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  1. California =] Once there I'll more than likely purchase this app and mess around with it a whole bunch until I'm pretty fluent with it and if I can make some time I will probably end up making a bunch of FREE tutorials for it :P (sometime in the next 5 or 6 months =\)
  2. Patriick

    Forum Daily Post Limit...

    Ahh ok thanks... I probably won't be making many posts anytime soon but was curious as to when the limit may be removed for when I start to post some work and stuff
  3. Patriick

    Forum Daily Post Limit...

    I have a daily post limit on this forum and was just wondering if it were because I'm new as that's the only thing I can see it being because of, or maybe there is some other reason? How can I remove this post limit?
  4. I remembered that I had a better graphics card but the PSU in my computer isn't powerful enough to use it =\ I have since cleaned my computer up and updated all of my drivers... It seems to allow me to do a little more now before lagging and what not so I should be able to work with it and have fun sculpting. I should be posting some progress shots and what not along with all of you sometime soon. Again, thanks for the help and suggestions guys!
  5. Thanks everyone for the info... I will do some more testing and playing around in 3D Coat either a little later tonight or tomorrow. I would love to be a part of the community here it seems although it doesn't seem as large as one would expect it to be. @ Digman: I'm not sure on the voxel count, I will check again sometime tonight and reply with the figures. I will try out the features recommended here by everybody too so thanks guy and or girls :P @ Geothefaust: I will be upgrading my machine in around 3 or so months from now but waiting on doing so as I intend to move abroad form the UK to the US so it will be much easier to buy a new machine once out there... and thanks. @ BeatKitano: Thanks for the suggestion I will give that a go for sure! Sounds good enough and I already enjoy the application. Once I get a better machine I'm sure I would love 3D Coat even more. =D
  6. Thanks for the response, I know I need to upgrade I just can't afford it right now... Sadly As soon as I am able to though I plan on getting a new computer and such but I was hoping there might be a work around until then, I will give changing into surface mode anorther little go as I didn't spend much time in 3D Coat after experiencing that lag. Thanks. I used to have a really nice computer but whilst away on business I came home to find that someone I was living with had broke the computer... =|
  7. Patriick

    Donations for maker of free tutorials

    I would love to add a bunch of tutorials to the free tutorial section myselfthere are just a few things I need to do before I can work on that. Are there many people creating tutorials for this software? I haven't really looked just yet. Is there some approval process for the tutorials? or would I simply post on the forum under the tutorial section and once noticed it would get pinned and possibly put into the tutorial section of the site?? I can already sculpt fairly well and I'm really just getting aquainted with this piece of software although there is a little problem I've run into in regards to sculpting wihth 3D Coat, I believe it may be my computer though. I detailed the problem in my introduction post (New Users section) if anyone wants to have a look and make any suggestions? Once I'm more familiar with the software, like I previously mentioned I would love to make some free tutorial series on creating characters with 3D Coat and Maya.
  8. Hello everyone!! I'm Patrick and I've been using Sculptris up until now. I have some experience with ZBrush too although I don't own a copy of it, I simply had some fun doodling sculpts at a friends house to test the application (his copy). I loved it and will get it for myself eventually. I really like Sculptris too considering it's free in my opinion it gets a few extra points just for that =D I remember looking at 3D Coat a while back and thinking that that I wanted to get it. After a while I simply forgot as other things crept up when I finally had the money to purchase the software... I've returned now to test out the trial again and see what I think of it now. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have one problem with 3D Coat right now but I'm not too sure what you would call it so I'll try and explain my issue and hope that somebody else has had a similar problem but managed to fix it... Before explaining the issue I will give the specs of my machine and operating system: OS - Windows 7 (64bit) Pentium Dual Core processor - 2.70ghz, 2.69ghz RAM - 4gb Nvidia GeForce GT 240 (http://www.nvidia.co..._gt_240_us.html) This I believe is the correct card, I have the 1gb version. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now I don't have the most poweerful machine here and it's a good two or three years old now. The problem I'm having is while sculpting with Voxel, I'm experiencing lag whenever I try to sculpt anything... The main reason I want this software is for the sculpting features. The other features are just a bonus =P I tried having a little look around the internet and these forums to see if anybody else has had any similar issuess and haven't found many people with any similar issue although there was one guy on a forum somewhere but there were no responses to his post. I tried making sure everything but 3D Coat was closed to save resources, I've also tried to update my drivers, I tried reinstalling the aplication and that didn't help either. I've checked the system requirements a couple of times to make sure that I didn't read it wrong or anything and I have the requirements for sure!! Does anybody have any suggestions?? -- I've watched a few videos and what not to check out the application again, I would REALLY love to get in the software and start messing around with the voxel sculpting to get some characters finished up fast and efficiently. Ultimatelly I'm going to get this piece of software but if I cannot get the trial to work without lagging whilst sculpting then I won't be getting it until I can afford to upgrade to a new machine and then purchase this. -- When I say that it lags I mean that it doesn't just have a quick lag spike but it continues to lag until I just wait for it to stop and this occurs every time I try to paint on the basic sphere created. If I decrease the brush size a little it seems to be ok but it's fairly small and I cannot work with that when required to move, push and pull to shape my characters. I should probably end this post here as I've been awake all night and this is dragging on a little.. I initially wnated to say hello to everyone and introduce myself then got to speaking about my little issue with this application in the hopes for someone to help me out with a solution, alternatively I will go ahead and try to install the 32bit version, will this help!? I look real forward to using this software and getting my work up on this forums if I can get the app to run ok with this trial and if so once the trial is up I would more than likely be purchasing it and joining everyone here =] Thanks for reading and sorry for the long ass wall of text!!
  9. Patriick

    Gravins WIP Gallery

    I really like the little monster you've made here too!! =] Nice job and keep it up...