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  1. altix


    Dear Taros and Michaelgdrs, I added a new picture with some texture of dirt. I have a feeling that I exaggerated with dirt a little bit. I remember the astonishing white pavements in small Greek towns. But I think now it looks anyway much more realistic )) Thank you for a tip!
  2. altix

    Somewhere in Greece

    The sketch I made using 3D Coat and Vray render. I wanted to create a simple summer composition with geometrical elements.
  3. altix


    I will try to correct the issue. Thank you for the comment.
  4. altix


    Dear Taros, I model the cat in 3D Coat and made several retopology layers depending on colors of the fur. Say if my layer was intended for black fur, I delete from it all polygons that should be of different color. The fur was simulated in 3d Max. And after transfer it into mesh I hide the fur layers. The main body layer I painted in 3D Coat and then backed its color map. This color map I slightly tweaked in Photoshop using the textures of real cat fur. On the final stages I add the white contours on the cat in Photoshop. So I used 2D elements on some stages of my work, but I think this is Ok and many do this during map preparation and post-processing. I added some pictures to this album to illustrate this.
  5. I'm very glad that you like this work, guys. I used V-ray renderer. Unfortunately the capabilities of my home computer are limited and I was unable to set up V-ray perfectly. There is still some noise in the shadows .
  6. altix


    Thank you, Kargall! I'm happy that you enjoy the project
  7. Dear All, I've finished my last project done mostly in 3D Coat. It is a story about one place in Scotland I visited several years ago and that does not exist any more. It was called 'Ducks Crossing' because of ducks that used to gather near its entrance gate. I placed some pictures in the gallery of finished works http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?app=gallery&album=96. The booklet that tells this story you can find following the following links: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j7505ygsib7yhek/DucksCrossing.pdf?dl=0 https://yadi.sk/i/xqaEPmDScga4B and some technical details about the project and extras are collected here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xllpf6z46avuxib/DucksCrossingTechnical.pdf?dl=0 https://yadi.sk/d/cnWm7Fe5cigEh During this work I really enjoyed the use of 3D Coat. I think it is very powerful add when you need to create quickly many items with the nontrivial topology. Fascinating program! Some pages used in the booklet: with best regards altix
  8. altix

    Ducks Crossing

    It is a story about one place in Scotland I visited several years ago and that does not exist any more. It was called 'Ducks Crossing' because of ducks that used to gather near its entrance gate. I prepared a booklet with a short story about Ducks Crossing with the graphics I created with the help of 3D Coat. The whole story about Ducks Crossing you can read here https://www.dropbox.com/s/j7505ygsib7yhek/DucksCrossing.pdf?dl=0 and the technical details and extras you can see here https://www.dropbox.com/s/xllpf6z46avuxib/DucksCrossingTechnical.pdf?dl=0
  9. Sorry, but occasionally I deleted the files the links to which I gave above. Here are the new links to the booklet and the explanation: https://yadi.sk/i/rjLIDE9nZZsNp https://yadi.sk/i/Q9nHnTLvZZsic with best regards altix
  10. Dear all, I think I understood how to upload the gallery. Previously I tried to upload the screenshots. Now the set of pictures is in my gallery. Cheers
  11. altix

    Kiev: The legend in Your Hands

    An attempt to create a commercial booklet of some retro product. I chose Kiev (Contax) camera since I consider that it has timeless design. It looks really cool even 78 years after its first release. The booklet and some explanations to it you can find here https://yadi.sk/i/rjLIDE9nZZsNp and here https://yadi.sk/i/Q9nHnTLvZZsic
  12. Dear Taros, unfortunately I didn't manage to upload the screenshots to my gallery. I tried all steps here http://3d-coat.com/gallery/my-gallery/%C2'> on the step3 nothing happens. And the gallery does not attach to my account Here I attached the old screenshot of purely detailed body. But I don't think that screenshots will tell you a lot. I split my model into many groups and each of the group I created in separate 3b file and then exported. The final composition I edited in 3ds Max and rendered there with some basic paths. Now I think that I needed to reduce the saturation a little bit. Textures I did in 3D Coat with the use of prepared masks but since I am novice I did not know how to use and export the normal maps. So the texture of engravings was duplicated by hand during the retopology. Slightly ugly, i know.
  13. Oh, thank you! This encourage me for further work. Actually, this is my first 3D graphics. Merely worked early with vector graphics. Have to learn a lot of stuff. Very challenging and interesting.
  14. Hello everybody, Share with you my first work in 3D-Coat. Coat is a really fantastic program and is a great 3D tool! My aim was to create the advertisement booklet of some retro product. The booklet you can view going by the following link (more graphics in high resolution): https://yadi.sk/i/JgBB0hq0WybMj Some my explanations and comments you can find here: https://yadi.sk/i/xSXYHurUX28XL With best regards, altix
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