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  1. On version 2023.10 this features were added
    - RMB over layer -> Freeze Painted/Freeze Transparent works correctly with Pose Selection.
    - The pose/freeze selection management improved: store to layer, recall from layer, recall by click on layer.
    Part of this functionality was present before, but it was not clear how to use it.


  2. source...


    Nvidia has announced the RTX 4000, RTX 4500 and RTX 5000, the three latest workstation GPUs to use its Ada Lovelace architecture.

    The firm pitches the $4,000 32GB RTX 5000, available today, as a “huge performance leap” over its predecessor, the Ampere generation RTX A5000.

    The $2,250 24GB RTX 4500, due in October, is described as a “balanced performer” – while the $1,250 20GB RTX 4000, due next month, is the “most powerful single-slot GPU on the planet”.

    The new cards were announced at Nvidia’s keynote at SIGGRAPH 2023.

    The latest professional GPUs based on Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace architecture
    All three of the new cards are based on Nvidia’s current Ada Lovelace GPU architecture, intended to provide “revolutionary performance for ray tracing and AI-based neural graphics”.

    It features iterative improvements to all of the cards’ key hardware core types: CUDA cores for general GPU computing, Tensor cores for AI operations, and RT cores for hardware-accelerated ray tracing.

    According to Nvidia, all three core types see improvements of “up to 2x” in raw performance over its previous Ampere architecture.

  3. 3DCoat-2023-26 
    Mon Aug 7 13:01:03 2023

    - Major improvement of the molding tool. I developed a new sort of Boolean operations that are always stable, lightning-fast, and applied it to this tool first. Now you can create molds for meshes up to 70-100M, which is unreachable in the industry.
    The result is subdivided adaptively, so the mesh at output will be relatively not too heavy. It is much, much faster; on my PC, molding the 50M mesh takes 6 minutes.

    The principle of fast Booleans may soon be used for other important tasks - real-time Booleans, even for heavy meshes.
    Developing of that algorithms took some time, but the result will influence on the whole 3DCoat, not just on molding.

    This improvement may really be game changing, because industrial molds of very detailed objects may be done via mesh in 3DCoat when using NURBS is just impossible.

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