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  1. Keys just rotate camera view not the object. Also It could be lot more intutive using mouse xy combined with a special key to rotate model from current view perspective, and not relying on using so many keys. It's a bit sad as this is an awesome tool for many uses
  2. Nope, i did not explain it well. In fact it was not about including same rendering pipeline. Jus keep same boolean workflow to turn 3D Coat into a similar app. Using 3D Coat voxels, but proposing on sculpt mode only 3D Coat boolean primitives and keep custom sculpt models feature also, while adding some very usefull brushes. Mainly turning 3D Coat into a Voxel boolean only modeling tool keeping only boolean primitives and sculpt models, so it's exactly same workflow as as Womp3D or MagicaCSG that are also only boolean modeling ( whatever they don't use Voxels). Boolean based workflow for beginners.
  3. Like 3D coat textura there is a market for beginner sculpting app based on booleans like Womp 3D or MagicaCSG I think 3D coat could propose it's own solution, keeping only some subsets of 3D coat and reworking a bit the interface for beginners. Main mode would be primitive boolean voxles modeling combined with sculpt models. While adding very few features for beginners like Pose, Move, Cut, Draw and smooth ,Inflate, Curves or Brush alpha stroke to modify existing sculpting. 3D coat big advantages : - Voxel based, unimited modifications, unlike MagicaCSG or Womp3D where very boolean step is stored in a stack, the more booleans the more it costs to render - export to Obj , able to bake vertex colors - mixing boolean for beginners with some common sculpting tools I find modeling with booleans only too much restricitve compared to using brush tools, but this is fun to use and suits really well people that are not into modeling. I agree it would be lot of work and would require new developpers, so it's just an idea.
  4. Exactly i wish there was an option to ignore collision around and just check collision on mouse point, so place model based on mouse only collision. I mean the sculpt model when using "On brush" is always rotated on same way, you cna only change height offset and size with mouse. Having an option to chnage it's rotation and then use the object with new rotation with the "On brush".
  5. Hi, When placing sculpt models using "On brush" or "click to place" , the model volume seems to not use the surface clicked but instead take accound of surfaces around 1) click on surface where ther is no other models around and it's vertical paced. 2 ) click on a flat surface space, it takes accound of surrounding volumes and the model is not placed vertical to the clicked area. Could there be some option to ignore surrounding volumes and only take account the clicked small surface ? Another question, is there a way to rotate the sculpt model and keep that rotation when you will use "On brush" ? Using the transform option, it works only when with gizmo, while it could have been great to save the transform and use it with "On brush" Thanks.
  6. Thanks @Carlosan It's hard to understand what means "On brush". A suggestion, change "On brush" same label "Click to place" this will keep naming uniform and avoid confusion. Multiple labels for same functionnality is not so great.
  7. Thanks. This option could have been on the Pose tools options instead, this is where many users will try to find it.
  8. "Click to place" features are only available with primitives. Please bring "click to place" features for sculpt models, it would enhance so much the workflow using custom 3D models. Thank you.
  9. Thanks for confirming it's known bug and will be fixed.
  10. On high resolution sculpt, sometimes 3D coat creates an empty vox layer object ?
  11. Seems through volume deos not work when usingpose and using rectangle draw. Did i missed something ?
  12. Nice find, thanks. This could have been added to the text comments when cursor stays on the icon. Another way is restart 3D Coat, but it is not the best.
  13. When scaling has been too up or down, is there a way to resset the scaling ? When moving mouse seems doing nothing as scaling have been too big for example.
  14. 3D coat 2022.39, Win 10, nvidia GTX Some smart materials paint on cavity while preview shows the paint should be on exposed surfaces MAterial preview icon is wrong also. Fixing material settings to paint on exposed surfaces. But the icon material preview generated is wrong , it shows paint on cavity instead. Same issue with some default materials
  15. 3D coat 2022.39, Win 10, nvidia GTX There is triangles drawn on whole model each time we bake occlusion map on paint room Ambient map on Ambient map off Occlusion map generation should be fixed.
  16. 3D coat 2022.39, Win 10, nvidia GTX After using inflate brush on a model and doing some resample to lower resolution two issues : 1 ) Brush cursor has an offset 2 ) Applying " to global space" the model is stretched and disappears Are those known bugs ? Those are not automatic bugs. On another model i used "inflate" and "to global space" and got the offset brush issue, but saving the model and restarting 3D coat the brush worked correctly without the offset.
  17. Ok found it. Click on top righ camera icon -> Background -> Vertical Gradient Really hard to find while could have been lot more intuitive , for example on menu view -> clear background image
  18. Hello, I drag and drop an image on 3D coat and choose "Set as background" The image is always facing camera and always stays on backround, scale and move do nothing on the panel settings. Is this a bug ? And the gizmos and rectangle zone containing the background image are not visible. It's like a fixed background we can't remove. I tried to find an option to remove it on all menus and did not find anything or it is pretty well hidden Some little help would be appreciated.
  19. Would be great to have like Blender "Save startup file" option, a default file automatically loaded next time we start 3D coat.
  20. I have a question, why Autopo produces a strange blue lines visualisation of polygons not really needed, when InstantMeshes produces simple and more clear polygons display ?
  21. The bug is about InstantMesh retopo. Without symmetry InstantMesh creates only sharp edges, with symmetry InstantMesh does not create any sharp edges. 3D coat 2021.86
  22. So 3D coat Instant Mesh produced sharp edges, because the low polty mesh was not imported from other software. I'l have to recheck also 3D coat "Instant Mesh manual" and see if there is more optiosn to avoid sharp edges. Thank you very much, i'll try.
  23. Hi Carlosan, You'll find 3D coat file download link, if you want to try. https://ufile.io/adruyj04 I opened again the file, on retopo mode same isssue, 3D coat unable to detect egde loops. Very strange, or has file been corrupted somewhere ?
  24. Loops are everywhere, why edge loops does not work on that retopology ?
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