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  1. insignet

    Scary M's Sketch book

    Really cool Leigh thanks for sharing !
  2. Hi - Great work! How are you getting that crisp look to your illustrations? How much post work is done in PS? Really nice style.
  3. insignet

    New Curves Beta

    This is an interesting thread!
  4. v 4.9.65 Render Room Issue - 3DC Hardware setting: GL Version Created an object Added a light Hit Realtime Render + Screen Space + Illumination Worked OK, then started to move light position, rotation etc then Screen filled with this green
  5. Request If I bring in a primitive to the sculpt space and click on models. I get the option to create a cage ( which is great ) BUT when I try to move the cage points the Gizmo appear directly over the point i want to move, this is fine if you want to move with the gizmo. However moving without is more artist friendly, its really frustrating having the gizmo pop up under your cursor everytime you're trying to simply move the cage. Could we have a Remove All Controls added to the drop down list?
  6. Fractures in the render room. Tiles visible and artifacts ( voxel mode ) GL version... anyone else confirm?
  7. Testing 4.9.31 DX - Create a Vox Object open shader tab and click on shader - the vox object disappears Alt-click and the shader updates as it should anyone else confirm? Thanks
  8. insignet

    Hair Cards

    Is it possible to use the new curves implementation to allow a user to place Hair Cards ( UV'd Geo from the Retop Room ) smoothly along the curves ? The curves themselves are a great addition, it seems they would be perfect for this type of work?
  9. Its a valid point, but why not jump into blender for modelling, sculpting, retop, UV 'ing and rendering? Isn't that free also? I agree with you... make the render inside 3DC more robust, if that's a bridge to another render app, then great ( as long as its a full implementation of course )
  10. I agree, current render is ok, but its way behind the competition. 3DC has got a good reputation among concept artists, but most seem to use Octane, etc to render. It would be great to have a more robust render engine to keep 3DC in pipeline for longer. IMO
  11. insignet

    Where is my rendering ?

    If Im saving out fog mask or a depth pass etc.... the output has banding on it from dark to light. I've tried to raise the samples etc but I can't get rid of them.
  12. insignet

    Where is my rendering ?

    Looked at the save path 4.9.09 ... I'm still confused by where its saving exactly. If for example I specify the desktop as destination for renders, it seems to put it in a Renders folder? Tested Depth Pass etc... I still get alot of banding, can't really use it in its current state, again hopefully it will be addressed.
  13. insignet

    Where is my rendering ?

    Thanks...I will check it. Has the banding been fixed on renders? I got alot of gradient banding in depth pass/ fog pass etc
  14. insignet

    Where is my rendering ?

    I've been looking at the rendering also. I was very excited about the render, it is odd the way it saves the render ATM. When you save your render, it seems that you are saving your output, but you are creating a folder to place it in. Anyway... only BETA so it'll get some polish soon.