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  1. Thank you Carlosan but the artifacts appear after I deform the volume using the pose tool. Like I said, after a couple of smooth commands, various artifacts including cross-like shapes, dents and bumps are all over the place...
  2. I'm on the latest version (4.9.05) Whenever I use the pose tool, right after I go ahead and try to smooth out the surface, I get these horrible artifacts that keep creeping up, almost sticking to the object, even after I convert the layer to global space. What gives???
  3. jacobo

    Houdini Applinker

    Thank you so much for your efforts, yet I just don't get why on earth Pilgway does not develop it's own applinks and rely on third party efforts. Yes, generous people like yourself do a fantastic job, yet I need to ask; don't users of 3DC deserve up-to-date official applinks????
  4. Yes, but the truth is; both tools have different behaviors. As long as two separate volumes reside on either side of an axis plane and not adjoined/fused, 3DC should be able to transform the volume shells symmetrically... The transform tool SHOULD support symmetry.
  5. It is with the utmost frustration and disillusionment that I'm writing this post right now. It is just heart breaking to see 3DC not progressing the way it should. Half the time I sculpt in 3DC, I find myself having to correct artifacts produced by many of the brushes and that, I find to be utter madness!!!! Both in Voxel and in Surface mode, no matter how high I set the resolution, many of the brushes produce artifacts as you sculpt. Even after you resample, the artifacts remain needing to be cleaned up once more, only to be replaced by even more artifacts later on as you work. The Move tool is the number 1 culprit in this. The Voxel carve tool is so bad and so artifact prone that you just need to forget that it's even there... And many more... And so many danged workflow quirks like transform gizmos having no grab distance at all, that you need to slow down and carefully select the axis right on the pixel in order not to do anything wrong, which you do at some point, inevitably. Why? Why does not the quality of this software not going up? I just don't believe that I am the only user who suffers from these faults/quirks. I've lost confidence in 3DC and Andrews's vision in developing it.
  6. Hi; I've created an object on one side of the XZ plane that was automatically mirrored to the other side using symmetry (x). Now I want to transform the object and want my transformations to be reflected on its symmetrical counterpart, but even with symmetry turned on, the transform tool just won't take affect on one side of the symmetry plane, but it recognizes the object as a whole. Is this a shortcoming of 3DC or is there a workaround? Thanx; AJ
  7. jacobo

    [Solved] Transform Gizmo Woes (Again!!)

    Thank you so much Carlosan. That means the world to me. And I'm truly rooting for an interface overhaul in the near future. I'm hoping that's also in the works. Cheers and thanx again; AJ
  8. Dear Andrew; I'm one of your oldest customers and this is a cry for help! This is something in 3dCoat you definitely need to work on, and I implore you to do so. I'm going crazy with the transform tool! That's my story. The interface of 3Dcoat is already one of its weakest points (finicky menus that have an ultra low mouse-over tolerance being the top most problematic one) But the user interaction is also a huge concern, especially with the transform tool. Whenever I use the transform tool, I find myself activating it by accident and messing up my transformation and having to correct that before I transform further, over and over again. Why? Because the transform tool needs to deactivate its interaction when the user presses ALT. That means that the user has just finished his/her transformation and while the transform tool is still active, wants to navigate to another vantage point in order to transform again. And when you are going through that process, you just don't think to move your mouse away from the gizmo all the time, your pointer stays in the vicinity of your area of concentration. All you need to do is to devise a way so as to have 3Dcoat deactivate the "interactivity" of the transform tool while its gizmo stays visible when the user presses ALT to navigate. I hope that makes sense, and I hope other users have encountered this as well. Thanx; AJ
  9. Damn it, found it. Snap to surface...
  10. There used to be a `Conform` param on muscle params that conformed the drawn muscle on the surface nicely, now it's gone... WTF?? The muscle is going right through my object now... AARRGGHHH!!!!
  11. Cool Carlosan, thanx man Cheers; AJ
  12. The sad thing is that Andrew hardly responds to these message board posts any more Should we log these on mantis?
  13. I adjust the overall shape of my model using the move tool. Say, if I want to bend and object, I use the pose tool first and then I readjust using the move tool with a very big brush size. As of this version, I can't do this, it's broken... Create a cube, elongate it to make it look like a long stick. Select the Move tool, make the brush size very big and try to manipulate the object... No response... Cheers; AJ
  14. jacobo

    How to get rid of the Splash window in v4

    Yessireee... Sorry, I tend to loose sight of the obvious sometimes :-p thanx a mil for the help Cheers; AJ
  15. Aaarrgghhh!!! Could anyone please tell me how to get rid of the pesky splash window in v4? I looked everywhere including the prefs but found no option that does away with it. Thanx