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  1. worldcrafter

    How can I sculpt accross multiple meshes?

    "opeaion" = operation It would be great to have a "accross all volumes" check box on sculpt tools (like the move tool does).
  2. worldcrafter

    How can I sculpt accross multiple meshes?

    My model is quit complex and highpoly (24M tris), which is why I have split it into subobjects. Every operation (merging, objectifyng) takes ages to complete on them. I need to regularly hide and unhide parts of the object to make them accessible to sculpt.
  3. worldcrafter

    How can I sculpt accross multiple meshes?

    Thankyou ajz3d. I am still looking for alterantive methods though, because your method is not very convenient for my situation. I need to hide and unhide segments of my model very frequently. (during sculpting).
  4. I am sculpting a very large model, so I have split it up into segments/separate objects. Does anyone know of a method/software to seamlessly sculpt accross multiple meshes?
  5. worldcrafter

    Shortcuts for stencil transform?

    It would be nice if we could set hotkeys for it, I really like the way mudbox does this - In mudbox you simply hold a keydown wile using LMB, RMB, MMB to move, scale and rotate. It seems the most intuitive way, because similar key combinations are used in the viewport (alt + RMB, LMB, MMB to zoom, pan, and rotate)
  6. I cant find any shortcuts for rotating, scaling and paning textures/stencils. Are there any? there is no tooltip for them.
  7. Is there a way i can replace the checker grid/texture on my retopo mesh, with a custom texture. Edit: ah found it. select mark seams tool, and you will see a box defaulted as "simple checker" (in the tool options box along the top of your screen), drop down the list and select custom checker.
  8. worldcrafter

    best baking software?

    thanks, 3dcoat does not allow custom bake cages. And the baking quality is... fine for previewing... but would rather not use for a final production (prefer xnormal/mudbox)
  9. worldcrafter

    best baking software?

    What is sp?
  10. worldcrafter

    best baking software?

    I'm not entirely sure what vertex order is; But i guess that vert order wont be the same for the method above, which is with a very low poly model as the outside bake cage. btw I don't know how baking really works (you probably noticed).
  11. worldcrafter

    3DC to unity... help

    To be clearer on my last post, I am not using 3DC to bake, only retopo. That is why its a pain to bake (i don't want to do any baking in 3dc).
  12. worldcrafter

    best baking software?

    looks like its probably not possible. Does anyone know of software that has decent baking, with custom scan cages? The idea is to slightly extrude the high poly model by a negative value, then decimate it, then use it as the "inside" bake cage.
  13. Does anyone know of a baking method that doesn't involve an inside and outside envelope, but just and outside envelope; My basis is that the raycasts would just stop when they hit the high-poly model - this creates a sort of inside envelope. Is this possible?
  14. worldcrafter

    how do i Uninstance?

    Thank you very much! (is it a bug that the import object tool makes real instanced layers?)
  15. worldcrafter

    how do i Uninstance?

    Well the separate layers are acting as instances! I edit one of the layers, and the rest are edited. Can i stop that? am using 3dc v 4.502