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  1. Here are some screen captures of the 3D object that was generated from a series of photos of a porcelain model of a 1957 Chevy Corvette. As can be seen I have much to learn about Meshroom and photogrammetry when I compare my results to the stuff on Sketchfab. 3D modeling is not something new to me as I've been dabbling in creating 3D models from scratch for 15-20 years. But photogrammetry is something foreign to me. But I do find appealing as it combines my love of photography with my love of 3D modeling. Plus I'm a car nut, owning an classic Corvette which I restored in 1983 & still own. I used my Nikon D3300 to capture 97 photos. All but 7 were accepted by Meshroom. And generated this 3D object. Which I cleaned up via deleting some of the stray ground faces. The subject a porcelain 1957 Chevrolet Corvette was slightly smaller then 1/24th scale (comparing to a 1/24 scale 1957 metal diecast of a 1957 Corvette I also own).
  2. kenmo

    Kelvin Y.K Tan artwork

  3. kenmo

    Cheap 3D printer

    Cool. Thanks for this... Cool. Thanks for this... Are the models you are using scanned photos via Photogrammetry or models you created in 3D software? I ask as I must have over 70 diecast scale model cars (muscle cars, hot rods, classics, etc) in various scales mostly 1/24th & 1/18 that I would love to try to scan to 3D models. But it's my understanding objects with shiny, reflective surfaces are difficult to scan.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. However the R5-3600 and R7-2700 are both within my budget, so a R7-3700 is not. Between THOSE two cpus which would you recommend? I think it would be better to have the additional cores of the R7-2700 over the faster cpu speed of the 6ix core R5-3600?
  5. Reading the specs for Vue and it seems e-onsoftware prefer Intel over AMD due to AVX support. I would like to upgrade my present I7-4770S to a newer cpu. Preferably 6 or 8 core with hyperthreading, giving 12 or 16 threads. Ryzen 5 and 7 CPUs seem to be favorably priced but I am concerned about issues with Vue and Photoshop/Lightroom. A 3rd gen Ryzen - R5 3600 (6 core/12 threads - 3.6 ghz) and a 2nd gen Ryzen - R7 2700 (8 core/16 threads - 3.2 ghz) are within my budget. Also a X470 or X570 mobo. I usually purchase Gigabyte as I've had good look with them. Asrock is my second favorite. Presently I am doing more photography work (Photoshop/Lightroom) then 3D (Vue Creator, MOI3D, DAZ Studio, 3DCoat). Anyone here using a Ryzen cpu and how has your experience and performance been? Any thoughts on the R5-3600 vs R7-2700? From e-onsoftware site: Recommended System Specs Windows 64 bit (Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10), Mac OS X v10.13+, Multi-core CPU (Intel QuadCore, Core I7, or Mac Pro), AVX compliant, 8GB+ of RAM, 4GB+ of free Hard Disk space (on the drive hosting the OS), We recommend a graphics card containing at least 4 GB of VRAM with a 3D Mark score of 10,000 or better. Thanks kindly Kenmo
  6. kenmo

    Colormunki Display calibration...

    I too noticed after calibrating my monitors with the Colrmunki they have a more warmer look.
  7. kenmo

    Colormunki Display calibration...

    Yes, it did.
  8. kenmo

    Colormunki Display calibration...

    When I spoke with a tech at their support, he recommended turning off ambient light when calibrating.
  9. kenmo

    Color Calibration; a discussion

    I use an X-RITE Colormunki for my photography and love it.
  10. kenmo

    What Are You Working On ?

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    Free texture generator!

    I like this app.
  12. Any update news on Groboto or has it gone the route of Novell Netware and Studebaker Golden Hawk?
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    Works of Alex Pi

    Very nice
  14. kenmo

    San Disk just blew the doors out on SSD prices

    Wow...love it when prices drop...