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  1. kenmo

    Sketchup files & 3DC

    The only issue I been finding annoying is flipped normals. And this is NOT a 3DC issue. It's an issue with Sketchup models. A simple fix is to resend the part back to 3DC and select inverse normals .
  2. kenmo

    4.9.33 beta Auto retopo WOW

    I agree. Andrew deserves alot of thanks & praise for his hard work & efforts!!!
  3. kenmo

    KRITA - free open-source paint app

    Sounds like a good free alternative to ArtRage. ArtRage is not expensive but free is always better. I do love and enjoy ArtRage. But did not upgrade from ArtRage 5 to version 6. I must download Krita and give it a spin. Already have Photoshop CC, Painter 2019, Painter Essentials 7, Clip Studio for my 2D fun... :-)
  4. kenmo

    Sketchup files & 3DC

    I found a neat model of a midly customized 1946 Ford on 3D Warehouse and brought it into Blender 2.78. Saved as a blender file. Opened it in 2.82 and sent to 3DC via app link. I don't like spending too much time in Blender 2.78 as I find it very confusing. BUT I enjoy Blender 2.8x. One issue and it's not a big problem for me but each part of the model had to be sent individually to 3DC. I suspect it's the nature of modeling in Sketchup and saving each model piece as a Sketchup component?
  5. kenmo

    Sketchup files & 3DC

    I found a plug in for Blender 2.79 that imports Sketchup files into Blender 2.79. The present version does not work with Blender 2.80. I did not have Blender 2.79 installed on my computer. But I have 2.78 and 2.80, 2.81 & 2.82 installed. As advertised the plugin would not work with 2.8x. However I did install it on 2.7. Once I got the model into Blender 2.82, using the 3DC applink in Blender I sent the file into 3DC's paint room. WOW...quite pleased... https://www.blender3darchitect.com/blender-3d/how-to-import-sketchup-files-to-blender-2-8/ https://github.com/martijnberger/pyslapi/releases Armed with 3DC, MOI3D, Blender & Daz Studio our hobby has gotten to be quite affordable. And throw into the mix Hexagon Silo3D & Vue Creator.
  6. kenmo

    Sketchup files & 3DC

    My earlier post about Form Z got me thinking about Sketchup. I have gathered quite a few Sketchup files over the years. Most are from Google Warehouse (no 3D Warehouse) and a few are ones I created in older versions of Sketchup. I'm using the free version which lacks the pro exporters. However there free OBJ exports and the free version does export to DAE. All these exported models get badly deformed in 3DC. But load fine in Blender 2.8a, Silo 2.5, Hexagon 2.5, Vue Creator, Wings 3D 2.2.5 & Daz 3D Studio. Anyone know of a fix for these tricky Sketchup files? I did google this forum and tried some which did not resolve the issue. Cheers & many thanks... Ken
  7. I find 4.9.33 & 4.9.34 really stable. I believe in the past Abranger has stated the DX build was more stable then the GL even if you have a Nvidia card. Not sure if that is still true. Anyone know? Abranger please feel to correct me if I misquoted you.
  8. kenmo

    Free version of Form Z 8.6

    I agree. I like Blender 2.8 and especially the later builds that integrated a Windows like file explorer. It maybe my replacement for Hexagon or Silo 3D. Blender like Sketchup has a huge library of plugins (add-ons) that adds lots of neat features.
  9. Is now available for download. I have 8.5 free version installed and it's like Sketchup on steroids. However since purchase MOI3D I seldom use Form Z but thought I should post this in case anyone here is interest.... It supports .skp files. http://www.formz.com/products/formz/update/formz_8_free.html
  10. kenmo

    4.9.33 beta Auto retopo WOW

    Yet another test using 4.9.34 on my R7-3700X. And the auto retopo was done in less then 1 minute. OUCH that's damn fast and unbelievable. A very happy 3DC customer!!!!!!!!
  11. kenmo

    4.9.33 beta Auto retopo WOW

    Downloaded 3DC 4.9.34 and in a couple of minutes - maybe 3 at most - auto retopo produced this retopo mesh. Again I did not use any guide lines or strokes. Impressive!!!! This was a mesh I created in Groboto 3D many years ago and prior versions of 3DC would stumble and freeze after a couple of hours. Andrew & 3DC Team ROCK!!!!! IMHO the two best pieces of 3D software for the buck are 3DC & MOI3D. Too bad Groboto 3D went the way of Studebaker cars.
  12. kenmo

    Kenmo's WIP

    Nova Scotia (Province in eastern Canada & north of the state of Maine, USA) most of business are closed except for pharmacies & grocery stores because of the corona virus concerns. Giving me more time to pursuit my 3D passion. Here's another model I am currently working on. Love 3DC 4.9.33. I just downloaded ver 4.9.34 and will give it a whirl..
  13. kenmo

    4.9.33 beta Auto retopo WOW

    After a few minutes auto retopo produced this. AND I did not use any guide lines or strokes. Just what I've been wishing for a long time. WOW. And I was just about to purchase Quad Remesh for Blender 2.8. I can not thank Andrew and the 3DC Team enough. Cheers & stay safe...
  14. kenmo

    4.9.33 beta Auto retopo WOW

    Here's a voxel sculpt based upon a Groboto model I created a few years ago and gave up as the auto retopo would not and often freeze 3DC. SO.... I decided to give it a whirl with the new beta. AND in a matter of minutes I have a very acceptable retopo'd mesh. Outstanding work Andrew!!!!
  15. kenmo

    4.9.33 beta Auto retopo WOW

    I just downloaded beta 4.9.33 and installed it on my newly built Ryzen 7 3700x. I then loaded the spaceship model I referenced in this thread I brought the model into ver 4.9.33 and started an auto retopo. I then went to my I7-4700K and launched Lightroom. Before Lightroom completely loaded the auto retopo process on the R7 3700x had complete. I was not only surprised by the speed but about the quality of the auto retopo. Outstanding work Andrew. Many, many thanks. I'll be testing a bit more. Cheers & once again many thanks... Cheers Kenmo