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  1. Does the modding tool have a layer limit or any limitations when compared to the full paint room of 3D Coat (smart materials, stencils, alpha brushes, occlusion/normal map baking, etc)? Also do people who own the full version have the ability to easily load/extract (whatever the modding tool does) game models for skinning/modding? I would be interested in buying this just for a bit of fun and the ease of use sells really well for me, the quicker I can get game models loaded and ready to texture/mod without any fuss the better
  2. I'm just thinking lets say you have some really good reference images of the front and back of an object, (left and right doesn't really matter so much) and the top and bottom. There is no way of doing that in 3DCoat I agree it would be a good addition to a feature update.
  3. Yep my graphics drivers are up to date and I'm using the Steam version which as far as I'm aware is up to date
  4. For some reason my grid doesn't update in realtime. When I make changes I have to hide then show the grid again to view the changes I've made (even when displaying the XY, YZ, etc workplanes)
  5. I know how to add references images but it seems to me that only one image can be added per axis. Is this actually true? If not then how can I add multiple reference images to one axis?
  6. How did you adjust the size of the 3D grid? Can you also have subdivisions within the 3D grid as well?
  7. Hi, I am trying to learn how to leverage the grid options inside of 3DCoat in order to make really precise and straight cuts on my objects. I've been messing around with the 2D grid along with the work planes but I can't seem to figure out how to use them properly. The 2D grid is very strange because when I zoom in and out in the viewport the grid is fixed and doesn't seem to scale accordingly (which is a nightmare because it takes ages to get it placed properly). How can the grids be used in a proper workflow specifically a workflow that involves the cut off tool and want to cut precise, straight lines. Thanks!
  8. Hi, Is there a way to transform using grid snapping? I am adding primitives to my scene and I want to snap to the grid when moving them, I also want to be able to use the Pose Tool and Transform Tool and Cutoff Tool and be able to do specific cuts that snap to the grid is this possible? Thanks!
  9. I am really struggling with these shapes. The sphere shape isn't completely spherical because I've cut off part of it to make a portion of it flat. I'm drawing my strokes and choosing the number of segments, I'm changing my brush (in the E panel) to a circle and then dragging out strokes that way for close to accurate strokes with my chosen number of segments but then when I start drawing intersecting lines none of the actual segment points "stick" or "weld" together, I am then hitting Enter and 3D - Coat is just crashing on me, I think it might be because I have drawn too many strokes, I just don't know how to start this haha. I've been trying for a few hours but not really getting anywhere, I want accurate and clean topology and this is why I am using strokes with the circle stroke because points and faces seems a little messy, unless there are methods to cleaning that up? Thanks!
  10. How do I commit the symmetrical copy of my topology to the other side of my mesh? Right now when I turn off symmetry the other side is removed
  11. How can I connect my strokes together? I am hold control and click on the vertices and then moving to the next vert but nothing is welding together. I want to be able to connect all the vert's all the way to the back of the sphere to get a clean line. I used the sphere brush using the strokes tool to get this far
  12. Every time I draw strokes 3D - Coat seems to crash.
  13. I am looking for some help and advice on where to start to retopologize a model I have completed in 3D - Coat. I haven't tried Autopo just yet as I don't really fully understand the options and methods I should be using. Here is my model: Any advice on where to start when retopologizing this model would be appreciated. I don't know if there is quicker ways to do this, the model isn't all that complex either. I am hoping to get really clean topology for this model as it is going to be a previewer mesh for a game engine (as you might have guess from the logo in the middle of the model xD). Thanks!
  14. I have managed to do this now. I used the Pose tool and used the Ring mode and scaled the object
  15. I am trying to taper an a cylinder in 3D - Coat but I don't know how to do this. Like in the image: But rather than taper the object from the end I want to taper from the center so the center looks more skinny than the ends. Is there a way to do this in 3D - Coat? I am not importing geometry I am using the primitives in the voxel room. I've tried to scale it from the center using the transform tool but I can't seem to get the best results. Thanks!
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