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  1. As the title suggests, regardless of whether or not I have verts selected, the "Relax" function in the Retopo room just brings up the "Open File" window. Pretty sure it's not supposed to do this. Using Version 4.8.15.
  2. Gary Dave

    How to choose the baking side?

    Pretty interesting use-case scenario, I've done something similar to this in the past, except I could hide bits of the sculpt, whereas I think in your example you'd have a hard time doing that. I could be miss-remembering, but I had a super super dense monster model, 3 arms on each side and my poor laptop was struggling big time, so I ended up removing 3 of the arms from one side of the sculpt to get my frame rate up, and copying their retopo UV's onto the side that had the mesh. Maybe I got lucky with the left/right and I could have ended up with a blank bake.
  3. Gary Dave

    Mirror UV Bug

    Same issue unfortunately. It could be due to the mesh. I'm having a hard time pin-pointing the problem. I imported the basic chair model as seen in the dropbox video, I cleared my seams and gave it an unwrap (symmetrically). The sym-copy worked fine for mirroring the UV's. Then I brought in that cupcake model, cleared seams, used symmetry to triple-check that the mesh is symmetrical, did my seams. But, regardless of if I use X/Z symmetry on their own or X and Z together, 3dc seems to just cancel out some of my seams in random spots. And I do mean random, it's never the same result each time I try it. Example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x8nplu6rmupgeg6/SeamsIssue.png?dl=0 I've really got to get back to work now, but when I get a moment spare I'll test it a bit more on some other newly created geometry. in the meantime, if anyone wanted to see for themselves, here's my 3d coat file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e090dqn6p2at3yh/CupCakeUVIssues.3b?dl=0 (<300kb)
  4. Gary Dave


    I've had this, or a similar issue recently too, I was able to get around mine by disabling symmetry entirely. I can see in your video that you've disabled symmetry on all the axis planes, but try to actually un-check the "Enable Symmetry" button too.
  5. Gary Dave

    Mirror UV Bug

    On the youtube video? Yeah, the whole thing is Z and X symmetrical. If you see the bit before the time I pasted in, the UV's are copy/pasted manually to avoid this bug. If the mesh and/or seams weren't symmetrical, then the copy/paste wouldn't work either, but it does. The dropbox video I pasted in my first post is even simpler, just one axis of symmetry on a basic mesh but it still messes up my UV's when I perform a symmetry copy. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gi2dxbd8nzo9ph9/MirrorUVBug.mp4?dl=0 Very occasionally, maybe once out of 10, it will work fine.
  6. Gary Dave

    Mirror UV Bug

    Been getting this a lot lately, and it's really starting to affect my daily work schedule. I know we have issues with baking when more than one symmetry is active, but I've been getting all sorts of weird UV issues before the baking, I've commonly used symmetry to quickly copy over my mirrored UV's, but now all it's causing me is grief. See video here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gi2dxbd8nzo9ph9/MirrorUVBug.mp4?dl=0 I've had it much worse than this in the past as well, see the 9:58 area on this video for another example: Using the Steam version by the way, 4.8.15 I believe.
  7. What sort of computer do you have? I've been dealing with a few objects lately that I needed to convert to voxels and back to surface again, I'm only on a Surface Pro 4 (doesn't even have a graphics card!) and it works fine, a bit slow to calculate but that's expected. Depending on the detail in your arm of course, you might not have any issues converting it to voxels, merging it, and turning it back to surface mode. I've done up to about 15 million voxels, I can go higher but I haven't had a need to yet.
  8. Aye I have this issue too, I always just disable symmetry for baking, not ideal but for now it's a workaround. Chances are if you're using symmetry, then you've already mirrored your UV's, so as digman said, having symmetry on is redundant. Hopefully they'll introduce a fix to disable symmetry on bake.
  9. Cheers all, the low poly mesh had been sub-divided in 3ds max prior to export (with turbosmooth), and as a surface object it worked fine, the issue was just when converting it to voxels, Smooth all didn't help much unfortunately and I'm still in the process of manually smoothing out each piece.
  10. Gary Dave

    baking high textured poly to low poly (photogrammetry)

    If my memory is correct, you should be able to import surface (not voxel) geometry into the sculpt room with the texture maps applied to it (either via an obj with .mtl file, or maybe an FBX with embedded media, I'm not certain). From there, you just import your low-poly mesh into the retopo room, do the UV's if necessary, or just go straight to bake.
  11. Hey all, I've been given a base mesh to import into 3dc, I start by importing it as a surface object and I apply flat-subdivisions to get rid of the original faceted'ness. (side note: the original model has smoothing groups, it is not faceted) So far so good, the model is in, it's smooth but still kept details. Now when I try to voxelise it, no matter what polyount, from 1 million to 10 million, the results always end up with faceting. (this is the root issue) Here's an image from when I'd converted it to voxels, then back to surface, resampled it down and tried to smooth it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zjteyvkk1vgjq7a/Faceted.png?dl=0 I'm still left with faceted geometry, but the mesh in that picture has about 2.5 million tri's. if I bring the polycount down far enough, I can manually smooth it out just fine, but that's not ideal as this is a gigantic model, and reducing the polycount means I'm losing critical information from the original import.
  12. Gary Dave

    Recreating PS brushes in 3DCoat

    This thread was made recently: If by "dual brush" you mean having both up and down, then I believe the videos cover that.
  13. Gary Dave

    [Solved] Various questions about new tools and more

    I would advise just trying it. If you hover over the tool it will tell you all you need to know really. Aside from that if you just use it you'll see.
  14. Gary Dave

    Still no proper tiling? (sculpt)

    It's been a while since I've needed to sculpt some tiling geometry and I was pretty disappointed to find that 3dc is still using the box-instances method. This makes it impossible to produce tiled meshes unless all you're doing is putting down geometry on top. Is there anything in the works for a proper tiled system?
  15. Gary Dave

    3D-Coat Modding Tool

    I think modding tools are great, anything to get people making stuff in an easy to use fashion is always good, but... and I mean no disrespect, but these videos you put out on the official channel are just awful for marketing purposes. The two-part navigation video should speak for itself, you shouldn't need to split basic navigation into two videos. The development here does not lend itself well to growth. If it takes two videos to explain orbiting, panning and zooming, how are you ever going to show something that will actually get peoples attention? The text on-screen instead of talking is really hurting these videos. For a trailer, fair enough, but for anything even remotely educational you've got to get out of the past. Your target audience isn't likely to sit through 5+ minutes of "how to press the left and right mouse buttons to change the viewport" while deeply atmospheric music plays in the background and text pops up in different places. This is of course just my opinion.