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  1. That didn't seem to make any difference: In the pic below I added type ("1024") with the PTEX resolution in the Tool Options set at 1K. Then I changed it to 2K and hit Optimize and added text ("2048"). The resolution looks identical and the texture exported to .ptx format is exactly the same file size. Not sure what I am missing here?
  2. I am using pro version, and I can see all those options. However, it is not really clear what that texture setting is doing. It does not seem to make a big difference in the size of the .PTEX file that gets exported. I think I am not really making the questions clear, so maybe I can ask in a different way: 1) Is it possible to change the global size of the PTEX map after you initially create it using this dialog: When I use this option: It only seem to increase local resolution for small areas that I choose using the PTEX Local Resolution. How can I increase the whole map if I realize the initial size is too small? Thanks for your help and patience! /b
  3. I have used that control - that is the PTEX resolution that I mentioned above. If I adjust the map size in that tool option I do not see any difference in the output map quality or file size. If I hit “increase resolution” on a selection of faces they do get higher res, but I cannot see how it is connected to that resolution setting (2048x2048, etc). How does that resolution control work? How do you increase the overall size of the PTEX map and not just on selected faces?
  4. A related question that might just solve the issue: if I skip exporting PTEX and just use teh Export>Objects and Textures and output some TGA files instead - how do I control the resolution of those maps? The PTEX texture resolution setting does not seem to have any effect on my outputs at all. thanks!
  5. Thanks. I had reviewed these and a number of other references as well, but they did not seem to clarify the resolution question.
  6. Once this PTEX texture size is set, can it be changed globally or just in selected faces? Does this setting affect how the PTEX will work with subdivided models when loaded in Maya? I did try to change that Texture Size prior to saving out the PTEX via Export>/PTEX to Color but it did not seem to make any difference. I am not clear on how that setting works, or how to take advantage of it. Does it work in combination with "increase resolution" Thanks again!
  7. Long time away from 3DC and 3D in general, so scraping off some rust and testing workflows. I am just roughing out some PTEX paint on a primitive cube. I can export it okay (but if I try to export from the default head/bust it goes a bit crazy). However, when I load the PTEX in Maya it looks very lo-res. The PTEX file itself is only 2.1 MB. I have tried using "set Mesh and Texture resolution" and set it to 4K and 8K and it doesn't seem to matter. Any advice would be appreciated. /b
  8. Fully agree. I'm starting to think Mari might actually be worth the money - but I'm hoping the painting gets tuned up before I cave in.
  9. Thanks for the new UV tools! So far they work well. It took a minute to figure out that it's a bit different in that you need to define the *actual* end point, and then add points "point to point" in between, rather than sketch it out point to point from start to finish, but it works well so far. Thank you for considering the input and adding this function. b
  10. I think that might create problems too - when you have really long edges you are trying to select that are surrounded by small ones. I think the problem could be solved already with the point-to-point option added, then you would just need to use a smaller brush and click twice to cover that whole line of small edges.
  11. + 1 on both. The first one especially - I recall asking about that before too.