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  1. Sorry but for hard surface modeling it is not recommended to use a sculpture program but CAD (Fusion 360, MoI or Plasticity, to name few).
  2. I suppose that when deleting faces they had a seams assigned and that is why the error occurs In that case, after deleting faces, you have to make a new automap and unwrap In any case, this process serves as an experiment, but it is common to make all the necessary changes to the model BEFORE moving to the UV creation and texturing stage. Applying textures and then modifying the model is not the right way to go. I'm moving this conversation to a separate thread to maintain order.
  3. On Paint room, Didn't a appear a popup asking to apply uvset ? Try this after changing UVs on UVroom On Uvroom go to Commands category and Apply UV-set Do you have ondrive installed ? Sometimes there is Issues with OneDrive installed, if yes check this article
  4. I found Blender ACES settings not best suited like Maya Color Management. It lacks on this point. At work I was forced to work on ACES -I duno if industry changed to another standard for VFX- For personal work I stay on Blender vainilla. This addon helpme to change CM easily
  5. well, it is not how 3dc is working to re-project the old textures to the new UVmap go to UVroom (no Modeling/retopo room), use pack2 (like example) and then return to paint room. All the old textures will be reprojected to the new UVlayout.
  6. a shot in the dark, sorry additional extrusion is at 0% ? opacity is at 60% ?
  7. Sorry I dont know how to replicate please contact support@3dcoat.com asking for this issue 1. open 3b file in Painting room. 2. texture it. 3. Go to modeling room and delete a face using Tweak > Delete polygons. 4. No Unwrap, No Bake, then use this command: Bake > update painting mesh... 4. Return to Painting room, no problem happens IF you Unwrap & Bake, all painting layers are lost because texture pixels had changed the position, the UVs are different.
  8. This "lines" are very small faces that cant be painted because auto mark seams algorithm make islands very small, and the texture resolution is not enough to get free pixels to paint over it. on this case manual retopology on this zones is recommended
  9. Is autosnap turned ON ? This video explains the steps clearly, please take a look
  10. note: I shared a project with a Layer with Normalmap assigned after bake, but cant see that layer on your pic... what step did you do that I am missing ? I disabled all layers, but cant see a fractal, the thin edges are inverted normals on some floating faces. I am following your steps, did a simple texturing on the model in Painting room, went to Modeling room, delete a single face, Mesh - Unwrap, then updated painting mesh with retopo mesh return to Painting room. everything looks, ok, sorry I cant replicate any issue using v2024.18 I duno if you can invert normals on Sketch up, sorry.
  11. It seems that your model is very small, try scaling it before the retopo step. You can make HP opaque selecting another shader on Sculpt Room. On Retopo room, change opacity to 100% And try activating View > Backface Culling
  12. Testing I used Auto-seams and unwrap Then on Retopo Room > Bake menu > Bake w/NM My test attached, please try painting on it kasse.3b
  13. It is not, I asked for it several times Please drop a mail to support@3dcoat.com asking for this issue. Thanks
  14. using version 2024.18 On Retopo Room, I imported the model using Mesh > Import Then on Tool options, I press Apply to keep the model Marked seams without any trouble Also I used autoseams to perform a fast test UV preview looks ok sidenote: some faces have inverted normals, that faces will not be imported into 3DC, you need to fix it externally before import it
  15. I am testing version 2024.18 but I cannot reproduce this error. Have you tried with another object?
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