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  1. What sort of computer do you have? I've been dealing with a few objects lately that I needed to convert to voxels and back to surface again, I'm only on a Surface Pro 4 (doesn't even have a graphics card!) and it works fine, a bit slow to calculate but that's expected. Depending on the detail in your arm of course, you might not have any issues converting it to voxels, merging it, and turning it back to surface mode. I've done up to about 15 million voxels, I can go higher but I haven't had a need to yet.
  2. Aye I have this issue too, I always just disable symmetry for baking, not ideal but for now it's a workaround. Chances are if you're using symmetry, then you've already mirrored your UV's, so as digman said, having symmetry on is redundant. Hopefully they'll introduce a fix to disable symmetry on bake.
  3. Cheers all, the low poly mesh had been sub-divided in 3ds max prior to export (with turbosmooth), and as a surface object it worked fine, the issue was just when converting it to voxels, Smooth all didn't help much unfortunately and I'm still in the process of manually smoothing out each piece.
  4. Gary Dave

    baking high textured poly to low poly (photogrammetry)

    If my memory is correct, you should be able to import surface (not voxel) geometry into the sculpt room with the texture maps applied to it (either via an obj with .mtl file, or maybe an FBX with embedded media, I'm not certain). From there, you just import your low-poly mesh into the retopo room, do the UV's if necessary, or just go straight to bake.
  5. Hey all, I've been given a base mesh to import into 3dc, I start by importing it as a surface object and I apply flat-subdivisions to get rid of the original faceted'ness. (side note: the original model has smoothing groups, it is not faceted) So far so good, the model is in, it's smooth but still kept details. Now when I try to voxelise it, no matter what polyount, from 1 million to 10 million, the results always end up with faceting. (this is the root issue) Here's an image from when I'd converted it to voxels, then back to surface, resampled it down and tried to smooth it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zjteyvkk1vgjq7a/Faceted.png?dl=0 I'm still left with faceted geometry, but the mesh in that picture has about 2.5 million tri's. if I bring the polycount down far enough, I can manually smooth it out just fine, but that's not ideal as this is a gigantic model, and reducing the polycount means I'm losing critical information from the original import.
  6. Gary Dave

    Recreating PS brushes in 3DCoat

    This thread was made recently: If by "dual brush" you mean having both up and down, then I believe the videos cover that.
  7. Gary Dave

    [Solved] Various questions about new tools and more

    I would advise just trying it. If you hover over the tool it will tell you all you need to know really. Aside from that if you just use it you'll see.
  8. Gary Dave

    Still no proper tiling? (sculpt)

    It's been a while since I've needed to sculpt some tiling geometry and I was pretty disappointed to find that 3dc is still using the box-instances method. This makes it impossible to produce tiled meshes unless all you're doing is putting down geometry on top. Is there anything in the works for a proper tiled system?
  9. Gary Dave

    3D-Coat Modding Tool

    I think modding tools are great, anything to get people making stuff in an easy to use fashion is always good, but... and I mean no disrespect, but these videos you put out on the official channel are just awful for marketing purposes. The two-part navigation video should speak for itself, you shouldn't need to split basic navigation into two videos. The development here does not lend itself well to growth. If it takes two videos to explain orbiting, panning and zooming, how are you ever going to show something that will actually get peoples attention? The text on-screen instead of talking is really hurting these videos. For a trailer, fair enough, but for anything even remotely educational you've got to get out of the past. Your target audience isn't likely to sit through 5+ minutes of "how to press the left and right mouse buttons to change the viewport" while deeply atmospheric music plays in the background and text pops up in different places. This is of course just my opinion.
  10. Gary Dave

    Easy LOD's?

    Ahoy, I was wondering if there was some pipeline (intentional or not) for making easy LOD's? In the past I would do this: Sculpt > Retopo > UV's/Unwrap > Duplicate Retopo > Optimise this retopo (being mindful of current UV seams). This leaves me with two retopo layers with the same UV's, but one is of a higher poly count. It's not ideal, and often requires a lot of tidy up afterwards. I could just throw the "high" retopo mesh into a different program and optimise it while keeping UV's the same, but the results are often undesirable, I need pretty good LOD's, but unfortunately I have a lot to make, and have to think of a fast way to do it. Can anyone think of any neat little 3dc tricks that I could use?
  11. Different icons for me: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c3ca0v1nh9g3p0j/transform.jpg?dl=0 Left = sculpt, Right = retopo. And yeah, general fixes for sure, but there's a lot of them. Too many little things for me to do a video on, I don't have the time for that unfortunately.
  12. I think I might be missing the big deal here, sculpt layers? Perhaps I don't know ZB enough to compare. What is it exactly that you want to be able to do that we currently cannot (or requires a big workaround?) For me, 3dc is pretty awesome but it's the little nit-picky issues that drag it down for me. Like how there's a different icon for "Transform" in the retopo room, and also that it doesn't work if you put it in one of the 1-9 quick-access slots. Or how some numerical fields I can click-drag to change them, but others require me to input a number manually and hit return. The UI and overall user experience of some tools like Warp or axial symmetry honestly just put me off using them. These are the sorts of things that I would consider huge, when using the software and its current tools feels as easy as can be, then I'm all for more features. But for now, it's not a lack of any major feature that stops me from doing my job, it's poor UI/interaction design or little bugs.
  13. Gary Dave

    Consistent baking issues

    Slight update: If I bake the chest with the planks sculpt hidden, it's fine. If I bake the planks on their own, they're fine. But, if I bake them both, I get those oddities appearing on the planks. I've managed to reduce the baking issues a lot by merging my planks layer into the chest layer (sculpt room), I still get some odd results but those are minimal so I can paint them out myself. Still not ideal, as I'd of liked to have kept the planks layer completely separate. but oh well. Not sure where it's going wrong, I did a model similar to this last week and had zero issues. Perhaps it's a scale issue, I'll have to double check that tomorrow.
  14. Gary Dave

    Consistent baking issues

    Long time no post, been using 3dc a lot lately without too many issues but now I'm coming up against something that I can't seem to solve: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r9iw2ai245rdzca/BakeIssues.png?dl=0 (ignore the lighter patch on the top, I know what's causing that) As you can see, I keep getting these weird dark areas, I've tried baking with name correspondence on/off, using different symmetry's, disabling symmetry entirely, using 100% unique unwraps, using mirrored X unwraps, mirrored Z unwraps. I always seem to get this exact same result. The only thing I can confirm, is that's it not an AO issue, if I disable the baking of AO when going from retopo to sculpt, I still get this issue. The only thing I'm doing out of the ordinary, is I haven't retopo'd everything. There's more to this chest, but I have everything else hidden, and I've only retopo'd the bits you see above. Saying that, even if 3dc was somehow unhiding the rest of my sculpt assets during the bake, it still would not explain these odd areas. I have been back to the sculpt room to see if there might be something obvious going on, but for the life of me I cannot work it out. I've tried so may different things but the result is always the same. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. The method of expanding/contracting the bake shells is AMAZING! Thank you so much for working on such a beautiful feature.
  15. Gary Dave

    Default material defaults to Clay2 on bake.

    Much appreciated. I shall try it later today and report back.