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  1. I found this article very informative and thought I should share it here... I suspect many of the advanced users may already be doing this... Cheers Ken
  2. Love your toons....
  3. Looks cool Shawn...Nice to see a fellow member of Renderosity post here as well...
  4. I re-assembled the parts in Hexagon3D and did a further subdivision.... I find Hexagon easier to assemble parts in then 3DC as I can manually enter in co-ordinates for the X,Y & Z axis. I wish 3DC has this feature or perhaps it does? Criticism, tips, pointers, etc are more than welcome. Please don't be shy....
  5. Some of my retopo screen captures. Still just learning this... Still have the rear hood to do... When I imported the model into 3DC the Y & Z axis where reversed. I don't know how to correct this... Any ideas?
  6. Here's a screen capture of the model in Hexagon3D after it was converted to an OBJ with a poly count of 721,337...
  7. I'm a car nut. Have been since I was a toddler. One of the first things I drew with a pencil and paper was a side view of car that looked somewhat like a VW Beetle. A few years before my Mom passed in 2011 and after a 7 year battle with ocular melanoma (eye cancer) she gave me the original drawing, which she had kept for over 50 years... I recently downloaded a trial of Moi3D and immediately feel in love with it. Wanting to learn more about Moi3D I started to create some simple models and later started to download some car models from Grabcad. I grabbed this free model from It's a vintage VW Beetle. I decided it would be a good candidate to attempt a retopo of the car's body. I loaded it into a trial version of MOI3D and converted the model to obj. I had to play with MOI3D's export to obj options until I got a size that was manageable in Hexagon3D and yet retained enough detail. The best seemed to be 721,337 faces. The model looked much nicer in it's native format inside of Moi3D but it was way too heavy and really slowed my computer down, just navigating around. Using Hexagon I broked apart the main objects that comprised the exterior of the car such as hood, front fenders, body, doors, rear fenders, rear hood. Each part was imported separately into 3DCoat's sculpt room instead of the voxel room. Importing into the voxel room caused the objects to distort. When imported into the sculpt room they did not distort. I then viewed each mesh in wire frame mode and increased their resolution accordingly. I tried an auto retopo but the results where terrible. Instead of giving up I tried to manually retopo each part. I had no success with the strokes tool. So I proceeded with the points and quad tools. I kind of like the results. And although tedious, not as difficult as it has been in the past.
  8. Over many years I've tried various trail versions of ZBrush and the interface aways drove me nuts. It's more confusing than Blender3D or Truespace3D. 3DCoat is very clean, simple and quite intuitive. Love this app although I tend to do more photography & 2D work in Photoshop, Painter and ArtRage then 3D stuff... 3DCoat is a welcome change from other 3D apps I've tried. And a welcome addition to my existing 3D tools - Silo3D, Hexagaon3D, Vue Complete, & Curvy3D. Moi3D is the next 3 app I hope to purchase.
  9. Just stumbled upon this thread...Love what you did here with 3DC, very neat stuff!!!! Many thanks for sharing....
  10. Sounds like good advice. I must attempt this... Cheers & many thanks...
  11. I don't think retopo is redundant for everyone. Only for my hobbyist needs...:-) Thanks kindly for the reply... Appreciate it...
  12. IMHO since in the real world car designers often sculpt cars in clay then why not 3DCoat or ZBrush?
  13. Inspired by a 1950's era Ford panel truck, Modeled in Hexagon3D... A sportscar/hot rod of the future in Groboto3D The V8 engine used in both the 1950's panel truck and hot rod (Hexagon3D) and inspired by a 1950's flathead Ford engine.
  14. A hot rod I modeled in Hexagon3D & Silo3D