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  1. I was wondering about setting transparency in the paint room. I'm setting transparency on layer 0 and this is the result I'm getting. I just had the same problem in Blender 3D and found my backface culling was off....so looking right now in 3D Coat... Yes I found back face culling in 3D Coat also!!
  2. IDK, never tried in 3D Coat. I do mine in Blender 3D!! IT does the uv second channel for lighting(non overlapping) or a hundred for that matter! Besides I'm very sure that the game engine will generate a second channel for you inside the game engine!! In the Static Mesh Editor. It was in Unreal 3. I don't use it in the game engine now. But it is helpful. cheers!
  3. I'm not sure about the 3D printing and your export problem, but make sure you are on the layer you want edited...click preview for a live preview of the color adjustments.
  4. I was wondering also, I check in another software with the grid numbers, squares, etc,... I don't really see any stretching or odd sizes. Ok now in 3D Coat I will get some red and blue. Now if the uv is going to an image size I did in Photoshop. There's no way of making it clear grey..without the blue or red. I guess if I had an idea whether to upscale or downscale the image in P.S.. Is it really worth the extra effort??!!! I would have thought that I have room and should make the image a decent size filling the uv texture space....??? Because sometimes I will start with a texture layout.
  5. Ah, it's ok. I unwrapped again and it dissapeared. Weird fluke. Never had it happen before. Basically solved here. I don't thin vertices can be welded in the uv preview viewport...IDK
  6. I have a mesh that some how a couple verts are not welded and have split ends. Not sure where it happened, in Blender 3D or 3D Coat after unwrapping? I had some issues in Blender with unwelded verts after deleting faces and adding new faces/loops. Anyways.... Can I weld vertices within the UV template preview window, from the retopo or UV room? It's a very tiny area on the mesh and there's no way in the viewport. I could use the applink back to Blender to weld. Just wondering........
  7. I see the conform voxels to retopo mesh now lol.......Yes it's a good feature!!
  8. Solved in a way. I take it as an improper loop cut. Is it ok to cut off (flow/follow off) a line and not join another, Or should there always be a continuous flow between the lines. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Changed it to a continuous flow between the cuts and it's fine. Even if a improper loop cut, I would think it would be a symmetrical island, since the model is 100 percent symmetrical.
  9. The uv tools are easy enough. I've seen many character uv's and basically know the idea behind it, to do my first unwrapping for an animation character anyways. I ran into a problem where when marking the seams on my characters head area. I used the autopo because of a pain area! Worked great. For some reason though when placing my seams in certain spots and unwrapping, my mesh part would be off of unwrapping symmetrically. All other islands were ok. I noticed some spirally loops(not spirally seams) in a couple areas on that part of the mesh. Could this cause the pull of out of symmetry islands? I also have few triangles in this part of the mesh I wasn't worried about, but may try and rmove them. All quads next time!! Basically I found a sweet spot for this mesh part with the seams and it was close anyways and no overlaps except one spirally loop area around a tooth joined to the mesh(.. So I may stick with it or edit those spiral loops and see the result.....tomorrow. Just curious what it could be so I can avoid it in the future.
  10. Thx, the uv's are a fairly simple process. Although I ran into one problem. Looking for a previous thread first!
  11. I was just learning shapes for clothes. It shows here in the promo. Really fast! Not sure if that's what you mean. Been using a little while I think you have to be in blob and grow to create shapes on a vox layer with restricted brushes on those features . Whatever else IDK. There's free form stuff for making any shapes in the primitives btw,....... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qh4oYm5gWDM 2:00 min into......
  12. I'm wondering about while painting, if I decide to change my retoped mesh. Say just deleting some loops. This could possible change or wreck some island seams. Or should I be able to finish painting export the uv and everythings ok.....maybe not! There must be a way to update the mesh in the uv and paint room??? *Also I just seen a software that when making changes to the high poly the low poly retopo cage will follow and change also. May post in new features requests this would be a great feature.....
  13. Oh Great!! I notice the hidden geometry when deleting faces from auto-po. Not sure if they are placed there before deleting or after. I'm sure it's a good thing though to check off, weld vertices at the same point in case of underlying faces? maybe IDK!!. All this time I thought there was a centerline problem in 3D Coat, because of other posts and problems. Specifically the hidden geometry/ triangle problem at the symmetry line. It works fine in virtual mirror mode you can go past the line if in a hurry! Or no virtual mirror and snap to the line. Whats the problem!! Is there a way to check for underlying floating faces?
  14. I guess that's the way it goes lol..... I'm not sure why I thought it has to be continuous for weapon retopo. Join where possible I guess. I must have seen a few modeled this way, probably because they were started in low poly to begin with. Ok, well that opens some design ideas!! Almost done. 1 more and 5 retoped models ready for paint and renders!
  15. Ya I was just thinking though. Yes there would be hidden faces to the viewer which is basically useless.If it was put in a game engine as is. Poly wise though I would end up with just about the same amount of poly's or actually it may raise the count, because when making a continuous mesh, all those fine lines and edges cost poly's. Wouldn't really matter to me! Just curious as usual.......Anyways. I will let it sit for a day.
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