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    Thumbnail Previews not showing

    4.9.17 - Running in standard mode, not OpenGL.
  2. TorQueMoD

    Thumbnail Previews not showing

    Oh weird. I just tried importing to the MISC folder and it works fine, but if I move it to my custom folder it doesn't display.
  3. TorQueMoD

    Thumbnail Previews not showing

    I imported a custom model in the Voxel editor and there's no preview thumbnail displayed, it's just an X. I opened the folder 3D-CoatV49\VoxStamps\Objects and I can see my custom folder and there is a PNG file there with my mesh name_preview.png but it won't show in the editor even after rebooting. Any idea how to fix this?
  4. TorQueMoD

    [Bug] Voxel Ray made everything look aliased ?

    Oh okay. I'm guessing this is just a rendering issue and when I export the model it won't affect anything?
  5. TorQueMoD


    Looks gorgeous! I'm always so impressed by people who can model this well! Reminds me of Dishonored. Did Assel work on the design of that game? You definitely captured her style.
  6. Hey all, I was working on my voxel model and everything looked great and then I accidentally hit the Voxel Ray button when I was trying to use the Cut Off tool and it made everything look jaggy. I hit undo but it didn't change anything. Is there any way to get the smooth rendering back? Jaggies Example And here's how it looked before I accidentally hit the Voxel Ray button:
  7. TorQueMoD

    [Solved] Mirroring in Voxel room ?

    Since this post comes up in a Google Search for Mirroring in the Voxel room, is there an easy way to simply mirror a Voxel mesh without doing Symcopy? Sometimes you want a mirrored version of the mesh instead of rotating it and I can't find a way to just mirror it. Thanks! Oh, I also wanted to mention that Symm Copy is now in the Geometry menu in 3DC 4.8.20
  8. TorQueMoD

    Tool Pattern/Voxel Stamp is missing smoothing?

    Thanks for the help guys. I have lots of experience with 3D modeling in general so I'm aware of what smoothing groups are doing etc. but it's useful info for anyone else who stumbles across this thread so thanks AbnRanger. My lack of experience is with 3DC specifically and as I said, I haven't had any issues with imported meshes being faceted before (regardless of resolution) which is why I posted. digman, I didn't think you were criticizing so no worries there I'll try my hand at importing using the methods you suggest the next time I load up 3DC but I'm still really confused why using the models tab is giving different results than it did previously. I haven't used 3DC in months (possibly more than a year I can't really remember) so I thought maybe something changed in an update. I even have some fairly low res models in the tab from months back that stamp down perfectly smooth in the voxel room so something changed. It very well could be the obj files though, I just don't know how to debug it so to speak.
  9. TorQueMoD

    Tool Pattern/Voxel Stamp is missing smoothing?

    Version 4.7.33 Sorry. I thought I was specific enough... I'm bring in the mesh under the modeling tab for Voxel sculpting when you press the Plus icon to import your own model. When I used to do this before, I didn't need to add subdivisions it would just bring in the model as it looks in Max. And the subdivisions are only smoothing out the mesh a small amount. It's still faceted but the polys just get smaller. The frog model was just one that I had on hand, I'm not using it specifically in the voxel sculpting but here's what it looks like in Max: As I said, a few months back when I was last using the voxel room, if I exported the smooth model from max, it would import into 3D coat smooth. I shouldn't have to subdivide it. And it's not crashing on 2 subdivisions, it's more than 2 that causes it to crash (when the mesh is in the 1 million plus poly count range). My system is an i7 3.5ghz 6 core with hyper threading and 32 gigs of ram and a GTX 780 so I'm pretty sure it's not my system. Like I said, this is definitely abnormal behavior to what was happening previously. It's like 3DC is ignoring the smoothing groups of the obj file. I tried using an FBX as it supposed to be supported, but when I did, the model doesn't even show up after import.
  10. TorQueMoD

    Tool Pattern/Voxel Stamp is missing smoothing?

    Yes, it's not related to the shader as when I bring the mesh into another 3D package it's completely faceted. I was able to mitigate some of the faceting when I noticed the Subdivide button but I can only do this about twice before the program crashes and sometimes that's not enough to smooth everything out. It's strange though because the mesh is smooth when it leaves 3D Studio max and this wasn't an issue before. It seems like an issue with one of the latest updates for 3DC.
  11. So I'm trying to import a mesh to use with the Voxel mode of 3D coat. I used to do this all the time for re-topology but for some reason lately any obj file I import loses it's smoothing groups. I have checked off smoothing groups in the export settings of the obj but when I bring it into 3D coat it's completely faceted. Any idea how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.
  12. TorQueMoD

    [Solved] Heightmap Export for Terrain

    Yes! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!
  13. TorQueMoD

    [Solved] Heightmap Export for Terrain

    Ok Cool. That sounds right to me. I just wanted to get some feedback from someone else before I start because I've got limited experience with 3D Coat. Thanks!
  14. Hey all, So I'm working on a new method for creating heightmaps using a combination of Mudbox, World Machine and 3D Coat. Inside mudbox, you can sculpt the basic shape for your terrain and then simply export a heightmap through the Extract Texture Maps option. I was wondering if there's a way to do this inside 3D coat when using Voxels? Basically I want to sculpt in voxel mode and then do a projection of the voxel model onto a simple plane and save out a heightmap from that. Thanks!