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    Finished Works

    Gallery of finished works by artists using 3DC in their workflow
  2. Please share Surface material Panel (Windows > Panels > Surface material) it seems that the objects share the same material
  3. @Mighty Pea Sorry for my confusion, I thought you were using the latest version for production.
  4. yes, the mask system was reworked. This version is on beta stage and must be used for beta testing.
  5. But using any default model for test -sphere as example- the performance is ok ?
  6. As I saw, the crash happens on every object scaled but not freeze on volumetric space proportions Press RMB over any object that show that red text on the lower left viewport and select the command Hope this help
  7. I also forwarded to devs too. If you have 3d connexion mouse mouse try to disconnect it Or 2 monitors, paint on the main monitor not the second one. *I am shooting in the dark, cant remember any similar issue before.
  8. Hi Your specs are enough to get a good performance. Are your graphic drivers uptodate ? Please send a mail to support@3dcoat.com asking for your issue.
  9. https://80.lv/articles/check-out-this-course-on-how-to-make-a-modular-town-in-3dcoat/ CG Artist Anton Tenitsky offers a very detailed course that unlocks entirely new possibilities and speeds up the process of making your 3D environment art. From the already uploaded 28 lessons, you will learn how to create a modular town from scratch in 3DCoat to the final scene layout in Blender. Here is the outline of the course so you have an idea of what to expect: Introduction Foundation Tools Additional Tools Building with Stencils Texturing Scene Layout in Blender
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