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  1. If someone is interested in selling me a 3D coat license, just send me a dm or an email to patxitxapi@gmail.com
  2. Thank you for your answer. Nice to read that people with years of experience using 3D coat are not missing anything important comparing with zbrush or others. I am getting convinced that it is really my best option.
  3. Yeah, I though 3D coat was not able to handle well very high level of detail, but it was not a problem for me, if it is possible then is better than I though, probably some time I make use of it. Looks like with the freeze and pose tool is more than enough to make and store selections. My pc is not very good, but is good enough to work decently with 3D, also I can play most of the games of the last years in medium or high. In zbrush I was able to handle high level of details pretty well and I have upgraded my pc after that. In 3D coat I am not sure if I can handle very high level of details, will see, but I don't really care, is not what I am looking for at the moment. I have 16 gb Ram, RX580 4Gb graphic card, AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Af. Looks great that you always can low the resolution for big changes, I didn't know about it.
  4. Thank you so much for your explanation. I tested zbrush time ago and I liked it a lot too, but I have not made a direct comparison, I will make it. In zbrush I like the performance with many millions of polygons, the fact that you can work with different levels of subdivisions, the polygroups, layers, masks, proyecting details into a good topology... I though those would be things that I would miss in 3D coat. But the true is that at least with the tests that I made in 3D coat I was not missing any of those, I found other ways of making the things that I needed. But I didn't try any detailed character sculpt. In my little experience and watching others working, I think both are close in organic sculpting, maybe zbrush is a little superior in few things and works better with millions of polys, but I don't want to make sculpts with every wrinkle, or skin por. For hard surface and environments I find that 3D coat is way better, at least I work very comfortable with it, is more easy to use and also faster for many things, I like so much to use stencils with build tool and then make cuts. And also the voxel hide. 1- I like voxels too, in zbrush you need to remesh all the time and you lose details, then you need to make a proyection, wasting extra time, but you can also use sculptrix. About the brushes, I tried some in zbrush, and are awesome. I didnt test 3D coat brushes enough to make a decent comparison, but the ones that I tried worked pretty good. 2- I have not tested this, just some basic materials that comes with 3D coat. I was using mostly the sculpt room, so I have not idea about how good can this be, I just know the basics of texturing in blender. 3- Layers, other thing that I had not idea about it in 3D coat. This sounds great. I though that this was something pretty good in zbrush that I would miss in 3D coat, looks like I was wrong. I've watched those texturing videos of 3D coat and it looks awesome. 4- "High End texture painting and high end sculpting, retopo and UV editing tools in a single app". This is too good, have to say, I didn't use it yet the texture paint, retopo (just via decimation) or UV editing. Again, thank you so much for your explanation. I feel like if I am already in love with this software, I will be more in the future when I learn to use those features. I think I will definetly buy 3D coat, I'll keep waitting if someone sell me his license, if not I think I will keep practicing with the learning license and wait till black friday sales.
  5. Hi everyone. I am pretty close of buying 3D Coat, but I still have some doubts, there are other great options. I would like to read about your experience all this time using the software, pros and cons, and any useful thing that you can tell me. What can I get with this software that I can't get in other, or what can I get with other softwares that I cannot in 3D coat? I want to use if for concept art, for environments and characters, so it is not necesary to have perfect topology. I think the auto retopo of 3D coat is good enough. I want it mostly for sculpting, for now I texture and render in blender wich is fine for me. I has been testing 3D coat for a while, I really like how easy to use it is and how fast you can make things with it, I like the stencils, the UI, the voxel hide, the cut tool, the 2d paint tool, pose tool... I think this software have everything I need, but maybe it doesn't?. Maybe I am falling in love too fast? What can you tell me? should I go ahead and take it? Thank you.
  6. That's it, if someones is interested please, send me a dm. Regards.
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