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  1. Yes sorry the light bake does work... however the positioning of that light in the Render room atm is made difficult from the lack of feedback of its position (if that makes sense) both the realtime render and open gl lighting. I think I must of been trying to position the light and lost its actual location when trying to use the bake tool.
  2. Anyone else have trouble in the render room with light positioning (Add a light and then move its rotation etc without checking Realtime Render. This normally gives you faster preview of light direction) in v. 2024.05+? When you try to 'bake from render room' - not working, rolled back to 2023.41.
  3. Would have to agree regarding layers, very odd behaviour. If its trying to mimic Photoshop then great, but please replicate the functionality of PS layering. Clip Mask functionality before sort of made sense (referencing an intended layer to act as a mask), now adding the clip mask function in the layer stack with the arrow pointing down confuses, seemingly to mask the layer below?? Will be a great addition and it's almost there in terms of UI - just needs to make sense with regards to how we all use Photoshop, as clearly that's the intention. Hope that helps.
  4. Hi - could we have the ability to use Stable Diffusion within 3DC to generate Textures like DreamTextures Addon in Blender? Preferably using the 2.1 Depth Model.
  5. Anyone else having issue with Paint Tiles. The size of the mesh is huge and so you cannot see the tiling effect when painting 2022.53
  6. Tried to install 2022.43 through the versions manager and it fails to install the app. Seems to remove previous version, but not install the update. Then shortcuts etc cannot find the app to open.
  7. Bug 2022.24? - Modelling Room : Points to Polys Tool: Use 'On Plane ' to drop 4 points in the Y axis. The RMB doesn't create the polygon ( no poly preview and no way to create the poly ) Turn off the 'On Plane' check box and the RMB still cannot create a polygon with those same points. With the 'On Plane' unchecked, drop 4 new points and its works as expected. Anyone else confirm? I tried it a second time and it worked fine - strange.
  8. Gave myself a challenge to create this small concept sketch I made only using the modelling room and its tools. Once completed I UV'd inside the Modelling Room and then sent it over to the Paint Room for texturing. I didn't keep 100% to the concept, projecting the original concept back onto the model, then made it grimy, dirty etc. The concept itself was an idea of reverse designing Slave-one from Empire Strikes Back. Trying to think of how early versions of that ship may have looked in its development. So all the basic pieces are there, just swapped around and changed proportions, colours etc. I am in the process of making a Modelling Room tutorial series for beginners, this was just a test., it is rendered in 3D-Coat (x2 light setup). slave_0.mp4
  9. you mean in the sculpt workspace? Yip they work great in the sculpt workspace. I can't get them to work in the modelling room
  10. When adding 3d primitives to the Modelling Room. The Boolean works on all operations except 'Split'. When selected it just creates a mesh without performing the Split Operation. (v2022.06)
  11. I do actually think that all menu items should be dockable, it would be handy to have them in a customised UI space... obvioulsy the keyboard shortcuts are preferred, faster alternative.
  12. Hi... one more. When choosing Tools with selections such as 3D Primitives Etc Could they be placed in the Tools Options Panels like the mock up below? You would select Primitive from the Tool Options and have its corresponding parameters directly below.
  13. Would it be possible to dock the Curves Editor Menu? We can drag it away from the top menu which is good, but it has alot of useful options. When using curves we could dock it next to the Curves Tree. At the moment it keeps disappearing and then you have to go back to the top menu to drag it back into the workspace.
  14. The Curves/Strokes Tool works well... delete the Strokes Tool from the Model Room both are not needed - less tool clutter. But even the Curves/Strokes Tool is a retop tool rather than model tool?
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