxel SMOOTH, GROW and FILL brushes are the 3 for now, that have it. More may be added in the near future...but those were the most problematic ones.
  3. "Free" Opensource model is not a sustainable business model for 99% of businesses. 3DCoat would be one of those 99%.
  4. Send this workfile to Andrew (via the Help Menu > Send file to Support) and send and email to Andrew, explaining the situation and let him know if it is repeatable on your side. It might not hurt to also update your graphic card drivers and restart the app to see if that has anything to do with it.
  5. It has 3 modes...nearest, nearest along normal and outer surface. I think outer surface would most closely match what you are trying to do, here. Ghosting your Sculpt Object will let you see through it, in order to pick vertices that somehow fall beneath the Voxel Surface. This video may offer some useful tips in situations like this.
  6. I have noticed some UI glitches. When I was using the Surface Brushes while in Voxel mode, I could not see the SHIFT or CTRL SHIFT menu. They should be there when Surface Brushes are selected. I had to switch to another workspace and back to the Sculpt Workspace, to get them to appear. And also, when I switched to the Paint Room, I only saw the bottom half of the Tool Panel. Had to switch workspaces, again, to make it right, again. I hope these UI glitches get fixed soon.
  7. Thanks for the screen grab. Icons of asset panels are not related to overall UI or font scale. To adjust them, simply go to the upper right corner of the panel > click on the 3 dots, which opens a list menu > choose the size of the icons you prefer.
  8. Do some tests working strictly in Surface mode and see if that, too, is laggy. If not, then we probably have a clue as to what it might be...Voxel resolution might be too high. Can you create and share a short screen recording of some kind, showing how/when this happens?
  9. Like Carlosan suggested, try updating your graphic card drivers, because visual glitches in the UI can sometimes be attributed to a card driver. The other thing I would suggest, is to temporarily rename the (My Documents/3DCoat) directory (something like 3DCoatTEMP). This will force 3DCoat to create a new directory from scratch, once you restart the application again. It is possible an XML file got corrupted, somehow, and could be the culprit. If that fixes the issue, you can copy and paste the most important folders from the old one, into the new one.
  10. I can confirm the same bug. I have experienced this as well in recent builds.
  11. It's like Vertex Paint...on steroids, basically. It's when you need insane levels of texture resolution on a mesh...and you don't need a UV map.
  12. That would be a good option to have, but in the mean time, you can assign a hotkey to that Menu option, to delete with a simple press of that hotkey