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  1. Gary Dave

    [Solved] UV UNWRAP crashes 3DCoat almost every time

    You said it happens with any model right? So if you start a fresh scene, make something random, give it a quick retopo, mark seams and perform an unwrap, you will get a crash?
  2. Gary Dave

    [Bug] About Spacebar shortcut

    Yeah it's broken for sure, sometimes you don't even need to close and re-open. Just yesterday I had re-assigned the move brush twice in the same session because it kept choosing a different tool.
  3. Gary Dave

    [Bug] About Spacebar shortcut

    Ah, was just coming here to post about the same thing. As an aside, I think it would be a good idea to hire an experienced UI designer to get some colour or something added to a lot of these icons, I've been using 3dc for years and even now I still hit the spacebar and spend far too long trying to find the tool I need because everything is just the same grey. Not sure if anyone else has this issue. Quick access semi-solves this to a certain extent by having us select our own most used tools, but ... well, the whole point of this thread is about how that keeps breaking! Another option is to implement a tool-search-and-access feature, they seem more and more popular these days. Just hit a button on your keyboard and literally type for the thing you want, like "primit.." and "Primitives" will be highlighted, hit enter, good to go.
  4. Gary Dave

    Vox layers slowly being wiped!?

    Hey, yeah I don't use beta's, unless they are pushed to steam automatically? I am on 4.9.37 and I do not opt in to any beta programs for 3dc. So if 4.9.37 is not a stable release, then it should not have been published to steam. I will get in touch with andrew later tonight, I have a lot of work to redo at the moment!
  5. Version 4.9.37 I've had this come up a few times in the past, though very rarely. But at the moment I have been working on a character for a few weeks, and I'm beginning to notice more and more sculpt layers are just emptying. Earlier today there was about three things missing, and now I've just opened it again and I'm missing bits of the leg, parts of a weapon, some brand new stitching that I had done literally a few hours ago. Just gone, selecting the layers they used to be in just says the triangle count is zero. Some of these are not small pieces either. This is unbelievably not cool. I'm fortunate enough to have already done my bakes but this should not be happening under any circumstances.
  6. Hello! I can no longer seem to ghost/hide or isolate vox tree layers from the retopo room via keyboard shortcuts. It was working just fine up until this morning. I've checked the hot-keys assigned to these functions and all is well. It works fine in the sculpt room. I can still use the H key to select vox tree layers in the retopo room, but things like G and Shift + V have stopped working. I also have my own hot key to isolate objects, which again works fine in sculpt room, but not in retopo. I can still manually click the ghost/eye icons on layers, but this is not ideal as I'm dealing with many layers. Version 4.9.37 (but again, it was working fine yesterday). As a side note, I don't know if the H key has some additional functionality built into it, but when using it on a voxel layer I often get a pop-up about some surface mode function. I think it has to do with some sort of colour info that's on my layer? Though I have no idea where this keeps coming from. It clearly says that I'm trying to turn on surface mode, which I'm not... I'm just using H to select a layer, and then it says the volume contains stored colour, but like I said, I have no idea how this keeps happening. I'm not painting on it, I'm only working in sculpt and retopo rooms.
  7. Gary Dave

    Autotopo : why so horrible result ?

    Not sure if you're trying to defend against something I said, or the OP, but I would like to point out that I never said auto topo yields horrible results. The examples in the videos are nice, but again not something I would pass if a junior handed it off to me as final. For film or even realtime cinematics then fair enough, whatever gets the job done. But for in-game assets, auto-topo tools are not a good idea. Sometimes auto-topo + manual retopo is a good way to go, but I'm just letting the OP know that he shouldn't be relying on auto-topo tools as a solve-all solution.
  8. Gary Dave

    Autotopo : why so horrible result ?

    I guess this depends on your use-case scenarios. But typically auto-retopo tools are not going to produce professional quality work, they're not supposed to either. As a games artist, any "auto" tool is seen as taboo, yeah we still use them from time to time but only on super low priority assets and only if there's just no time left to do anything else . Otherwise, it's business as usual, which is to create the best looking asset for as minimal resources as possible. There is no expectation that just because I spent a week on a sculpt that the low poly version should be done in 30 minutes. I'm working on a character at the moment, currently at 3 days on the sculpt and will likely take another 3 to finish. It's mostly hard surface and I reckon maybe 2 - 3 days for a manual retopology. I think it's rare for me that the retopology would take even an equal amount of time to the sculpt, let alone longer. Perhaps you are just not comfortable with the retopo tools?
  9. Gary Dave

    Keep local axis on object creation?

    One more video, this is the best I can explain it:
  10. Gary Dave

    Keep local axis on object creation?

    Hmm, I've just tried that but got the exact same (wrong) results. I have a strong feeling that my issue is not being understood, or I am not explaining it well enough.
  11. Gary Dave

    Keep local axis on object creation?

    Okay so I just tried 4.9.29 and it's the same problem. Fresh install of 4.9.29, new scene, new layer: Just to clarify: First object (sphere) shows root position creation = All is fine. Second object shows non-root creation position, also scale/rotation differences. = Cannot get symmetry to align with what should be this objects local axis. Third object = same as second, but created at the root, and then moved. = All is fine (except for the fact that you have to make all your objects at the root) For the "Pick 1" option, I do not see how it helps. Am I missing something?
  12. Gary Dave

    Keep local axis on object creation?

    Isn't the "Pick 1" used to set the position only of the symmetry manually? I will have a look for the 4.9.29 download and see if it works for me.
  13. Gary Dave

    Keep local axis on object creation?

    Sorry for the replies! I also see no difference when using the Global Space or Local Space option in the symmetry popup.
  14. Gary Dave

    Keep local axis on object creation?

    Hopefully this video shows what I'm talking about: The first example (in the first 20 seconds or so) is creating an object at 0,0,0 and without rotations, so everything is fine. The second example shows the problem:
  15. Gary Dave

    Keep local axis on object creation?

    But had you already created the object? Because sure if I create the object at 0,0,0 without rotations and then move it, everything is fine. What I'm trying to do is not create all my objects at 0,0,0, I would like to create them where I need them, and to have them keep their local axis.