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  1. The Gran d Theft Auto series has come a long way since the first opus came out back in 1997. About 2 years ago, Rockstar released GTA V. The game was an instant success, selling 11 million units over the first 24 hours and instantly smashing 7 world records. Here I will be talking about the PC version in DirectX 11 mode, which eats up several GBs of memory from both the RAM and the GPU. Even if my observations are PC-specific, I believe many can apply to the PS4 and to a certain extent the PS3. Part 1: Dissecting a Frame Part 2: LOD and Reflections Part 3: Post-Effects
  2. Hi and welcome ! Right click on your model in the sculpt room, choose Autopo, then your selection or Just use the Autopo function and work through the process. Both will take you though the process but one is a little more automatic. The model needs a quad retopo mesh created for it, uv seams and unwrapping plus baking. The vertex colors will be baked for the model. Watch the videos from 14---18 to understand how these functions work, this will save you workflow. The whole series of videos are good for a new users of 3DC Hope it help
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    Gallery of finished works by artists using 3DC in their workflow
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  5. I was thinking about, and I remember that Andrew once commented that he had thought about making 3DC opensource before changing to subscription plan. what is the benefit of being open source ? that it is free but with worse tools than the paid equivalents ? I don't see it that way. The great benefit is being able to access the programming core, allowing you to modify and create new tools appropriate to each workflow. and Andrew has brilliantly achieved this by making the Core API and scripting public. Another problem with open source development is that the community feels entitled to demand that the program conform to its own needs. Where is the space left for the programmer in the creative development of new tools and features ? A close example is Factures, Andrew from his laboratory of ideas created something that did not exist until now and changes the paradigm. Would that have been possible if you were tied to a calendar having to carry out each one of the requests of the community with the risk of losing the donations ?
  6. Symmetry works by layer, select one by one and press reset. Hope it help
  7. What software did you use to create this mesh? Importing the model on 3DC show this: Windows > Panels > Paint Objects Thanks for point it up Reported
  8. Hi First try RMB over the mesh and select Then you can reset symmetry (S)
  9. Yes, but cant find any issue. Sorry Are you using latest version 2022.27 ?
  10. To perform retopology, did you import it as Import reference or huge reference ? If model polygon density is high, import huge references will give better performance.
  11. Something is not right with the move tool. Ignore Back spaces is turned off ?
  12. Edit Smart Material, camera projection is set to UV-mapping ?
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  14. Contacts: Send your cooperation requests or any other business-related matters at
  15. is there a way to post in the "features requests" section of forum or do posts get assigned there by moderator?