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    Gallery of finished works by artists using 3DC in their workflow
  2. testing create new polygroup in 3DC moving model faces Mesh > export Import 3dc exported model into daz polygroups is loaded, I used it to create new surfaces, done
  3. Could you please try saving g9 on v 2024.20 and load it on 2024.20B2 send me by PM the gen9 mesh so Andrew can take a look thanks
  4. - Step 2 - Goz to ZBrush so I can quickly create polygroups. Why not create polyg on 3dcoat modeling ? - A useful function on import would be to allow the original UV mesh to be maintained while keeping the PolyGroups too. reported //edit The challenge is to be able to do all the daz<>azrush steps in 3DC. Respect uv, create polygroups, create morphs, export the polygroups to create surfaces... etc.
  5. Imported model from ZB Modeling room > Move some faces/vertex > export back Import into same subtool on ZB, no errors polygroups are the same
  6. I get the following message: Mesh Poly count is too large etc.... ( so I hit accept anyway but nothing imports via the Model Room ) Andrew said: It has soft limit - it slows down gradually.
  7. We got a pre release to try, Could you please beta test it ? Import on retopo/modeling, move faces using symmetry on - export to zb/daz -> look at for errors - Demo soldier = model for ZB test Thanks //edit: I forgot to add the ZB model w/polygroups Andrew answer: Hi! I made some changes, and now retopo/modeling exported mesh should keep the order, please check the 20-B2 build: https://drive.google.com/file/d/196T4Xb1FRNscySncqlfsbQjlOSRCtnf7/view?usp=drive_link DemoSoldier_1-ZB.obj
  8. CPU/GPU/AIO/SSD Cooler: DeepCool LD240 Review - APH Networks. Case: Cooler Master TD500 MAX Mid-Tower Chassis - TweakTown. Case Fan: Cooler Master TD500 MAX Mid-Tower Chassis - TweakTown. Headset/Earbuds: Logitech G Pro X 2 Lightspeed Review- Gamers only - Tom's Hardware. Headset/Earbuds: NZXT Relay Headset and SwitchMix Review- Innovative Convenience - WIRED. PC: Sunfounder Pironman 5 Review: Some Avenging Assembly required - Tom's Hardware. Printer: ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra 3D Printer - Nikk Tech. VR/AR HMD: Sorry, VR: The Meta Ray-Ban Wayfarers Are the Best Face Computer - WIRED.
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