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  1. Today we are revisiting The Base Mesh 2.0, a resource we first featured back in 2022. In that earlier feature, TheBaseMesh.com featured over 250 high quality low polygon UV unwrapped meshes that are game ready or well prepared for sculpting. In the two years since that collection has grown almost 5 fold, now featuring over 1,100 base meshes to download.

    All of the assets are available under the CC0 licenses which enables commercial use and changes to the models as well as being available in OBJ, FBX and GLB formats.
    Additionally the website it’s has received an overhaul dubbed The Base Mesh 2.0, with this tweet explaining the new features:


  2. Please try this

    Hope it help  

    On 1/17/2023 at 7:34 AM, Metin Seven said:

    I thought to add a bit of info I posted over at the Blender Artists forum:

    I found this in my personal 3DC notes. Maybe it's of use:

    ─ Also see the attached screenshot compilation. ─ 

    Use the 3DCoat Applink to exchange between 3DC and Blender:

    There's a version that ships with Blender and a fork by Mifth:


    To match Blender's meter scale, change the Preferences ➔ Viewport ➔ Fixed Scene Scale to 100, and set MeasureUnits to Meters. Beware though: this can cause very dense primitives in 3D Coat.

    Press Export in Blender to send the mesh to 3D Coat.

    Once you've worked on the model in 3D Coat, choose File ➔ Bring Voxels Back To App, then in Blender press Import.

    Alternatively, you can use File ➔ Export Voxel Mesh To ➔ Blender.

    There's also a Blender Artists thread dedicated to the 3D-Coat App Link:




  3. Hi 

    Go to Edit > Sync Layers with Ext. Editor

    That will kick out the current layer you're working on to photoshop as well as the wireframe.

    Usually what I do is: Edit > Edit All Layer with Ext. Editor, save that file as a different name, then, Edit > Sync Layers with Ext. Editor to grab the wireframe, fill a layer underneath the wireframe and then drag them both over to your previous file (the filled layer is to help make sure it lines up perfectly), then save the file.

    From there you have a wireframe you can click on and off in photoshop.

  4. I repost the link to Taros's video tutorial on " How to start to painting outside mesh borders"

    What that means is that you can start your paint stroke outside the mesh and when the stroke hits the mesh, the paint is applied... The object is not rotated.


    On 5/30/2017 at 12:49 PM, AbnRanger said:

    You could disable the NAVI ZONE at the very bottom of the Custom Navigation panel and you could disable the LMB action from rotating outside the object, by finding that LMB action in the panel and unchecking OUTSIDE THE OBJECT. This video shows how to setup a custom action, such as Trackball Rotation. You can get an idea how it works. If it works for you, make sure to save as a Preset, in that Panel. It's a button toward the top of the panel.

    Also, for future reference, you can have 3D Coat ZOOM EXTENTS/FRAME OBJECT in the Navigation bar, by clicking the ALL icon...or SHIFT + Z. Another option is to click the crossed out "O" icon, 2 spaces to the right, in the Navigation bar. That sets your navigation to the default camera view...as if you opened the app for the first time.



  5. If you take a closer look at toggles inside the Camera > Customize Navigation window, you'll notice that you can disable certain events.


    For camera rotation around a pick point or object, it can be NAVI_ZB or Rotate in Screen Space.


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