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  1. Doesn't make sense. Spec and reflections are very much view specific and would look wrong baked in.
  2. warmi

    UV Mapping Question(s)

    Goodbye. It is not like anybody ows you anything ...
  3. warmi

    Things You Love About 3D Coat

    The texturing part, UVing and retopo , in that order.
  4. warmi

    Subd object import

    Hey How do you guys handle subd base objects when sculpting in 3d coat? What I mean is something which was created in 3d max with turbosmooth which then was collapsed and exported with a decent amount of geometry already built in to support sharp edges etc.. In 3d coat I get a decent shape but because of subd , poly distribution is pretty atrocious - very uneven with geo around edges being very dense and the rest being rather sparse which creates problems when sculpting. Is liveclay the only option ? Thanks.