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  1. mwgrafx

    Nightwing (Hand Painted)

    Here is an update of the character. This somewhat of an idea of a pose I had in mind. Still need to finish his hands, feet, hair, and some minor tweaks.
  2. mwgrafx

    Nightwing (Hand Painted)

    Sorry for the delay in response, Here is an update. Working on him when I can. I did some research, it seem to be common when you run windows 10.
  3. mwgrafx

    Nightwing (Hand Painted)

    Thanks. It's is a low poly with under 3000 polys and a 1024x1024 map.
  4. Here is an old gameartisans entry that I never finished. I decided to go the hand painted route. Its still a early WIP. On a side note, whenever I run 3DCoat on my laptop, the computer gets really hot and the fan is working hard. I am afraid I'm going to burn something up. Is there anything I can do to solve this or ease it? My specs are: Windows 10 64Bit Processor: AMD A4-4300M APU with Radeon HD Graphics 2.50GHz RAM: 4.00GB (3.46GB useable) Thanks.
  5. mwgrafx

    Painting Alphas into texture map

    Thank you so much for the tips
  6. Just like the title says. Is there a way I can paint an alpha map in 3d coat? I couldnt find an answer in the search. Im trying to add tears in the tunic.
  7. mwgrafx

    mwgrafx sculpt thread

    I'm glad that helped you out GeneralAce55. Here is the final sculpt. On to refining the retopo and then paint.
  8. mwgrafx

    mwgrafx sculpt thread

    Thanks digman! That's exactly the look I was going for. I love cartoon proportions. It's called a swimmers build. GeneralAce55 - All I did was mask off the beginning of the fingers and used the move brush, one finger at a time. Posing it until it look natural. Then unmasked all and continued to refine. Always use photo reference. Don't rely on your memory, it can fail you. Hope that helps.
  9. mwgrafx

    mwgrafx sculpt thread

    Here is another pass at it.
  10. mwgrafx

    mwgrafx sculpt thread

    The for the kind words GeneralAce55! Here is a revamp of Nightwing that I didnt finish in time for ComicCon. I didn't like the way the orginal turned out. Still have some finishing to do.
  11. mwgrafx

    mwgrafx sculpt thread

    Thanks Garagarape and Taros! Here is another model I painted.
  12. Just bought Ver4, love the liveclay!!! I got it to feel just like sculptris and am loving the 3DC's tool set. Here is my first attempt in 3DC.
  13. mwgrafx

    My Sketch thread(mwgrafx)

    Thanks for the quick reply!
  14. Started this gut in sculptris brought it into 3Dcoat and retopo'd it. Start to paint it but Im having a hard time pushing the colors further. Any suggestions or critiques? Also anytime I try to merge the layers I get a crash.
  15. mwgrafx

    3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    I get a crash every time I try to merge my layers in the paint room on ver 3.15.14A. I know it is outdated with the amount of versions out there. Just seeing if it has been fixed in newer versions. Its hard to keep up with these version because what might work in one version wont work in another and vice versa. Edit: Thanks for the reply in my thread about the issue.