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  1. Gary Dave

    Standalone upgrade process?

    Hello, I know the steam version of 3dc updates automatically, but if I buy the standalone version from your website, do I have to download and install updates manually?
  2. Hey, So I know 3dc has never coped well with more than one symmetry axis in the retopo room, but this morning I am just having a whole world of trouble. I have made a simple test object: In the past, I have been able to move the unique (top-pointy) piece to a new layer, and perform symmetry on the other parts of the mesh. But now... now I cannot do anything. Mirroring even on one axis breaks the mesh. And it doesn't matter if my top pointy piece is in a new layer, or even a completely different UV set, it still gets obliterated when I perform symmetry. I know for the example I've made I could just copy/paste the islands I want to overlay. But this is just the simple test I made, my actual model is a lot more complex and there are numerous areas I need to keep unique, and others I need symmetry. I have been able to do this just fine in the past, has something changed? I'll include the 3d coat file if anyone wants to take a crack at it. Basically the end goal should be: - Ability to use symmetry on UV's without absolutely destroying the mesh - Ability to separate areas of mesh/UV's and have them not be effected by a symmetry operation in other layers. SymmetricalUniqueUV's.3b
  3. Gary Dave

    Zbrush to 3d coat alphas

    Have you seen the videos on creating brush alphas? Maybe somewhere in there you can find out how to use your Zbrush alphas in 3dc, even if it means a lot of manual tweaking:
  4. Gary Dave

    [Solved] Imported Meshes and Faceting

    And as aslways... the moment you post, you find the solution again. This is more of a workaround, so a bit of a hassle. Step 1 (optional) - Import your mesh into the sculpt room like normal. Do any scaling you need to do here (to be voxel friendly) and to allow 3d coat to remember the original scale of the imported object. Can be with or without voxelisation, it's only used to remember scale, so doesn't matter. Step 2 - Import the same mesh into the retopo room (it will have the same scale as the sculpt, even if you changed it when importing to sculpt room) Step 3 - Delete the originally imported sculpt (if you imported one to the sculpt room), and in a new layer go to Geometry > Retopo Mesh -> Sculpt Mesh. Step 4 - It will bring mesh into sculpt room as surface mode, you can res+ now without any faceting Note: Some of your hard edges may smooth out a little. This is a bit annoying, and if you try to subdivide in the retopo room before bringing it into the sculpt room, you will get faceting again. So... not ideal, but this is the best results I've gotten so far for hard surface. Edit Step 5 (optional) - If your mesh isn't too complicated, you can loop select your hard edges and perform a bevel, this will help slightly when it comes to the res+ after you bring it in to the sculpt room. Step 6 - Even if you're planning to work entirely in surface mode. Make sure you convert to voxels and then back again. Otherwise the brush alphas behave very strangely when sculpting, it looks super low res and spaced out, even though res of the mesh might be more than fine.
  5. Gary Dave

    [Solved] Imported Meshes and Faceting

    Another update: So I mentioned before that importing without voxelisation comes in just fine, no faceting. But... if you then res+, resample or convert to voxels. You get the faceting back. Does anyone know if the devs are looking into importing sculpt meshes without faceting? For organic assets it's relatively okay, as you can smooth things out manually afterwards, but for hard surface imports that you need to sculpt over, I am struggling. At the moment I have a lot of hard surface objects that I need to import and sculpt on, but it is proving to be an impossible task for 3dc.
  6. Gary Dave

    [Solved] Steam update, all custom stuff gone! ?

    Ah, I remembered about the migration tool (Help > Migration Master). This has solved it for me! I brought back everything from 4.8. Just a heads up though, in the future maybe have some sort of pop-up telling users that a major update has happened, and give the option there to migrate their stuff? That was a bit alarming!
  7. Hey, so I just launched 3d coat tonight to get some quick painting done and the first thing that struck me as odd was the gradient background was back to default, then I noticed I was now using 4.9.05. The next thing I looked at were all my custom models, brushes and shaders... all gone! Please tell me I can get them back somehow?
  8. Gary Dave

    License Confusion.

    Ah, that's probably it! Cheers Javis.
  9. Gary Dave

    License Confusion.

    Hello! I've got a bit of an annoying issue with 3d coat thinking my license is being ran elsewhere. I use 3d Coat via Steam, and I installed it on a friends computer (via my own steam account) to test a graphic tablet issue. Problem is, they already have 3dc, but I could not access their steam, so I installed mine instead. When I was done, I uninstalled my 3dc from their computer, and signed out of my steam. Now, when either of us launch 3dc at the same time (different licenses), we both get the pop-up that says the license is being used elsewhere. I have a feeling when I installed my 3dc via my own steam on their computer, it overwrote their license? I've asked that they uninstall their 3d coat, in the hopes that it would wipe any license info, and then they can freshly install (again, their own license, not mine). But this hasn't worked, perhaps something gets left behind when uninstalling? Will I need to go digging through the registry on my friends computer or something?
  10. Gary Dave

    [Fixed] Huion Monitor Tablet: Switch Brush Issue

    Cheers Carlosan, Luckily, I did not have to go rooting through the registry to fix it. Turns out Huion have a few websites with drivers, which is confusing. But I've found that we can indeed download older drivers from the main huion.com website! The url is currently: http://www.huion.com/download/ So I grabbed the oldest one for my tablet, and I have no more issues inside 3d coat.
  11. I've seen the other threads on these forums about Huion products not working well with 3d coat. I understand one of the fixes described was to enable the switch brush option on the pen, and then simply press it if it ever reverts you back to the eraser. (if you disable the switch brush option, it defaults to eraser only, which is mind numbingly stupid) Either way this is no good for me, I use right click and middle click for my two mouse buttons, so if one of those clicks also switches the brush to an eraser (or vice versa) then this is obviously a no go. I also read on here that previous Huion drivers seemed to work fine with 3d coat, but as another user has mentioned, it is impossible to find older versions of the drivers online. (I've emailed their support to ask if they have any) Is this purely a Huion mistake, or is there any work-around that the devs at 3dc could introduce? Oh, lastly, I also saw a tip about changing short-cut keys for the eraser tool inside 3dc, unfortunately this doesn't work.
  12. Gary Dave

    [Solved] Imported Meshes and Faceting

    So, importing as a huge mesh doesn't facet the mesh, which is good. Unfortunately what it did do was absolutely obliterate my characters hands and feet. I am not sure why. So lastly, I tried to just import my mesh into the sculpt room without voxelisation. And the good news is: Not faceted, imports multiple objects separately, and can be rotated if it comes in wrong. So, it looks like maybe someone needs to look at the "huge mesh" retopo option, and either fix it or remove it.
  13. Gary Dave

    [Solved] Imported Meshes and Faceting

    Just to update this, unfortunately the "import as huge mesh" tries to merge separate objects, and has no option to swap Axis' around. I have a body, eyes, teeth, tongue, etc. And because it tries to merge everything, it fails the boolean operation (because it's importing to surface mode), but even if it didn't fail, it looks like I would be left with a model on its side anyway. So, I'm a bit stumped. I can't even see if it will facet my mesh or not, but at this point it doesn't matter because I have no use for all the objects being merged into one. I'll need to import the sculpt I've been given into snother program, do the rotation here as well and then export all the pieces separately, and then probably retopo them one by one. Not ideal. I will update later if huge mesh actually facets the model or not. If it does I really don't know what to do.
  14. Gary Dave

    Retopo - next big Step

    Pretty cool! Retopo is probably my most used room in 3dc. I have no feature requests, but instead would like to see some refinements, like those times that the Points and Faces tool just fails to recognise that a polygon can be created, or symmetry breaking at random, or symmetry really messing with the UV's (not sure if you're working on any of the UV tools in the retopo room?). Also, and this is more of a wish that probably requires a lot of work. But there is a workflow currently for making some simple retopo mesh, and then bringing it into the sculpt room. (because sometimes it's easier to poly model a shape, than to sculpt it). But the problem is, that all of the tools in the retopo room are really focused around retopology, which of course makes sense, it's the retopo room! But if people are using it to create basic meshes, maybe someone needs to take a look at much more user friendly way of modelling in this room, without having to constantly switch tools just to create the most basic of meshes.
  15. Gary Dave

    [Solved] Imported Meshes and Faceting

    I know there are threads on this already (one I think even made by me). But in the past when I imported a model into the sculpt room, it was usually okay for me to smooth out the faces (as it doesn't recognise normals/smoothing groups), as either the mesh wasn't finished anyway, or it was simple enough to do so. But, in a few days I will be receiving a super dense character mesh from Zbrush (in either FBX or OBJ) that I need to retopo, UV and bake. My worry is it will drop into 3d coat all faceted again, but since this is a finished premade sculpt, I do not have the luxury (or the patience) to fix up a few million issues. Does anyone know of how I might go about this? Maybe dropping the high res mesh straight into the retopo as a "huge mesh", or will 3d coat still facet the whole thing?